British Royals Visit East London

Queen Elizabeth and the Duke of Edinburgh visited the London Borough of Tower Hamlets today to take part in commemorating the centenary of the bombing of Upper North Street School during the First World War.

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For this event, the Queen repeated her sky blue straw hat with stepped crown, raised brim and beautiful feather flower trim. I have long waxed lyrical about the the sharp shape of this design, the lovely colour, those beautiful handmade feather flowers and the little hit of navy on the side bow and stacked hatband that adds such dimension and punch. Like the peach hat Queen Elizabeth wore earlier this week, this design has a lot goin going on on this design but it balances beautifully against the very streamlined neckline of its accompanying coat.

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Designer: Rachel Trevor Morgan
Previously Worn: May 24, 2016May 17, 2016; July 16, 2015June 19, 2014

I’m clearly a fan of this hat- did today’s outing change your opinion on it in any way?

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18 thoughts on “British Royals Visit East London

  1. One of her very best. I want that stem trimmed a little, but I’m especially appreciating the stacked hatband.

  2. Another gorgeous repeat for HM, and the cerulean is a beautiful color for her. I had forgotten she had worn it twice in one week the last times we saw this hat, but I’m glad it’s back again.

  3. Love this hat and how the brim opens up her face. The Queen Mother always wanted hats whose brims turned up so people could see her face. And this is my favorite color so…

    On another note – amazing that I would awaken this morning and this post would be awaiting me with Her Majesty wearing the two aquamarine clips. I had a dream last night that I was somewhere and the queen was there wearing a huge aquamarine brooch (more like a breastplate) but very similar in style to these clips, and as she moved past me I mouthed how beautiful she looked and how beautiful was the brooch The queen looked at me and smiled and quietly said to me, “thank you for saying that, I was afraid no one liked it.” LOL!

    • Chuck, what a dream! You must of dined on Welsh Rarebit last night!
      I forgot to mention earlier, that I’m voting for PINK as HM’s Ascot opener next week. She can’t possibly look prettier than she did in last year’s ensemble, a year ago tomorrow, on June 17, 2016.
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      • Crazy dream for sure!

        Hmm, pink for Opening Day, huh? Good choice but I think I’m going with purple. We’ve not seen her in purple in some time I think. Of course I missed her hat color every day last year so what do I know? But the one time I did win on her hat color it was with purple (she also won the Gold Cup with Estimate that day).

      • That pink is one of my very favorite recent outfits. Everything about it is perfect, particularly the hat, but I’ve yet to see any part that has been repeated.

  4. Still a lovely hat.
    I like how the touches of darker blue and navy (and the paler blues too) have a softening effect on the brightness of the main colour, thus linking more directly with HM’s blue eyes. Any bright blue colour juxtaposed with the complex mixed hue of blue eyes can easily make those same eyes look murky in comparison, but that negative is beautifully sidestepped here.
    And of course, the darker blues tie in visually with the black handbag and shoes – which I always consider a good thing.

    • Blue – ANY shade, has always been my favorite color! HM looks MAHvelous today. I went back to HQ’s “Twin Hats” section of this hat, and began to wonder: why are there two that are so close in color, shape, etc.? More is better, I surmise.
      June 18, 2011, after the Order of the Garter Service:
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      Here is today’s hat, sans coat, on July 16, 2015:
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      • I never understood why these two similar outfits were created — and only a few years apart. The hats are almost identically designed. I actually prefer the first outfit because of the added yellow green.

        • Four years apart- the lighter turquoise hat made its debut 2010 on a trip to Canada while the darker blue one was first worn during Ascot in 2014. Here’s another side-by-side look at the two of them
          Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

      • I agree here – I like his outfit a lot, but it’s so close to that one that was still in rotation. A third one was added on the 2015 trip to Malta too. I guess she know what she likes!

      • Well, technically 2014 (creation date of dress at hand) – 2010 (creation date of dress debuted in Canada) is 4 years apart.

  5. Now that’s a Hat! Just lovely in every way. And Feminine. The Crown is not too high, and the upturn on the brim gives a lift to her features. Yeah! She deserves more lovelies like this.

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