First Week of Danish Summer Cruise: Part 2

The first week of Queen Margrethe’s annual summer cruises aboard the Royal Yacht Dannebrog continued yesterday and today in Mariagerfjord.  After arriving in Hobro harbour yesterday, the queen visited an art exhibition, community activities and cultural centre, a robotics company and Maritime Cultural Center before returning to the harbour in time for choral concert performed by 600 schoolchildren. For these events, Queen Margrethe repeated her pink straw brimless bumper hat with domed crown and trio of white diagonal stripes across the front of the brim. 




Designer: Per Falk Hansen
Previously Worn:

Today, Queen Margrethe travelled upriver to Mariager Harbor by royal barge where she visited Scandinavia’s largest plastics recycling facility, viewed more than 400 varieties of roses at Mariager Rose Garden, listened to an organ concert at Mariager Church and saw excavations at the Bronze age era burial mound Hohøj. For these events, the Danish queen repeated her vibrant pink straw hat with navy floral hatband and small white flowers at the side.

Designer: likely Per Falk Hansen
Previously Worn: September 12, 2016June 27, 2016June 3, 2016August 31, 2015June 26, 2015

We often see Queen Margrethe in nautical navy or red for these summer cruise outings and the pink is a fresh and pretty departure. That’s my nice way of saying that I really, REALLY hope we see some new hats come into circulation for Queen Margrethe. The old ones are mighty familiar.

Photos from Getty as indicated

5 thoughts on “First Week of Danish Summer Cruise: Part 2

  1. I think she looks lovely in both of these hats and I must say she appears to enjoy life to its fullest. She looks both healthy and happy in pink. I also applaud her sensible shoes where it looks like they enable her to get down to business. That being said some new hats wouldn’t go amiss for any of us and our willingness to comment on them!

  2. 1. Well I dislike nearly all pillboxes on Q Margrethe, as they mostly don’t provide enough balance for her, especially when worn with a bulky 80’s- style suit – example here-
    that doesn’t coordinate as sharply with the hat as Diana’s suits did with her pillboxes; and it’s also in a tint of pink that doesn’t suit Margrethe’s warm complexion.
    2, The fuschia-pink hat is more wearable in terms of its proportions, but this pink is also not the best for the Queen, and neither is the navy/black pattern trim and blouse. This outfit would look way more flattering (and more modern) if the hat trim and blouse were replaced with fabric in a golden-yellow colour- see example of gold against this outfit here

  3. Except for the other week, it has been a long time since we’ve seen the pink Adidas pillbox. The pink is nice, but can we PLEASE get Margrethe like 12 new hats?

  4. My, she really gets out there, doesn’t she? These sound like very full days. I agree with HQ that the Queen could spring for a new hat.

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