Queen Visits Grenfell Tower

Queen Elizabeth made an unexpected visit to the scene of the Grenfell Tower fire today, accompanied by her grandson, the Duke of Cambridge. She repeated her royal blue hat with silk crepe covered crown and white straw curved kettle brim trimmed with white flowers and blue feathers.

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Designer: Angela Kelly
Previously Worn: June 17, 2015
Commenting about hats amidst such tragedies feels unnecessarily frivolous. I will say that dressing for such a visit must not be easy and the choice of this fairly simple coat and hat, in a dark but vibrantly hopeful colour, was a choice well made. 
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  1. I am reminded reading about how the Queen calmed a surgeon returned from medical duty in Syria when he had a panic attack (my words) while sitting beside her at a lunch for several people. She asked for her corgis to be brought in and the two of them spent time petting the dogs and feeding them dog biscuits.

  2. This is such a pretty outfit. I”m glad to see it’s finally been repeated. I very much like the hat’s shape and its white curved kettle brim — and its restrained trim. Well done!
    As a bonus, we got to see the dress alone later in the day. I would like to see the dress worn with the hat, of course, since the hat appears a much stronger blue than the blue in the dress (when mixed with the background white) appears from a distance. I’d like to see whether the hat, therefore, would be striking with the dress, or it might just appear to be a mismatch of colors.
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  3. She is a National Treasure for the United Kingdom. Her visits here and to hospitals and just being there in the hope that she can give some measure of comfort to people just makes me want to hug her too. Long live Her Majesty.

  4. My heart goes out to those suffering in the UK.

    The Queen looked great in such a stunning blue which I agree is a very hopeful color. It was good to see William with her and I am sure her presence gives comfort to the people.

  5. God bless her. She really does demonstrate the best of humanity and humility in her position as Head of State. I like her choice of colour. She’s quoted as saying that she must be seen. Good to see that she brought The Duke of Cambridge with her to show concern after this tragedy.

  6. This visit by Her Majesty and the Duke of Cambridge reminded me of the visits by Their Majesties, King George VI and Queen Elizabeth, during the various bombings in London during WWII. Prayers for those affected by that horrible fire.

  7. I’m certain it’s very difficult to know what color is gonna strike the right tone for occasions like this. The color helped her stand out, but it wasn’t loud. The hat is good and I hope it remains in the rotation.

    It’s been an unfortunate year for the UK, and I think HM is doing the best she can in her position and with sticking to her traditional stance of duty and impartiality.

  8. At first I wondered why Her Majesty didn’t wear more somber clothing, but now I see the reason for the vibrant blue. As usual it helps her stand out in a crowd (and next to Prince William she does seem very tiny, doesn’t she?) and it is a hopeful colour. The real message is that she was there and her face shows her concern.

  9. I too thought that this was an excellent choice. It’s somber but not mourning dress; she still wants to bring hope. Carefully chosen no doubt, and well chosen. I like this outfit a lot, I think it’ll feature in the rotation for a few years to come.

    Yet again, the Queen is there to demonstrate her care at these awful times of national tragedy.

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