Swedish Royals Visit Indonesia

King Carl Gustaf and Queen Silvia embarked on a two day state visit to Indonesia on Monday. For the first day of the tour, Queen Silvia wore a pale pink padded headpiece with open crown. This piece looks like a pillbox hat from front view and I wish it was- I think a pillbox would have been a better match for Silvia’s long skirted suit.

Embed from Getty Images  Embed from Getty Images

Designer: unknown
Previously Worn: May 27, 2016 Queen Silvia also wore a similar twin in bright yellow back in March, 2010. 

Yesterday, the Swedish queen topped her classic white and black coat with a matching white hat- perhaps one of her go-to calot designs? I’m afraid without a better view, we can’t be certain (links to a better view of this hat shared in the comments would be greatly appreciated!)

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

Photos from Getty and social media as indicated

9 thoughts on “Swedish Royals Visit Indonesia

  1. Oh I love this hat. I normally dislike open crown hats intensely as they seem unfinished to me. This one however is perfect for the climate, it would be fairly hot and humid in Indonesia currently, a great colour and really interesting. Great choice for the occasion.

  2. Q Silvia is winning me over to these open crown hats. And I do like to see her again in this blush pink colour, and in white – it’s a gentle and refreshing change from the saturated vivids she usually wears. Pale colours would suit her even more if she matched her foundation to her actual (paler) skin colour.

  3. I think greygazer and Kolin are right about this being the hat from Prince Oscar’s christening — what great memories you have! Good for Queen Silvia for repurposing it. These open-crown styles are starting to grow on me, and the texture of this one is pretty.

    We definitely need a closer look at the white one, but I like the black trim on the suit.

  4. Definitely agree a regular pillbox would’ve been a better choice for Silvia. Despite being a very pastel pink, I think it’s a nice color for her. I also like President Widodo’s hat and more traditional Eastern-style suit.

    As for Silvia’s second hat, it’s not bad, but nothing to rave about; seems like a brimmed hat would’ve been a better choice though (and we could’ve had Carl Gustaf in one of his panama straw fedoras too!).

  5. I’m so sorry, I just don’t think I’ll ever be able to quite get on board with open crown hats (casual summer visors excepted). But I love both looks from the front.

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