Dutch Royals Welcome Argentinian State Visit

Argentina’s President Mauricio Macri and his wife Juliana Awada arrived in Amsterdam today for the start of a for a two-day state visit. They were welcomed by King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima at an official ceremony at The Royal Palace on Dam Square.

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Queen Máxima surprised with her hat choice this morning, bringing back a piece not worn since its debut on a visit to Quatar in March 2011. In textured natural straw, the pyramid shaped design is simply trimmed with a slim silk bow on the side of the hat in the same shade as the golden straw.

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Máxima usually turns to her upswept ‘slice’ brim hats when looking for a natural straw hat to pair with an outfit and the choice of this piece gives us hat lovers some unexpected variety. That part, I really like. Now for the parts I don’t like- this shape is by no means my favourite,  I have some questions about the rough looking finishing on the underside of the brim, and I wonder Máxima’s patterned skirt would have paired better with a pale grey straw hat.

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Designer: Fabienne Delvigne
Previously Worn: March 9, 2011
My quibbles aside, it’s always fun to see a hat we’ve not seen in a while, particularly styled with a different ensemble. What do you think about this natural straw hat on Queen Máxima today?
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24 thoughts on “Dutch Royals Welcome Argentinian State Visit

  1. I really like the colour and style of this hat on Queen Maxima and in an interesting way it really goes well with the outfit, shoes and bag. The previous time she wore this hat in 2011 was a miss and it just clashed big time with her outfit. I look forward to seeing her wear this hat again.

  2. Overall I like the idea of this whole ensemble, although the execution of some of the details is not the best, especially with the hat. A saucer disc hat is a great shape for Máxima, but this one is not a good choice. The placement on her head is much improved, but otherwise I don’t like it. My choice would’ve been something like this one worn by the Duchess of Cambridge a couple of years ago: https://royalhats.wordpress.com/2015/03/13/british-royals-attend-service-of-commemoration/.

  3. The outfit doesn’t seem to have Queen Maxima’s regularly final polish: exceedingly unattractive underside of hat brim and odd choice for color of accessories. Perhaps she was tired of her regular gray suede slices, but I think one of them would have looked more appropriate today.

  4. I’m not sure why she chose beige/straw-coloured accessories. The hat is pretty enough and a different shape for her so that’s something. But I gasped (no one else home, so that’s okay) when I saw the underside. What was the milliner thinking? And I’m in two minds about the embroidered flower on the jacket. It’s pretty enough but why is it there? I have to squint at the skirt pattern to see that those are water lilies in shades of grey (and they all appear to be upside down) so presumably that’s water lily on her lapel. The water lilies then inform her choice of hat with its nod to Asia and her pearls. But it all seems just a bit Nana-ish on our trendsetting Maxima and Sra Awada looks very chic by comparison.

  5. I think the overall impression from a distance is of very great elegance. I really like the neutral hat / accessories paired with the grey suit, even with the patterned skirt – I think they are a nice touch that works without going the obvious route of sticking with grey. I also like the hat shape, and think Maxima wears it well (although perhaps not the best shape in terms of face visibility). But the finish so lets it down!

  6. I really like this hat, Queen Maxima is such a vivacious personality she can wear anything with great style.

  7. I guess the natural straw color coordinates with the flower design on her jacket. I guess.
    I like the hat – except for the ‘not awesome’ finishing. Not up to Ms Delvigne’s usual standard. Maybe it had a rough time in the hat storage closet. I’m pretty sure this is not the hat I would have chosen for this outfit. But, the Queen didn’t call me for advice! Still, she tops the list of my favorite royals, so she always gets my vote. iMe encanta la Reina de los Paises Basos!

    Sra Awada looks nice. Too bad she missed an opportunity to wear a hat and elevate her usually excellent sartorial game.

    • Sorry for mistakes. I repeat. I think Queen Maxima could do better both with hat and the outfit. I don’t like her choice for today!

  8. I love the hat (which coordinates with the shoes, purse and gloves, by the way), but agree about the unfinished underside. That’s pretty surprising – QMax’s hats are usually pretty great.

  9. To my eye, the scale of the jewelry is off. I think the over-sized pearls do nothing for the hat. Not sure why, but Máxima just doesn’t look comfortable to me. We all have our off-days. Not easy when you’re Queen.

  10. Did a rat chew the edges of the Chanel suit? It’s horrendous, right down to the pearl edging. Love Maxima’s hat choice, even if it is a bit unfinished underneath. The mix and match neutrals are very nice, though I’m not a huge fan of the skirt pattern.

  11. The whole outfit is off….and, yes, the hat looks unfinished, but Mrs. Awada look no better – washed out in the white and bad hair.

  12. At first glance, I love this look. It’s very 1940’s. However, I stopped dead in my tracks when I caught a glimpse of that unfinished underside. As my 4 year old says “it’s just not awesome.”

  13. Agree that the finish on the hat is poor but what I dont like is hiding half yr face from your visitors.

    Also agree that the colour doesnt match the black/grey outfit which needs something like a zing of rred, or even orange, hat and accessories.

    Overall not a great look

  14. I do like this hat on her – but the underside finishing (or lack of) is horrific! I am always a fan of seeing us pull out natural colored straw hats come spring time – I always had either a natural color or a new white hat of straw as a little girl growing up.

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