This Week’s Extras

Royal Hats

Tatiana Santo Domingo’s fair trade fashion line “Muzungu Sisters” showed a collection at Monaco Fashion Week 2017 yesterday. She wore an interesting headpiece from the collection to a related event Thursday night where she was joined by her husband and sisters-in-law Beatrice Borromeo and Princess Alexandra. Bohemian royal tiara, anyone?

Tatiana Santo Domingo, June 2, 2017 | Royal Hats

 Tatiana Santo Domingo, June 2, 2017 | Royal Hats

Infanta Elena in a pair of straw fedoras last week at the Global Champions Tour tournament in Madrid. She repeated these hats at bullfights on May 30 in Aranjuez with her children and June 1in Madrid with her father.

Embed from Getty Images
 King Albert and Queen Paola in casual hats for their recent visit to the Basilica of Avioth in French Lorraine. We’ve not seen Queen Paola much this year following her back injury and it’s great to see her up and around.

Great snap of King Juan Carlos and King Felipe taken yesterday at the 300th anniversary of the Marine Guard Company in Marín. Both kings are former graduates of the naval academy and looked quite dapper in their summer naval whites.

Rachel Trevor Morgan at Epsom today in a very fun, floral trimmed saucer hat of her own design. Vibrant statement hat + impeccably tailored monochrome coat = perfect ensemble for the races

 Royal Hats

The Countess of Wessex published a piece about her work to eliminate trachoma (Huffington Post)

Very interesting interview with Princess Haya bint Al Hussein (Tatler)

Buckingham Palace released this short behind the scenes look at the preparations royal gardeners complete before each Garden Party.

Princess Mako is visiting Bhutan this week- her meeting with the King and Queen yesterday yielded some lovely photographs (traditional dress is always so beautiful) and her vibrant blue outfit to open Japan week made me smile.

Beautiful portraits of Crown Princess Victoria were released yesterday for her upcoming 40th birthday.

And finally, stunning shots of Queen Elizabeth taken this week by royal photographer extraordinaire, Chris Jackson

Embed from Getty Images  Embed from Getty Images

Photos from social media as indicated and Semana

9 thoughts on “This Week’s Extras

  1. Wonderful selection of royal news, HQ!
    I actually enjoy the pompoms. I am sure that many young women who are at the age of fantasy, and adore wearing floral wreaths, will love this look. Why leave all the fun millinery to the racetrack?
    I have to smile at Tatiana giving one of her trademark stares to the photographers and striding out like Wonder Woman on a mission -“Yes I wear pompoms. Get used to it.”

  2. Scrolling through the milliner Rachel Trevor Morgan’s Instagram account and she was pictured with David Evans @greyfoxblog – I didn’t fall too far down the Instagram rabbit hole(!), but thought HQ and my fellow readers would appreciate his posts of his refurbished silk top hat. The gleam on the silk is beautiful!

  3. Fabulous article on Princess Haya, daughter of the King of Jordan. The Jordanian royal family (although she’s now in Dubai) is one of the few western-educated Middle Eastern royal families with some power left.
    Trachoma is a big problem throughout the entire Middle East. Good for the Countess of Wessex.
    Thank you for expanding everyone’s horizons.

  4. “interesting headpiece” is one of those polite euphemisms for… egads! I can usually find something to like in a headpiece or hat, but in this case, it looks like it was put together in a pre-school project. Set down the colored pom-poms and no one will get hurt!
    Agree with the dapper look of the white uniforms.
    I also enjoyed the Garden Party video with its insider-look from the gardeners. And I fully expect everyone here to get out your rulers to measure your grass length to make sure it meets the requisite height of 21mm! Wonderful and fun.

  5. Extras:
    1) I agree say no to pompoms!
    2) How about a different hat than a fedora?
    3) Very dapper in the Navy Whites!
    4) Great video of the gardens at Buckingham Palace-Beautiful!
    5) Great photos of King and Queen of Bhutan, Princess Mako, Princess Victoria & Queen Elizabeth
    6) Wonderful article on Princess Haya. She fascinates me that this modern woman is the junior wife. I am uneducated about this….is it her religion that she believes in that makes this okay for her. The article states she lives some contradictions.

  6. What a variety of extras this week! Of particular note: Rachel Trevor Morgan’s hat, indeed her entire outfit, outstanding, and the photographic portraits of Queen Elizabeth and Crown Princess Victoria lovely.

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