Imperial Crown Prince Kicks Off Danish Visit

Crown Prince Naruhito arrived in Copenhagen airport yesterday for the start of a seven day visit to celebrate the 150th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Denmark and Japan this year. He was greeted at the airport by Crown Prince Frederick (he and Naruhito are patrons of the anniversary celebration) and Crown Princess Mary. For the welcome, the crown princess repeated her cream straw multi-looped straw bow fascinator studded in arrow trimmed feathers.

Crown Princess Mary, June 15, 2017 | Royal Hats

Designer: unknown
Previously Worn: August 27, 2016; April 27, 2010; May 12, 2005

If one is going to wear a simple bow fascinator, this is certainly how to do it- with a beautiful dress that takes center stage and the fascinator recedes to the background. I know many of you loathe these pieces but I think the styling of this one is really beautiful. At an occasion that really didn’t call for a major hat, this hit the mark.

Photos from Tobias Nicolai Kvist Larsen, Ritzau Photo via the Danish Monarchy; Martin Sylvest and Martin Sylvest via Getty

9 thoughts on “Imperial Crown Prince Kicks Off Danish Visit

  1. Sometimes I wish that CP Mary were not quite so fond of floral prints – but this example is beautiful, and the fascinator looks terrific. Lovely

  2. I think fascinators can work in many occasions, and this is one of them! (I seem to be in a small minority when it comes to liking fascinators.) Sad Masako was not along on this trip.

  3. Oh I really like these both (dress and hat)! I might feel differently if it was a “high” millinery event but the pieces are so lovely on cop Mary and it’s a great occasion for it.

  4. While I have repeated many times that I don’t care for fascinators that don’t actually sit on the head… this one I like!! This fascinator doesn’t masquerade as a hat so I am all for it! It compliments the lovely dress.

  5. I agree! While fascinators have gotten out of control for occasions that call for real hats, they do have their place and this is one. Exquisite example!

  6. I think this is the best outing yet for this fascinator. It is a mark of respect to dress up for a visitor and adding the fascinator certainly dresses up this outfit. Mary also chose the perfect dress: a Japanese style print including chrysanthemums for the heir to the Chrysanthemum Throne. The fascinator’s feathers drew my eye to the chrysanthemums in the dress.

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