Royal Ascot 2017 Day 2: The Princess Royal

Royal Ascot | Royal Hats For this, the second day of Royal Ascot, Princess Anne repeated a navy crin stacked, flower-shaped headpiece, trimmed with navy feathers.

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Designer: unknown
Previously Worn: Jun 15, 2017June 14, 2015Nove15, 2008; Jun 17, 2004; Jun 19, 2001 and likely multiple others
Photos from Getty as indicated

19 thoughts on “Royal Ascot 2017 Day 2: The Princess Royal

  1. This outfit on Anne is wonderful. This outfit is fresh and summery without any frills just like Anne. I like the hat, it is probably very lightweight and therefore comfortable to wear. It is certainly a step up from yesterday’s ensemble in my opinion.

  2. Now THIS is the sort of jacket I’ve been wanting to see the Princess Royal wear – sharp, punchy, summery and a bit of fun, without frills or froufrou. Too bad about the hat – it’s so insubstantial and hard to make out when there’s no underlay of blonde, white or silver-grey hair. I’d love Anne to replace it with something opaque and structured.

  3. Oh, PLEASE, YRH, ask Sophie for her stylist’s details and do the Family a favour and have a huge cull of your wardrobe! Your Mother looks better than you do! I won’t say anymore about this outfit.

  4. I think Anne looks fab today. Her jacket does it for me, it’s summery and fresh and quite unusual for her. It does look like she’s stolen it from Margrethe though! The hat’s fine by me, unremarkable but let’s that jacket do the talking.

  5. Oh my! I agree that this headpiece is past it’s prime and should be retired. I know she’s frugal but surely her Majesty could give her a larger dress/hat allowance? Something more substantial in navy and cream would have looked much better. I do love the feathers though and wish the Princess Royal would try Jane Taylor or Philip Treacy.

    • Good suggestion. The hat you reference is very nice and would look better with this tailored suit (which I think used to be called buffalo check?). Even so, I think Princess Anne looks great.

  6. The outfit is too heavy for this hat – but I do like the hat — wow, it’s 17 years old and still works. I don’t own anything now I wore 17 years ago!

  7. Hat yes; outfit yes … just not together (it’s almost but not quite). It may look more balanced with the jacket off. The clothing looks nice on Anne. Smart yet with a relaxed air.

  8. This headpiece doesn’t have enough substance for a lady of her age and position, in my opinion. A larger navy hat would look fantastic with this outfit, which is otherwise great.

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