Hat From The Past

Royal Hats We’re wrapping up our month of hats from the past with one many of us have seen before- a glorious turban covered in silk hydrangea blossoms worn on this day in 1966 to the Epsom races. These floral covered turbans appeared on a few royal heads during the 1960s and while I’m happy the style is no longer en vogue, I couldn’t resist including at least one.

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11 thoughts on “Hat From The Past

  1. Great hat of its period. I’m glad that giant hydrangea hats aren’t in fashion currently, but this was a beauty of its kind. I do wish the flowers had been blue instead of white. It almost does look like a hydrangea flower cluster perched on her head!

  2. HatQueen, I thank you once again for this fun, month-long retrospective. The scope and variety of your posts is amazing.

    You haven’t asked us to name our favorites, but I will anyway: Princess Marina (5/24), Empress Farah (5/19), and Princess Alice (5/5).

  3. These flower power hats are not my favorite.
    Now, a slight tangent in conversation: looking at the pin holes in this famous hat makes me wonder about the pinning of brooches on HM’s beautiful dresses, like yesterday’s picture that I sent. I NEVER pin my good silk ties in place – I have a secret behind-the-scenes approach, so my tie doesn’t blow around. Thoughts?

    • I wish you could share your tie-securing secret with a certain elected official, Jimbo.

      HM usually has those brooches on her coats, which are more loosely woven fabrics, so they’d be less prone to holes than your ties. The pinholes would be more visible on her dresses, but maybe she removes them in private? I’d imagine tiny snags might be more of a problem with silk than the holes.

  4. Not a huge fan of the hat personally (although I think HM wore it well), but the collar on that coat is fabulous! I approve of that coming back! Haha . . .

  5. While this is not my favorite style I bet a young royal could show us how it is done again, much like Viscountess Linley did at the Thanksgiving service for the Queen’s 90th birthday.

  6. While not a fan of the profusion of flower petals, I do like this size and shape of a hat on the Queen and wonder what it would look like in a different material.

  7. I love hydrangeas so I love this hat! At first I thought it was lilacs but that would have been ok too! I would like to see Serena, Countess of Snowdown wearing this today.

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