This Week’s Extras

Royal Hats

It’s a long weekend here in Canada- I’ll be back tomorrow with hats from closing of the Octave Luxembourg and the Swedish state visit to Indonesia.

Great article and photos of the civil wedding of Princess Marie-Gabrielle of Nassau (who wore some sort of fresh floral headpiece) over at Luxarazzi.


On Saturday, Princess Anne attended the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland. Her cream straw hat with upswept brim and curling feathers is one of her best in recent memory. It’s from British milliner Amy Morris-Adams and it’s new.



The Duke of Edinburgh in a dapper bowler hat yesterday for  the Grenadier Guards Regimental Remembrance Day


 How fun and fresh is British milliner Karen Henriksen’s take on a pillbox? So creative.

 Royal Hats

Surprise announcement this week of Princess Mako’s engagement.  Here is an introduction to her fiance, Kei Komuro, who sounds like an impressive young man. (Japan Times)

Also from Japan, government approval of an abdication bill for Emperor Akihito (Imperial Royals Of Japan)

Great article in the Guardian about King Willem-Alexander’s secret career as a KLM pilot

Fun snaps from Monaco and Sweden as Prince Jacques came to congratulate the Monaco men’s soccer team on their French league win and Princess Estelle and Prince Oscar commended the Swedish hockey team following their World Championship victory. (Svenskdam).



8 thoughts on “This Week’s Extras

  1. Princess Anne not only is wearing the perfect hat for her, but looks very pretty! I love to see her with a touch of makeup..she looks so young! Also, she has the perfect figure to wear whatever she likes..

  2. On day 2 of the General Assembly of The Church of Scotland, The Princess Royal wore another lovely hat which I THINK may be new, although it was worn with an old outfit! It’s in navy blue and cream/palest lemon straw. I think it goes very well with her check coat and navy dress.

  3. The Princess Royal has really surpassed herself here. I think it is one of her best outfit ever, the hat is just beautiful!

  4. Great hats for Anne and DoE! Too bad we couldn’t get Nicola Sturgeon in one too haha.

    Also, it was weird how so many news outlets were reporting Mako giving up her royal status like it’s a brand new thing, and that her aunt was the first one to do so. C’mon! Basic research shows this is not true, and that so many Japanese princesses have given up their royal status to marry, especially since the aristocracy was dissolved after WWII. So now it’s virtually impossible for them to do not give up their status, unless they remain single or marry a male cousin (which can’t happen for so many reasons, including the fact there virtually are none). (Ok sorry, rant over!)

  5. Princess Anne looks impressive! Not only is the hat excellent, but the rest of the outfit is good to. Good for her!

  6. Enjoy your long weekend, HatQueen!

    Yes, that really is a good hat for Princess Anne. She surprises us every so often, doesn’t she?

    That pillbox is great. To think that, before I started visiting this site, I would have called that style boring and outdated!

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