Royal Ascot 2017 Day 3: The Tindalls

Royal Ascot | Royal Hats Mike and Zara Tindall made their second appearance at Ascot this week today for Ladies’ Day races. Zara wore a pink straw percher cocktail hat with angular teardrop shaped base, trimmed with straw ruffles, a pink silk rose and a curling feather quill.

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Designer: Juliette Botterill. It is a bespoke piece
Previously Worn: this hat is new

Mike Tindall wore a black top hat in what looks to me as rabbit fur felt. I wonder what happened to the silk hat he wore on Tuesday?

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17 thoughts on “Royal Ascot 2017 Day 3: The Tindalls

  1. While this hat is more traditional than what Zara usually wears it is lovely on her. I thought white on Sophie made her look washed out but even though Zara is blond as well there must be just enough pink. A true lady!

  2. Me like. Especially the colour and the lightness and softness in the flower and ruffle treatment. Classic Zara. I also like the ruffle down the front of the dress and the high collar. Princess Eugenie for the win today, but Zara close second. Thanks HQ.

  3. This is a lovely hat for Zara, but it’s very reserved compared to her usual style, and honestly a bit disappointing for Ladies’ Day. But I would love to see this repeated again another time.

    Mike’s top hat definitely is different, and in the last photo it seems to be sitting a little too far down on his forehead. His tie looks very similar to an orange one I own haha.

  4. I’m disappointed, as I so admire Zara’s hat style.
    Yet again the base of the hat looks too short for Zara. Like others of her recent perchers, it doesn’t seem big or substantial enough, especially when seen from the side. And though the hat itself is lovely and subtle, it is completely taken over by the dress. Zara seems to be favouring this style of dress lately – but it requires a very different style of hat.

  5. Love this hat’s pretty pink color and the trim on it is very well done. I am not a fan of either the color of her dress or the style. The color and style of her dress the first day of Ascot compliments her figure and complexion. I hope we see this hat in future outings with a dress that enhances both the hat and its wearer.

  6. I think this hat is one of her best ever. But the dress is not right. I don’t know what is wrong, it definitely has to do with fit.

  7. Beautiful hat and great colour on her. Not so much love for the dress – either its colour or the ruffle down the bodice. Like how it flows and floats in the full-length shots.

  8. This is a very feminine look for Zara. I think it is great with her coloring, but somehow it doesn’t seem right for her personality. The hat is lovely. She should share it with the Countess of Wessex. It would look great on Sophie, too!

  9. Beautiful hat but I wish her dress wasn’t so structured/stiff looking. She would have looked perfect in a more flowing material which would be appropriate for the weather and her hat.

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  11. This is a lovely hat, I think. The head shot shows Zara looking great. However, I do think that, as quite often with Zara who favours this type of hat, this is an occasion where the outfit appears a little unbalanced when seen as a whole because of the (small) size of the hat. A larger / wider hat would improve the overall look.

  12. I love this style of hat on Zara. I just wish her outfit had a punch of vibrant color, which we often see with her.

  13. I think this is a gorgeous design and it looks lovely on Zara Tindall. She always seems to have fun with her hats.

  14. Another pretty hat! (I’m running out of adjectives). Are these dresses with high necklines and gathered skirts in vogue this year? It seems we’ve seen a lot of them at Ascot this week?

  15. I think you are correct about Mike’s hat. Was the silk one just a bit too tight to be comfortable? This one fits much better.

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