British Royals Host Second Palace Garden Party

Queen Elizabeth and the Duke of Edinburgh hosted the second garden party of the season yesterday in the grounds of  Buckingham Palace, their London home. The Queen repeated her pale yellow hat with upswept brim, straw bow loops and silk flowers in brown and blue. The floral trim on this piece has always felt a little random but today’s photos finally brought one with a peek at the accompanying dress- the trim now makes more sense.

Embed from Getty Images
Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images
Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images


Designer: Rachel Trevor Morgan
Previously Worn: March 27, 2016; June 14, 2016

The Duchess of Cornwall repeated her ice blue picture hat with inverted brim edging, straw and crin crown wraps and a mass of flying straw and crin curled bow loops on the side. The shape and scale of this piece is perfect for a garden party… I’m just hoping to see something new (and in a saturated colour!) on Camilla, soon.

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

Designer: Philip Treacy
Previously Worn: June 10, 2016; May 10, 2015September 21, 2014June 18, 2014

Speaking of new and saturated colours, Princess Eugenie topped her electric blue dress with an orange straw pyramid shaped saucer hat. It’s an unexpected choice for her but styled in the colour blocking way that it is here, the hat tops a great look for Eugenie. Such fun!

Embed from Getty Images
Embed from Getty Images

Designer: Sarah Cant. It is a bespoke version of “Siberica”
Previously Worn: This hat is new

Summer garden parties, even when attended by a few royals as this one was, always bring interesting hats. What do you think of the trio we saw yesterday?
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17 thoughts on “British Royals Host Second Palace Garden Party

  1. I like the Queen’s hat even while being not totally onboard with the brown in the trim. The yellow is a bright and happy colour and it certainly helps seeing a bit of the dress.

    Camilla, very nice but yawn.

    Eugenie looks great (and would look superb with a better fitted dress), love the fun, orange hat. As I’ve said in reply to Penelope, some green shoes would have made my day. I’m well over the ‘nude’ phase.

  2. While the hat on HM is lovely, there could be less trim on it. I am not a fan of this yellow on her English rose complexion. Camilla is in the same old, same old hat style. It would be interesting to see a different style on her. Love Eugenie’s little hat and the jaunty angle. Not a fan of the fit of her dress nor the way there is no orange to tie it to the color of her hat.

  3. I hadn’t noticed the change in Queen Elizabeth’s brim, but after looking at all the pictures, I’d certainly say it looks possible. Several RTM hats have been shrunk over the years, although most were from an older, much wider brim era. I like the hat but can’t really imagine what the entire dress will look like if we ever see it in its entirety. It’s such a vivid, unusual color pattern, to say the least, but the outfit as a whole is a hit.
    I like both outfits for the Duchess of Cornwall and, which almost never happens, for Princess Eugenie too. The angle of Princess Eugenie’s hat matches the angle of her neckline, although maybe a spot of orange in the belt would tie the colors together a little.

    • There is orange in Eugenie’s belt – it’s very clear on my monitor. Unfortunately though, the dress simply doesn’t fit, and the belt makes things worse. I do like the hat.

  4. I think JamesB is onto something. It’s hard to tell from the different camera angles, but the brim looks smaller to me, too. The diagonal is less dramatic. It’s a great hat, although I’m still not sold on the light brown elements in trim, even if it does pick up a color in the dress. I love that the queen is wearing an optimistic color after the bombing in Manchester.

    Eugenie’s hat is fun, and I love the color contrast with her dress. Too bad about the fit.

    I’m always impressed by how well the “civilians” hat up on these occasions. What an impressive poof on the pillbox worn by the woman in back of HM!

  5. I believe @JamesB is correct; it does look like the brim has been cut down for this appearance (RIP wider brim!). Despite that slight (albeit unfortunate IMO) change, I still think this is a most excellent hat for HM, and the taupe brown trim has even grown on me. I also still think @JamesB’s suggestion from the Ascot 2016 appearance of wearing brooch with blue in it would really tie everything together even better.

    Camilla, you know I adore this hat and it will always be one of my favorites for you, but PLEASE, can we get something new, and in a saturated color, for you?

    Eugenie looked great in her colors (as I’ve said before, orange and blue is one of my favorite color combos), but I don’t think this hat shape is the most flattering for her; something about this looks more like a low bowl on her than a proper disc headpiece. Minor complaint, but otherwise she looks great.

  6. All the Royal ladies look delightful, and I like the colors. Perfect for a garden party. HM looks wonderful in almost every color, but I especially like her in yellow.

  7. I like Eugenie’s dress, but she should wear it one or two sizes bigger. The hat is nice but I don’ love it. She looked so pretty at Pippa Middleton’s wedding…..

  8. I love Eugenie’s outfit. The colors and dress are so great and I love the fun belt. Perfect for a garden party.

  9. JamesB:
    Looking at the first picture from last year’s Ascot, I think you are imagining correctly. I, however, prefer the trimmed down version, as it shows off the trim better. The bright blue/orange (tangerine?) combination is very striking, and it looks great on BOTH royals.

    • HQ: I forgot to comment that I LOVE the first picture you normally show at garden parties, where HM and the prince are standing at the top of the steps, I assume during the playing/singing of “God Save the Queen.” When I hear it performed with festival trumpets and FULL singing, usually in a cathedral setting, my Yankee blood courses through my veins like no other time. I’ll spend an entire evening listening to and watching the Last Night of the Proms concerts on Youtube, and revel in the glorious patriotic spirit of the people. Add this to my long list of reasons for my admiration of many things British. Sorry for being long-winded today.

      • For your YouTube viewing, may I also recommend the yearly Festival of Remembrance. Sometimes I must pass over the more contemporary music, but the mustering of the troops is wonderful and the short ceremony toward the end around the flags always brings a few tears. Always great formal and more candid video of the royals.

      • 1. WOW! I meant duke, not prince. Mea culpa …..
        2. Thank you very much, Cathy. I appreciate your interest and information.

  10. Am I imagining it or has the brim on HM’s hat been shrunk a bit. It looked broader when previously worn, I preferred that.

    I love Eugenie’s outfit! It’s her version of the same colour blocking HM did at Ascot and I really like it a lot.

    Camilla. Please ring the changes a bit more!

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