Day 2 of Argentinian State Visit to The Netherlands

After yesterday’s slight miss with a recycled straw hat, Queen Máxima took a different sartorial approach today for the second day of the Argentinian state visit (think streamlined, sparkling and all new!). Clearly made to match her marvellous Claes Iversen firework embroidered silk coat, the new hat she debuted today is a play on a calot with stacked pleats and a split down the middle.

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The coat is the star in this ensemble for good reason. Such signature pieces must be difficult to pair with millinery and here is where I think Fabienne Delvigne excels. The stacked pleats provide some visual interest that compliments (and doesn’t compete with) the coat and the split down the middle lightens the design, making it more of a headpiece than a hat. On its own, you might not like this particular design but its great match for this particular coat bears acknowledgement.

Embed from Getty Images  Embed from Getty ImagesEmbed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

Designer: unknown (it is not Fabienne Delvigne)
Previously Worn: This hat is new
I think there’s going to be some divided opinion on this hat- I can’t wait to hear what you think of it!
Photos from Getty as indicated

20 thoughts on “Day 2 of Argentinian State Visit to The Netherlands

  1. I wonder if there are some hidden hat pins or combs that are holding that interesting headpiece in place? The Dutch Queen looks wonderful!

  2. What a beautiful coat on QM! I like the hat, only with this coat though…I do think it is too flat at the top of the head, giving it more height would be more flattering.

  3. I wasn’t certain about the fireworks when I first saw this, but they have grown on me. The hat definitely won’t be a favorite, but it does work very well with this ensemble. Máxima also looks beautiful in this color. Overall, this is a much more polished look than her previous outfit and hat, but I’m not as excited about it as some others are; can’t quite put my finger on why that is though. Kinda disappointed Juliana Awada didn’t take the opportunity to wear a hat or two, but not surprised either.

  4. Queen Maxima’s look today including the hat and colour are smashing. She looks so polished and that style of hat really suits her especially with the hair style. I always look forward to seeing what she wears.

  5. This is utterly and absurdly Max and what triumphs she brings us. However, a couple of quibbles from me (would that I were her wardrobe mistress, tee-hee) – the colour is not great for her, slightly draining on her complexion; lose the pocket flaps on the coat (they impede the decoration and compete with it); change the shoes (just because you have sparkles on your coat doesn’t mean you need to wear shiny shoes!). I don’t think there’s another royal who could wear a coat covered in ‘fireworks’ and I love her for it.

    Oh yes, the hat works terrifically well. I’m not a fan of her ‘open’ hats but this one strikes a beautiful note with the outfit.

  6. Well I don’t hate it but I can’t say it’s my favorite. I like the hat from certain angles, the back and top. I like the color and shape but I don’t care for the big stars. As always though she is a lovely lady!

  7. Love the color and material. A new and interesting construction. It looks really good from the side, especially the side with the chignon. I would like it better from the front if it were just a bit farther forward, I think.

  8. That’s a big “No” from me. No to the hat, no to the coat and dress, no to the colour, no to the earrings. I’m usually a big fan of Max, but not today.

  9. Fabulous! This gives a totally different effect from those open donut hats, even though it is a little unusual to see clumps of hair in the middle of the hat. This hat is a perfect complement to a spectacular coat. Well designed!

  10. I read your description before the picture loaded, Hat Queen, and my mind boggled at a hat split in two, as what came into my mind was a front-to-back split like a water-melon being chopped open. In contrast, the hat itself seems rather tame! But I think your comments are spot on – it is the perfect hat-to-outfit complement, which is so crucial in doing the royal role really really well – we often see lovely hats that actually miss the mark in this respect.

  11. Isn’t it amazing how a hat just finishes the look. The First Lady looks “incomplete”. But then, this us all about hats, isn’t it?

  12. This is a fabulous outfit and so Maxima. Not sure why she didn’t go for this on day one – she looks stunning. The coat is amazing and she wisely keeps the hat as an accessory.

    No one does regal drama like Max do they?

  13. “Divided opinion” for a divided hat, HQ? 🙂

    I love it, for all the reasons you mention. It looks more complete than the doughnut hats, even though the result is similar. The look is sort of both retro and fashion-forward at the same time. But, I’m baffled about what keeps the two pieces together since they don’t connect in the right side.

    Mere mortals might avoid a fireworks coat, but this is MAX! One quibble, though: she could lose those earrings.

  14. You are spot on, Hat Queen, with your assessment of this hat being the right one to go with this coat. Normally, I wouldn’t like her hair showing through, but it does indeed lighten the look, instead of appearing like a helmet on her head. Glorious coat. She wears the entire ensemble beautifully.
    I’m with you, Julie, about the shoes!

    • Great description- I think without the split and the stacked pleats, this hat could easily veer into helmet territory. This isn’t a hat I’d be drawn to in a hat shop but this one works so well with this coat.

  15. As far as I’m concerned, Queen Maxima is always smashing – clothes, jewels, hats, coif. But how does she remain regal and smiling in those insane shoes?

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