Royal Ascot 2017 Day 1: Queen Elizabeth & Duke of Edinburgh

 Queen Elizabeth kicked off the races today in a repeat of her bright, citrusy green straw hat with upswept brim, monochrome straw hatband and large, handmade flower trim.

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Designer: Rachel Trevor Morgan. Coat by Stewart Parvin
Previously Worn: June 6, 2014

The Duke of Edinburgh repeated his new(ish!) grey top hat with black hatband.

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34 thoughts on “Royal Ascot 2017 Day 1: Queen Elizabeth & Duke of Edinburgh

  1. I really like the Queen’s hat shape, style and color. The Duke looks fantastic! I wonder if the Queen is aware of this poll every year and if so does she choose her outfit color?

  2. Ha! I chose green (or ice blue). I’d love to see her in pink tomorrow or maybe a purple shade. Got Camilla too, although choosing cream wasn’t exactly a shot in the dark!

    This is a nice outfit from HM and with a good summery feel and look.

  3. I’ve always loved this hat, it’s a wonderful colour and shape and the flower is so much more interesting than flower trim usually is! It gives the hat real personality (in a good way).

  4. Excellent choice. Many of us expected this outfit to be worn at last year’s Ascot or at Ascot 2015. I’m glad nothing happened to the hat. The dress, after all, was worn with another green coat last year, causing me to worry that this original coat or hat might have been ruined.
    Mitten Mary has a point about the Little Shop of Horrors. After its debut at the D-Day ceremony, there were a few comments that the flower in the hat looked a little sinister. I very much like the shape of this hat, but I don’t think this is one of the best floral trims RTM has come up with.

  5. MrFitzroy wonders if based on HM ‘read on the country’s mood’ we will see a week of repeats?
    When it’s a welcome repeat such as this one, so much the better — and the brilliant sunshine very much works in this hats favor! MrFitzroy is pleased he isn’t the only one who can’t help finding a bit of Little Shop of Horrors vibe in the bloom (thank you Mitten Mary), but it is still wonderful and striking. Only qualm, this outfit does really sing with a giant diamond brooch…the ‘ice cube with fringe’ worn for D-Day was magnificent, here the gold Singapore brooch, while lovely, just can’t quite compete.
    All in all, a brilliant launch out of the starting gate, and the rest of the week should be most interesting.

    • Thank you, MrFitzroy, but I only seconded Katie Vale’s observation about Audrey II.

      When HM goes for a spell without a new ensemble, I wonder whether she’s getting ready to cut down on public engagements. She’s certainly entitled, but I hope not! Let’s see what the rest of the week bring.

  6. I wonder if the Queen considers green to be a lucky color. She wore a lovely green outfit to the Churchill Downs racetrack. The hat is not in your green hat inventory, Hat Queen, probably because the crown of the hat is swathed in a pink ribbon. A beautiful hat which now resides in the Churchill Downs museum.

  7. I thought the two-tone brim was a trick of the light, but I’m seeing it in the 2014 appearance as well. It looks like a change in the weave, more opaque at the center, rather than the color. Does anyone else see that? What a great detail!

    • Great observation- it’s almost like there’s a second, smaller brim on top of this one that makes the bottom part of the brim opaque while the top part of the raised brim is more transparent. I didn’t notice this!

  8. I always like the perspective of the hat without the the coat. I am surprised HM didn’t remove it today, as everyone has been commenting on the heat at Royal Ascot today.
    Embed from Getty Images

  9. I love her and her bright colors. I have come to think of these outfits as her working uniform, and she always looks comfortable and appropriate.

  10. I was betting on purple, but HM demonstrates she still knows how to surprise us all! I’m glad to see this one back out again and appreciate my favorite color (green) was chosen for opening day. My only real complaint is how unbalanced the brim is, especially on the right, but otherwise a great start to Ascot 2017!

    • I also would have bet purple today. And I’ll go back to that for tomorrow. You could have made some serious cash had you put about £25-30 on lime green. I bet the odds were amazing.

  11. Oh, lovely! The coat fits her, and the hat crown is not too high. The flower looks like those that traps insects, but would also show up from a distance, and an upturned brim! Yeah!

  12. The whole look is fresh and lovely. I really feel that Stewart Parvin’s coats are cut in a more flattering way than Angela Kelly’s, but that may just be me.

  13. Good to see this outfit again, we haven’t seen it since the D-Day commemorations right? This hat trim is so different from what she usually wears and what RTM usually designs for her. I like it. Though because of the inner color it kind of reminds me more of a pomegranate than a flower. Hmmm… will have to go look up what kind of flowers pomegranate trees have. The dress underneath looks pretty. The Duke looks dapper as always!

  14. Wow! What a color! If I saw that on a rack, I would have run away. But clearly, I’m not imaginative enough. The Queen looks fabulous and will certainly stand out amongst the natives! How delightful.

    Dear Hat Queen, have you seen this fun hat bet for what the Queen will be wearing? Not one guess for the week was lime green. It’s clear the Queen still has a few tricks up her sleeve.

  15. Green is a refreshing colour, especially in the heat. The hat is most attractive with the upswept brim and the flower trim carries over into the dress you can see peeking out of HM’s coat.

  16. SO happy to see the return of this outfit, I was thinking it was going to become a one-wear. (And I seem to find myself tutting when that happens, it seems such a waste!)

    It’s an amazing colour, and perfect for Ascot; so fresh and zingy, and you won’t miss her. My only quibble is that the brim is unbalanced, I love the sweep up on one side, but wish the other side were balanced to it. I bet that was done at HM’s request though, she has a track record on getting brims reduced down a tad if they’re on the bigger side. I also like the rather huge flower too. All in all a winner – and one I was hoping would happen soon.

  17. I’m glad to see the hat is made of sinamay & not the material of her coat, which is what we see quite often…it will make it a lot lighter for her to wear in the heat. I think the flower reminds me of Little Shop of Horrors! But I love the brim & the dramatic sweep. Thanks for sharing. Katie. xx

    • Katie- I so agree. I assume that the same fabric is used for both the hat and coat in many of the Queen’s ensembles (particularly ones made by Angela Kelly), the overall look is often very one-dimensional and can easily fall flat. I love how a different material- like the perfectly matched straw here- gives enough textural contrast for these outfits in all one colour to work.

  18. I imagine not many predicted this colour for first day. I guessed yellow. It is lovely. But I am not wowed mostly because of the trim. Still, early days though right? Can hardly wait to see the rest and what your guests have to say. Thank you HQ.

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