Queen Elizabeth Spends Birthday At Races

Queen Elizabeth spent her 91st birthday today enjoying the spring trials meeting at Newbury Racecourse. For this day at the races, she repeated her pink felt hat with flat crown and short cartwheel brim. .

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While the pale blue and copper feather trim on this piece is obviously meant to coordinate with the plaid in Her Majesty’s bouclé, I’ve always thought they brought little to this hat. There’s something about the lightness of these feathers that just doesn’t work here, I think

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Embed from Getty Images

Designer: Angela Kelly. Made by Stella McLaren
Previously Worn: Feb 2, 2014
Thoughts about this hat today?
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15 thoughts on “Queen Elizabeth Spends Birthday At Races

  1. A fairly run-of-the-mill hat. I think the feathers aren’t the problem with it, though, I think it would be better with more feathers and less (= none) fluffy pink string…

  2. Overall this hat is fine for HM, but I despise that crinkled hatband/trim! Honestly, I prefer the straw hat she wore with this coat on it’s first outing to this felt one; that hat seemed to coordinate much better with this tweed coat (which I love, by the way). At any rate, HM looked pleased to have a what I suspect was a simple and relaxing birthday at the races, a move that seems very her.

  3. I quite like this. Can’t believe it’s only been worn once though, it feels much more familiar than that. I like the Queen’s take on tweed, she’s got it in a few colours and it suits her very well.

  4. Well this is a bit of a treat because I had missed this outfit back in 2014!! And my verdict for this first time observation is….I like it. This shape is one of my faves for Her Majesty, nice and simple and I particularly like the bobbly, knotted trim. The feathers are fine with me too. Sincere Birthday Wishes from here in Australia Ma’am. Good health.

  5. I absolutely love this hat shape. The color looks good on her and, unlike some, I think the feathers look good compared to hats where the embellishments are overdone. I like the less is more theory. Queen Elizabeth looks like she is enjoying her birthday very much, and why not? She seems in relatively good health and most of us wish we will feel and look that good at 91 if we are even alive!

  6. You are too kind. I don’t think anything about this outfit works: not the hat, not the other hat either, not the mismatched plaid of the coat, not the stronger pink, turquoise and copper brown of the hat that do actually go with snipets of the coat but which look mismatched from a distance, not the ever-present black accessories with the color combination of this coat. (Since we all know the Queen now only wears black, pick fabrics that are enhanced by black.)
    That all having been said, I think the Queen looks exceedingly happy and obviously is enjoying her day. Good of her! (After all, she’s not responsible for the design and construction of this outfit. Best of all, she’s not staring at it. She’s contentedly looking at the horses.)

  7. I quite like this hat, it has a nice shape to it and looks to be beautifully made. HM is amazing, looks so happy and engaged.

  8. I like this hat and coat combination better than the 2014 appearance. HM certainly looks as though she’s having an enjoyable birthday. Many happy returns!

  9. Thank you Hat Queen for always providing the links to past appearances and related appearances. I enjoyed comparing this hat with the other hat made for this coat. I decided I like this one much better; the shape is more appealing to me and the trim is better too, in spite of the airy feathers. The pink braid on this hat is more interesting and professional looking than the strips of coat fabric added to the other hat. The coat is beautiful and the Queen looks fabulous.

  10. I love this hat and coat. The shape of the hat and the fabric of the coat are just great. I’m with you though on the feathers, they seem too airy for the hat, almost like they were stuck on like you’d stick a pen through your ponytail. Happy Birthday though!!!

  11. Not my favorite of her hats, but who cares?! Her Majesty can wear what she wants…it’s her birthday!

    Happy Birthday, ma’am! Long may you reign!

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