Royal Ascot 2017 Day 2: The Gloucesters & Kents

Royal Ascot | Royal Hats The Duke and Duchess of Gloucester made their first appearance at the races this year today. The Duchess repeated her raspberry pink nubby straw hat with curved brim and net tulle hatband, tied at the side while the Duke sported a grey felt top hat with black hatband.

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Designer: unknown
Previously Worn: June 14, 2016May 12, 2016June 17, 2015June 13, 2015June 17, 2014

Princess Alexandra topped her brightly patterned suit with a new hat in blush pink straw. The crown on this piece is tall and domed with straight sides (a go-to shape for Princess Alexandra) and the brim follows a traditional cartwheel shape. The piece is trimmed with what looks like a spray of white feathers and a hatband in the same print as the suit. While Alexandra’s brother, the Duke of Kent, was photographed at the races today, the only photo released of him so far does not show his hat.

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Designer: likely Rachel Trevor Morgan
Previously Worn: I think this is new

Princess Michael surprised in a giant picture hat that dates back at least 22 years. The hat features a round pillbox shaped crown with a flat top and a large brim that is edged in a wide stripe of fabric that renders it opaque, leaving a halo of light streaming through the straw around Marie Christine’s face. The hat is very simply trimmed with a diamond cutout of the same brim fabric on the side of the crown. Prince Michael repeated his black top hat.

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Designer: unknown. Maybe John Boyd?
Previously Worn:  June 19, 2002June 16, 1998; June 21, 1995; May 7, 1995
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17 thoughts on “Royal Ascot 2017 Day 2: The Gloucesters & Kents

  1. I too am in agreement on Princess Michael’s hat and dress. Safari Glam is a great descriptor. The Duchess of Gloucester looks great in her happy looking pink hat. Princess Alexandra was not a stand out for me today.

    Who is the young lady in the carriage with Alexandra? I like her hat as well!

  2. Safari glam/chic! Perfect for the weather and the hat is classic and suits Princess Michael.
    The raspberry hat is just right for the Duchess of Gloucester and goes beautifully with her dress.

  3. In the past I’ve not been a huge fan of Birgitte’s milan straw hat, but I’m really liking it this time around, and I think her coordinating outfit made the difference for me!

    Alexandra’s hat definitely is an Ascot hat with the crazy matching hatband. Personally I think a plain hatband would’ve been a better choice and made this hat much more versatile, but otherwise it’s really fun and I would like to see it again sometime (the feather spray in the front is wonderful).

    A little hard to believe Marie-Christine’s hat is almost as old as me! Having not seen it before, I really like it despite it’s beige color. I am not a fan of her outfit though, and think something in blue, green, red, pink, or purple would’ve made a fun contrast and color blocking situation.

  4. Yes, Safari Glam and Chic Safari for Princess Michael! Redeems the Day 1 appearance for me. The gloves are a bit jarring with that big bangle but it’s a quibble. This is a lovely hat and the light effect is really flattering. Birgitte Gloucester recycles her hats often, but this raspberry one is my favorite, the color is so beautiful on her. She always seems to radiate calm. And she wore her ruby clips so extra happy! Princess Alexandra is doing her, all colorful and with a big hat to match, love it. I loooove Mrs. Tollemache’s hat! And also the jacket of the lady standing behind Princess Anne. 😀

  5. Yes Safari glam is right! Princess Michael looks so good yesterday, cool, classic, chic. so nice to see this beautiful hat again. The D of G looked lovely yesterday as well. That raspberry colored hat is old, but it looks so good on her! Ithink it always makes her look younger and with that dress yesterday she looked so youthful! really nice to see her in colourful.

  6. We all should have a hat like Princess Michael’s! She has given me the courage to wear an eighteen year old hat again.

  7. Three good standards here, but Princess Michael takes the cake with a hat that has truly stood the test of time. Beautiful!

  8. Does anyone know who is the lady sitting next to Princess Alexandra in the carriage? I would love a closer view of her hat. It looks like there’s feathers & veil on it?

  9. Marie Christine’s hat is fabulous, and I do remember it from way back when. It will always be in fashion, and she will always look beautiful unit. The Duchess of Gloucester’s hat is a vibrant, summery color and it suits her.

  10. It’s a gorgeous hat, could have been made yesterday. I particularly like the way the light forms a halo effect.

  11. Princess Michael looks fabulous – she has nailed safari chic and that hat looks like it is brand new, I couldn’t believe it is 22 years old.

      • Safari glam is a great term, HQ! Princess Michael looks cool and appropriately dressed for a hot day under the shelter of her lovely hat. I adore her addition of the chic wrist gloves.

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