Royal Ascot 2017 Day 1: Prince of Wales & Duchess of Cornwall

Royal Ascot | Royal Hats The Duchess of Cornwall stuck with her go-to look of head-to-toe cream for the first day of the races today in a new hat. The shape of this piece, with its upswept brim and off-centre peaked crown, is the same as the hat she wore for Trooping the Colour. This piece is set apart by a slightly lighter overall colour and trim- a triple pleated silk hatband and large spray of spiky feathers at the front.

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Designer: Philip Treacy
Previously Worn: This hat is new

Prince Charles repeated his black top hat. I’ll leave this to the experts to determine but it looks to me that this hat is rabbit fur (or in serious need of a polish!)

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24 thoughts on “Royal Ascot 2017 Day 1: Prince of Wales & Duchess of Cornwall

  1. Charles and Camilla do look great together. Camilla though she is wearing her signature color and large hat it does work for her! I love the large pink stone!

  2. Although we have seen several similar versions of this hat on The Duchess of Cornwall, this style suits her and the addition of the fun, feather trim makes this a lively choice for Ascot. I think she looks fabulous!

  3. I have just discovered this blog and know next to nothing about hats, so please forgive me if this is a silly question with an obvious answer… Is it possible that this is the same hat that Camilla wore to Trooping, but the detailing around it is something that can be added and removed to give a different look?

  4. A good look, playing to her strengths, and adding to the signature looks she’s created. I must say I didn’t realise it was a new hat until I read the post…

  5. Fabulous hat. Wish it has a color, but this is the Duchess of Cornwall’s look, and she’s sticking to it.

  6. Is Charles’s hat too small? I’m never sure what constitutes the proper fit for a gentleman’s top hat, but this one just seems too narrow to balance the width of his cheekbones, and it sits a little high above his ears.

    I have no quibbles about Cam’s chapeau, though. She’s never met a hat she couldn’t conquer through sheer force of personality.

    • I’ve noticed in the last few years that Charles’s top hat seems to be trending small. My guess is he’s had the same hat for many years and possibly his face has gotten fuller as he’s aged (happens to the best of us!) so his hat seems smaller than it used to. The fit looks correct – one should be able to put 1 or even 2 fingers between the bottom of the hat and the top of the ear.

      Possibly Hat Queen would be so kind as to post a few photos of Prince Charles from over the years to see if I’m correct.

      One idea – maybe Princes Charles and William could trade hats! LOL!

    • “She’s never met a hat she couldn’t conquer through sheer force of personality.”
      I almost snorted my Chardonnay when I read this! Spot on. She can work it, for sure.

  7. I think she looks gorgeous! Love the hat and feather trim and the dress. White is cool in the heat wave. Prince Charles is certainly tops in the sartorial department.

  8. She likes it and it works for her. She always appears understated so as not to detract attention from her husband, which is a nice gesture, but I would like to see her wear other colors too. Love the hat.

  9. I’m not surprised by the hat color, although I am disappointed. This is a beautiful hat and I like the fluffy feather trim as opposed to the loops her more recent hats have favored; she looks very Edwardian, especially with her famous large choker necklaces. But if she refuses to give up cream/white/beige hats for summer, can Camilla at least play with more color in her outfits?

    Charles always wins in the sartorial department. I like how he favors a grey morning suit as opposed to the traditional black jacket and dark grey trousers often worn; the contrasting black top hat makes his suit stand out more, and his tie is excellent.

    • Jake, if you notice, Prince Charles wears two basic morning attire looks: 1) this gray morning suit almost always worn with a similar light blue shirt (with appropriate white collar) and a lightly colored tie, usually light blue as well but today light pink, always with the hat pin, always with the same black top hat (I don’t think he wears a gray top hat); 2) a very handsome black morning coat that is piped along the lapel in grosgrain or silk, very smart cashmere-striped trousers, and usually a gray waistcoat, with basically the same tie/shirt combo as he wears with the gray suit. They are both spectacular looks but I’m quite sure I’ve never seen him in anything other than one of these two basic ensembles.

      • Right, I didn’t mean to imply Charles only wears a grey morning suit, but rather that when I think of Charles in a morning suit, he seems to prefer this grey one (and yes, no matter which outfit, always a black top hat). I think about Zara’s or Alexandra Knatchbull’s weddings, when he chose to wear this grey suit when virtually everyone else was wearing the more traditional suit. That’s what I like about Charles, he subtly makes a difference sartorially with these details. Thanks Chuck!

        • Yes, Jake, it does seem that Charles prefers the gray suit to the black coat and striped trousers. One reason may be that the black coat is very formal due to the piping and the trousers are also very formal. I know that sounds odd to some because they might ask aren’t all the black morning coats and striped trousers formal? But there are small distinctions that bring the look up to another level, and Charles does that with his tailoring and style. If the photos from the State Opening of Parliament are any indication, Charles today will be wearing the black coat ensemble.

          And here’s a sure winner – bet on the Queen wearing blue hat today as that was what she was wearing to the opening. I find it hard to believe she would change clothes between the opening and Ascot. But how great would that be if she did?!?!

  10. I am also on the “bored with cream bandwagon”. The look is very monotone with Camilla’s pale cream hair and usual white or creamy jewels. The only predictable variation seems to be when she is in Scotland and wearing tartan. Creamy Camilla needs to liven it up a bit!

  11. I like this white hat, and its new hurrah! I always think she needs a bit more tailoring in the frock dept, but it’s seriously sweltering here right now, so I’ll let her off! Let’s hope she gets a bit of colour out of the wardrobe before the week is out!

  12. Oh Cams. You could wear any color in the rainbow and you keep going back to BORING BEIGE. Girl- you are awesome and don’t need to keep yourself in the background! The Hat is FAB but put it with a bright pink or leaf green or dark blue and it would be SO GOOD.

  13. I do get bored of Cam always wearing cream, but she does know what works for her. I do like the feather trim on this hat though! And Chaz gets points for matching his tie to Cam’s choker. 😀

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