Royal Ascot 2017 Day 1: Phillipses & Tindalls

Royal Ascot | Royal Hats Peter and Autumn Philips and Mike and Zara Tindall were all in attendance for the first day of Royal Ascot today. Autumn wore a cream button percher with lace overlay, trimmed with cream silk roses flowers and curled ostrich quills. The designer notes that “the style is wired on the underside to sit elegantly high on the right hand side of the head.”

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Autumn Philips, June 20, 2017 in Emily London | Royal Hats

Emily London Goodwick

Designer: Emily London Goodwick design from SS 2017. Dress from Rumour London
Previously Worn:Worn: this hat is new
Zara Tindall wore what is desribed by the designer as a “white sloped beret in visca straw trimmed with an upturned bow in three tones of blue.”

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Designer: Sarah Cant Arroyo style from SS 2017
Previously Worn: this hat is new
I’m also curious- the shine on these photos makes me wonder if Mike Tindall has purchased an antique silk hat? I’ll trust those of you who are experts on such things make a determination on this!


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Photos from Getty as indicated; Eamonn M. McCormack via Getty and Emily London 

19 thoughts on “Royal Ascot 2017 Day 1: Phillipses & Tindalls

  1. Autumn’s hat is simple and pretty. With the bold pattern of her dress the hat didn’t need any additional color so adding details but keeping them all in white was the way to go.

    Zara’s hat then is the complete opposite. Her hat is bold with the color and wild bow, a counterpoint to the simple and solid color dress. It would have been fun to have a picture of them side by side. With both ladies in the same shade of blue it would have been a great snap, as if they planned their outfits!

  2. I really like Autumn’s hat, but it’s amazing how different it looks in direct sun and from the close-up given. It seems bright white and without any of the details in the sun. Seeing the lace made me appreciate it more.

  3. I can’t bring myself to like Autumn’s hat – it reminds me of over-sized pieces of polystyrene bubbles. Her dress reminds me of the red and white McQueen worn by Kate in Canada. Zara’s hat is OK but the shoes are such a heavy looking black for this outfit.

    I’d have been inclined to have had the shoulders cut a little higher so that the sleeves sit higher without the overhang on Peter Philips coat, same for Mike Tindall, their shoulders look far too droopy.

  4. I’m not sure about Autumn’s hat; I feel like the cluster of flowers to one side looks like they don’t belong with the hat & are just plonked there. I think some should have gone on top of the hat too; or the hat shouldn’t be so central on the head, if it was further over it might look better.
    I do like Zara’s hat but feel it’s a tad understated for Ascot. Zara is very comfortable & confident in millinery pieces so I was surprised to see her play it safe!

  5. Autumn Phillips:Lovely hat, but the subtlety and delicacy are lost altogether when paired with the busy patterned dress.
    Zara Tindall: fabulous hat. However the base just looks a little petite for her — I think Zara suits percher bases with more length or width. And the dress fabric, although no doubt cool and comfortable, doesn’t relate to the level of elegance of the hat.

  6. Autumn looks very pretty here, and it’s nice to see her seem so comfortable in hats after seeing her struggle in the early years of royal life. Peter’s top hat looks great on him, but I think his outfit could use some tailoring, especially with the trousers; but is he wearing monkstrap shoes? If so, he gains points back because I love monkstrap shoes!

    Zara’s ensemble and outfit was my favorite of day one. It is very well-coordinated, but the blues don’t feel matchy; the bow on her cocktail hat is amazing too! Mike looks so well-groomed in his morning suit and top hat (which does look like antique silk); even if the hat is slightly small, he looks to have the confidence here to pull it off better than many who have correctly sized hats on!

  7. The base of Zara’s hat is not a favorite of mine, but I LOVE the bow – the size, shape, and three shades of blue. I just think it might have looked better on a saucer or some other base.

    Autumn’s hat and dress are very nice. Fresh and summery, but too similar to the hats she usually wears. One of the perils of being in a family that sort of wears hats for a living.

  8. Nice color coordination between the Phillips’ and the Tindalls. Love Peter’s choice of blue shirt. I like both hats on Autumn and Zara and they could have easily switched them and still looked good. Mike looks great in that hat, it fits him better than previous, same with the tailoring on his suit.

  9. Autumn’s look is my favorite look of the day. She always looks so polished and has adapted well to the family. Zara’s hat on Autumn would look lovely with Autumn’s dress. It is nice to see that Zara actually enjoys spending time together as a family and has a great rapport with them.

    • Yes Autumn is my favourite for the second time this week. We don’t see her out often but she is always well polished, coordinated and wears lovely timeless pieces.

  10. I thought both the ladies looked good, and it was nice to see new hats. I agree with Sandra that a less casual hairstyle might have set Autumn’s hat off better. It’s always a treat to see this family out together, enjoying the day and each other’s company. I liked so many of the hats that I couldn’t pick a favorite. I could pick five or six favorites, but not just one! I also agree that Peter Phillips looked amazing.

  11. Both women look summery and their hats (particularly in Zara’s case) add to that feel so a job well done. Not sure about Autumn’s pony tail, a soft roll might have been a bit more polished, but that’s a tiny thing. So far (there may be no more to come) I think Zara and Sophie win Hat of the Day for me. Elegant, suit their wearers and with a touch of fun.

  12. Both women are wearing hats that are in the “wheelhouse” of their usual style – both attractive and youthful. The photo of Zara and her mother is absolutely beautiful and touching. Love!

    Yes, I do indeed believe Mike Tindall is sporting an antique silk topper! And it wouldn’t have been easy to find as I expect he has a rather large hat size. I can’t really tell from the two photos of Mike but it seems it might sit a bit high on his head, which of course would support my hypothesis about hat size. But it looks like a nice hat.

    • Chuck, I thought the very same thing about the ladies’ hats, but you worded it perfectly, “wheelhouse” and all.
      My vote for the very best topper is Peter Philips today – very handsome and well turned out. The Duke looks very nice in his new grey, also. A green tie would have been a nice touch, though.
      PS The man in the grey topper walking with Mike looks totally out of his element to me, but what the heck, HE’S THERE, and I’M NOT!

      • Oh my, the waistcoat on the man in the gray hat is mighty short. Unfortunately, that is a common problem with off the rack double-breasted waistcoats, especially on taller men. But, as you said, he is there and we’re not – and he’s down at the parade ring level with the royal family so…

    • I posted my comments about the men’s hats on yesterday’s post about them. My winner today was Edward Wessex. Perfectly polished and fit. Charles’ on the other hand, looks a little worse for wear. 😊 Assuming most of these have been inherited within the family? Mike Tindall clearly took great care with his appearance today, and looks very elegant in the photo above.

    • For some reason I can’t reply to your comment about the short waistcoat. I did wonder if he’d muddled his waistcoat with Sheikh Mohammed as his Ascot wardrobe never usually fits – but it’s a tad better this year.

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