Queen Máxima Opens Community Kitchen

Queen Máxima was in  Lelystad today to officially open the fiftieth Resto VanHarte, a community program where children gather at a school or community center to cook and learn about nutrition.

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For this event, Queen Máxima repeated her brown mohair calot hat. This was the hat’s third outing and interestingly, each wearing has been paired with this pink dress (two of the three outings have also included this patterned Natan coat). Máxima often mixes and matches pieces and it’s interesting to see this particular hat worn with the same clothes each time we see it. While not my favourite combination, it makes for a serviceable working ensemble.

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Designer: Fabienne Delvigne
Previously Worn: March 11, 2016November 12, 2015
Thoughts about this hat today?
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20 thoughts on “Queen Máxima Opens Community Kitchen

  1. I am a big fan of Queen Maxima’s but not of this ensemble. Maxima should have a look at the way the Duchess of Cambridge dresses for an occasion as this, no hat, gloves, coat and high heels needed when dealing with children and the kitchen…..a less formal ensemble would have been much more appropriate. Having said that I adore the fashionista in Maxima.

  2. The mohair is not the problem; the design/shape needs to be different. How about a less dome shape design that also decreases the volume. Use a shape that is less pouffy. Her shoes, gloves and purse are divine. Take some scissors to the coat and cut out that bulk back panel. Again, less volume.

  3. I actually like this hat and, I think, only this Queen can wear it. What I particularly like is her wearing it with those beautiful suede shoes, handbag and slim suede belt, and the simplicity of the dress. I did like the styling of her hair more in her first outing in the ensemble. The coat is not the most flattering of coats on the Queen, but as the HatQueen stated, it makes for a serviceable working ensemble. I’m sure the coat is beautiful in person.

  4. On no not again! I totally get what Maxima is aiming for with the combination of colours and textures in this outfit — and if we just saw the individual components grouped on a bed, the effect would be trademark Max, i.e. awesome. And the lovely drop earrings introduced this time should – in theory – add a pleasing verticality to the calot. Instead their shape doesn’t relate to the coat’s collar or pattern, and they are too pale for the coat (gold, dark blue or ochre would have been far better), as is Max’s lipstick – so the coat pattern completely dominates her face. Not to mention all the other problems with the coat.
    But bottom line, no coat, earrings, hairstyle or makeup on earth could solve this hat’s inherent flaws. It would still look like a scruffy, too small pudding basin.

  5. Ugh, the fuzzy coconut returns! Still think this is one of Máxima’s worst hats ever. The coat has grown on me a little. but I still find it too weirdly voluminous; the pattern is good though. Looking back, I prefer her hair the second time she wore this hat. Overall though, still a big “no” from me!

  6. I like the muted colours of this ensemble, love the drape of the back of the coat (so sixties!), but I love love love the hat. Perhaps it’s because QMax’s hair always looks so…stringy. Ech.

    • Adore your brave voice of admiration for this hat! As much as I’d love to join you, I’m afraid I must agree with Jake’s assessment of this as a “fuzzy coconut”.

  7. I love the fabric of the coat, and I think the whole outfit looks pulled-together and consistent in style in a way that Maxima’s often aren’t. But… I really dislike the look!

  8. I’m afraid this one is not growing on me! I don’t understand the appeal, either. Maybe the mohair is cozy on a cool spring day?

  9. At least someone likes this combination, and that would be Queen Máxima herself. Perhaps this calot does not photograph well. Perhaps it’s pinker in real life than in photographs. There has to be some reason why this hat always is chosen for this dress — or perhaps why this calot has been chosen at all.

  10. The print on the coat is good. I just can’t with the hat though. No no no. I love QMax, she’s awesome and has a great sense of style and more importantly seems to be a gracious and kind lady and a good queen, but please no with this hat.

  11. I love Queen Maxima, but that hat and coat are doing her NO favors! The hat looks like she got it at Goodwill. The coat has almost a cape effect off the back (thanks to some large pleats) but it’s not a pretty or flattering silhouette.

  12. Oh dear – not a good look at all – esp that coat – it makes her look huge – that fabric on the coat needs to be kept for curtains or upholstery! The hat looks completely wrong with this coat.

  13. I don’t like it. I prefer her wearing different hats. On this coat whose colour and design remind to the spring season I rather would have combined a straw neutral hat.

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