Hat From the Past

Royal Hats to sixteen years ago today and a British royal state visit to Norway. Queen Elizabeth’s pink and purple straw bucket/cloche hybrid hat by Frederick Fox made a memorable statement…. if you look closely at Queen Sonja’s classic white and navy straw design, you’ll see it had a larger brim, here on its first outing, than it does now (jump over to this post for its most recent outing earlier this month for Norwegian National Day). Which version of Sonja’s hat do you prefer?

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12 thoughts on “Hat From the Past

    • The Empress looks fantastic in this blue and love the check pattern mixed in, and this green tie is great for the Emperor.

  1. February 20, 2002, without the coat. Very pretty.
    Embed from Getty Images

    • I think it was altered the 2nd time, with an added lilac edge to the upper part of the brim.
      If this is true, I think it is an improvement.

    • Thanks for the close-up with the dress. I like the hat in general (it is one of the Queen’s most memorable), but it’s so much more dramatic with the dress and when one can see that the underneath is all the purple. In the first picture above with Queen Sonja, Queen Elizabeth’s hat looks a little like a lampshade.

    • Great closeup Jimbo. I love this hat and Queen Sonya’s as well. Having both together in the same post is a treat.
      HM’s pink hat is of the same era as Mary’s one featured not long ago in Hat From the Past https://royalhats.wordpress.com/2017/05/12/hat-from-the-past-115/. HM is wearing the toned-down version of the trend ( I always think of this shape as “nuclear cooling tower”. I do admire HM for being willing to try on-trendy millinery for so many decades.

  2. I love these photos! The royal couples look delighted to see each other!

    I wish QSonia’s hat was a tad smaller, but I love the blue/white color combo. QE’s hat is lovely.

  3. HM’s hat is very early-2000s, and unfortunately I’m not very fond of it. I much prefer Sonja’s hat in this initial outing because the brim is much more flattering IMO, and it goes so well with her suit. At any rate, they all look to be enjoying each other’s company, and I often forget Harald and Elizabeth II are second cousins.

  4. I love both these hats, and both of the queens looked fabulous. What a shame that the new version of Queen Sonja’s hat is a very badly fitted stetson. The older version is much better and very glam; all of the royals look like they had an exceptionally good time.

  5. QE’s outfit is fabulous. One of her most glam, and unexpected too; that hat is huge and does obstruct her face – normally that’s a real no-no. I’d like to see this style return. Sonja looks great too, she can rock a big Titfer.

    Don’t they look overjoyed to see each other; I bet they had good fun!

  6. What a shame that a perfectly beautiful hat has been remodelled to look like a very bad stetson. I love the King laughing at Prince Philip’s efforts to reach underneath to try and greet Queen Sonja.

    I find myself liking QEIIs hat.

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