Hat From the Past

Royal Hats to forty-two years ago yesterday when Queen Elizabeth and the Duke of Edinburgh were welcomed by the late Emperor Hirihito and Empress Nagako to Japan. While Empress Nagako’s turban makes a significant millinery statement, it pales in comparison to the Queen’s flower covered cloche.

Queen Elizabeth and Empress Nagano, May 7, 1975 | Royal Hats

Queen Elizabeth, May 7, 1975 | Royal Hats

Photo from The Asahi Shimbun and The Asahi Shimbun via Getty

10 thoughts on “Hat From the Past

  1. Mcncin– fabulous video. Bagpipes in Japan?
    I started reading this post thinking I did not like HM’s floral hats but now I’ve changed my mind!

  2. It is amazing to me, who really dislikes the turban style of the day, how elegant the empress’s turban is. Looks lovely, at least from the side. Of the four blossoming hats Vivian kindly posted, I only begin to like number 1. Not a period of millinery I admire, on the whole, though the colors are very flattering.

    • That is a departure. In the video that mcncln posted, you can see the contrast between the brooch and the pale purple ensemble. It`s lovely but unexpected.

  3. She was fond of the synchronised swimmer look wasn’t she! Not my favourite of her millineray trends.

    I wonder if she had two hats like this, it’s just that’s an emerald brooch and it’s unlike HM to mix emeralds with purples (I could be easily proven wrong on this one though!!) I would have thought it was pale green going by that?

  4. These blasts from the past have been absolutely wonderful! This hat was purple. It looks much better in color than in black and white.

    • These are delightful to see and I typically enjoy these hats unlike many others. I wish HM would have some delightful new hatmaker create one for Royal Ascot. What a wonderful surprise that would be. Well, for me anyway.

      As to these fun examples. L to R: 1. Love. 2. Like would love sans ribbon. 3. Love. 4. Lukewarm. The colour is lovely and I like the shape. Perhaps it is simply the photograph but the petals or perhaps buds would be more accurate do not seem to be working together here. Smile.

      I think it’s divine how Her Majesty pulls off such a wide variety of hat styles and colours.

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