Hat From The Past

Royal Hats to this day, thirty four years ago, and a sky blue calot hat worn on the Princess of Wales’ first tour of Australia. Calot hats are, by nature, fairly simple shapes but the twisted edge, net tulle veil and silk flower on the back of this John Boyd design made it anything but boring.

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14 thoughts on “Hat From The Past

  1. Oh my, she was so young, tall and pretty! That hat is adorable. Thank you for these blasts from the past; they are fascinating.

  2. The trim on the hat does make the hat a pretty little piece of headgear. Diana was so young and pretty and looked great in whatever she wore. The blue looked great with her blonde hair and coloring. I enjoy the flashbacks! Thanks.

  3. Please enjoy a short video of Princess Diana down under. As you will see, not everyone was enthralled with her as most of the world was!
    A beautiful woman!

  4. I’ve been enjoying all these hats from the past, especially the ones of Diana. I don’t remember seeing this hat before and it seems very different from the little hats with curved brims she wore so much during the early years.

  5. This is not Princess Diana’s most flattering hair or hat style, but the twisted edge of the calot goes interestingly with the vertical tucks in the dress. It seems unusual to have the silk flower on the back of the hat, but without it, I suppose the hat would look too much like a skull cap.

    • I think the calot shape has long given milliners the challenge of how to make it NOT look like a skull cap! I find these looks back at past hats interesting to see what trims were used during different eras. Royal hats have been adorned with flowers forever but the type and placement of the flower changes considerably.

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