Royal Ascot 2017 Day 1: The Kents

 Prince and Princess Michael of Kent enjoyed the races today along with their children. Prince Michael repeated his hourglass shaped black top hat while Marie Christine repeated her white straw picture hat with voluminous feather boa wrap.

Embed from Getty Images
Designer: John Boyd
Previously Worn: June 17, 2017;  June 10, 2016June 17, 2015;  June 6, 2015; June 7, 2014

Lady Frederick Windsor (Sophie) granted our weekend wish and repeated the window-weave straw pyramid hat with dip dyed rose and feathers that she wore to Trooping the Colour with a more colourful dress. Lord Frederick repeated the short crowned grey top hat with black hatband we’ve seen him sport at this event in years past.

Designer: Jane Taylor. It is the ‘Clusia Rosea‘ from SS 2017
Previously Worn:  June 17, 2017

Lady Gabriella Windsor wore a hat very similar in shape to the one the Duchess of Cornwall wore today, with upswept brim and off-center peaked crown. Gabriella’s hat is trimmed with Treacy’s signature flying bow loops and twists (I think, here they are in silk).

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

Designer: Philip Treacy
Previously Worn: This hat is new
Photos from Getty and social media as indicated;  

12 thoughts on “Royal Ascot 2017 Day 1: The Kents

  1. I can sympathize with Princess Michael. Being a minor royal with very few obligations and likewise less cash I can understand her feelings on re-wearing a hat or dress. Makes me wonder if that is why some of the minor royals’ hats or sometimes fairly simple??? That being said I actually like the hat and the dress is stylish and looks breezy and comfortable. Gabriella looks lovely in sunny yellow and white. As mentioned above simple and elegant. I am afraid I am not a fan of Sophie’s hat or dress.

  2. Princess Michael’s outfit is attractive, but even I remember seeing it before(!), so a little like Groundhog Day.
    Lady Frederick’s hat is nice but the dress doesn’t go with it and seems far too casual for Ascot.
    Lady Gabriella is the Kent women winner for me today, elegant look overall.

  3. Princess Michael wore this dress to Ascot in 1995! I prefer the hat she worn with it in “95 big pink picture hat. She did also wear this hat in 1995 with another outfit. I do like the hat but think it needs to retire, we see it every year!

    • Princess Michael does very few royal engagements and as such, her hats are really only seen at Trooping the Colour and Ascot. I suspect that she needs to get her value out of them… something I understand. I think we probably need to cut some slack for these more minor royals who don’t have much of a public role.

  4. I’ve seen Princess Michael’s hat far too often. Lady Fred’s hat is nice but doesn’t seem to work with the outfit. Lady Gabriwlla wins it for me (incidentally, in your write-up on Lady Gabriella’s hat you say it’s similar to the one worn by the Duchess of Cambridge – you mean the Duchess of Cornwall – which is where your link takes us)

  5. UGH, AGAIN with this hat Marie-Christine? I will seriously buy you another one! Did she hire the one she wore to William & Kate’s wedding? I’m dying to see that make a comeback.

    Sophie’s boho sleeved maxi dress just doesn’t work with this hat. Gabriella wins this grouping; the butter yellow dress and turquoise earrings and clutch work very nicely with her off-white hat, but I think whiter shoes would’ve been a better choice. Overall though a simple and elegant look.

    I think this is one of the best attended Ascot days I’ve ever seen in terms of the royals! Looking forward to the rest of the week, and am already beyond grateful for all the hard work of HatQueen for this week.

    • I was so distracted in my annoyance with Marie-Christine’s repeated repeat hat, I forgot to mention the Kent men!

      Prince Michael does old school class so well, but not in a retro costumey sort of way. Definitely one of the best dressed royal men of opening day! I like Frederick’s grey morning suit and pink tie, but again his top hat looks a little wide/large for him.

  6. Prince Michael: best men’s hat and outfit!
    Princess Michael: I like her maximal accessories, and the suit collar, which all frame her lovely wide hat well – I just wish that her suit weren’t so voluminous.
    Lady Frederick: nice hat, wrong dress for it
    Lady Gabriella: gorgeous hat, but the coat-dress looks rather utilitarian, and a bit wintery with its Peter Pan collar. A dress, in the same colour as her clutch, would really set off the hat.

  7. I don’t mind Princess Michael’s outfit. I like grey, and I like polka dots. But, she wore the whole thing just a few days ago at the Trooping. And judging by the dates, she wears this most years to Ascot. Surely she has something else in her closet. I also love pearls, but the super-jumbo fake ones…..not so much. At least there’s no eyepatch this year to get tangled up in her hat-boa.

    Lady Gabriella is, as always, is very elegant and serene in her appearance. I’m not a huge Treacy fan, but she has the model-like height and poise that carry off his big creations.

  8. I may have to retract my earlier comment on Peter Philips having the best top hat – I think Prince Michael beat him by a hair – and not the kind of hare that gets pulled outta those beauties!

  9. I always enjoy Princess Michael of Kent’s exuberant hats, Sophie’s hat is good but rather let down by the dress and Lady Gabriella Windsor is indeed her mother’s daughter.

  10. I liked Lady Frederick’s hat better at the Trooping. This dress has a hippie vibe to me, and the hat doesn’t make sense with it.

    Lady Gabriella’s hat makes for a polished ensemble.

    HatQueen, you’ve been at this all day! Many thanks!

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