Hat From the Past

Royal Hats to this day in 1939 that saw a young king and queen enjoy the races at Woodbine Racetrack in Toronto. It seems that upswept ‘slice’ brimmed hats aren’t such a new design….

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Photo from Getty as indicated

14 thoughts on “Hat From the Past

  1. mcncln:
    1. Thank you for the blue portrait, which is in fact reversed. HQ’s photo shows the king’s coat buttoned from left to right, therefore, the photo is correct.
    2. You are amazing – where do you get such wonderful historical materials – photos, videos, etc.? How do you find them, other than using our good friend Google?
    3. HQ’s photo today, along with another very old one from last week, display such regal overtones of a bygone era. The queen mum must have been a remarkable, strong woman. I can only relate to her as a sweet, loving grandmother, not dissimilar to my own two grannies.

    • Thanks Jimbo. To find images and videos, I just use Google. I type into the search bar as much info as HQ supplies – name, date, location,(country) event – and then see what surfaces under the IMAGES tab. Scrolling away through Google’s IMAGE results is no chore for this diehard fashion and history lover
      Often, I also open the relevant written entries that come up under the ALL tab. Reports written at the time of the event, or histories of locations and events, can have images embedded which don’t get many views; so these pics may not come up under Google IMAGES.
      For the videos, I then open the VIDEOS tab. Watching news videos to see if they contain what I’m looking for is one of my favourite rabbitholes…
      Here’s an interesting pic-finding tip:in earlier decades, HM the Queen seems to have repeated a hat 2 or 3 times. I will usually find a hat of hers repeated once in the same season, and at least once in the preceding or subsequent season. So, if I can’t find an additional pic of the exact outing that HQ has posted, I will change the search year to the year before or the year after,

      • MCNCLN:
        Thanks so much – I have done all of the above, as you described. I guess my time and patience is (are?) more limited – UNTIL FRIDAY, when the school bell rings for the last time! If you have the inclination, try to find another outing of HM wearing this number from 1989, without the preacher.
        https://bgcdn.s3.amazonaws.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/queen-1024×683.jpg Our friend Hyacinth Bucket (pronounced “bouquet”) had the very same hat a couple years later. I laugh at the very thought of Patricia Routledge. I just finished producing and directing “Little Mary Sunshine,” which starred Patricia R. in London, back in 1974, I believe. Who is the creator of these feathered fanciful feasts?

        Happy summer to you all, Jimbo

        • Hi again Jimbo, thankfully I have found your comment again! That hat worn by HM is such a hodgepodge, I hardly know where to start, e.g. that feather protruding crossways which appears to have speared the hat on one side. Not to mention the addition of the busy suit. No wonder this hat was selected as representing the taste of Mrs Bucket!
          Anyways, I found it worn in Australia the year previously (1988). But no luck finding the designer.

          The side view shows a more pronounced pixie silhouette, also a side seam where the front netting is joined onto the hat body.
          In the second side view below, the twin fins on the top amid the dotted veil are reminiscent of the logo of the Starship Enterprise. A space-age pixie Robin Hood hat indeed!

          • mcncln:
            1. YOU ARE AWESOME! Thanks so much for taking the time on such important things!
            2. I hope you enjoyed the little challenge! Go back to April 1, 2015 and you’ll see a similar pairing of hats. HQ had us all laughing on April Fool’s Day – VERY funny!

            3. In order to realize that someone has responded to your blog entry, check the box that says “Notify me of new comments via email.”
            My hat’s off to you, Jimbo

          • Hi Jimbo, you are too kind. Glad we both share similar views on the relative importance of hats in the scheme of things 🙂
            Thanks also for the tipoff about the April Fools’ day post, it was a real treat. I didn’t know that Hyacinth was such an avid follower of the Queen’s style! though I do remember the show.
            And I am humbly grateful for your advice about the “notify” box. Mastery of the interwebs eludes me, but I am making progress, one click at a time. For example, discovering what the little bell icon at in the RH top corner is for :).

  2. What caught my eye was her fox stole. That is something we’d never see worn today; fashions of the past! Great hat and those pearls, fantastic pearls.

    • Were matching colored gloves not worn then? (And one or the other image is flipped!) Thank you for the photo of that lovely cover.

    • Thanks for posting the image and the footage. I’ve never understood the appeal of the animal heads on those stoles, but I’m all for that floaty train.

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