Royal Ascot 2017 Day 3: The Princess Royal & Vice Admiral Sir Laurence

Royal Ascot | Royal Hats Princess Anne pulled out the stops for Ladies’ Day today, pairing the wonderful green dress we saw her wear three week ago with a new, matching hat. The saddle shaped base, in emerald green straw, is embellished by a coordinating folded bow that spreads across the back of the hat.

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Designer: Amy Morris-Adams
Previously Worn: this hat is new!!

Vice Admiral Sir Timothy Laurence wore a black top hat.

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Photos from Getty as indicated

22 thoughts on “Royal Ascot 2017 Day 3: The Princess Royal & Vice Admiral Sir Laurence

  1. I really like the bold, dark and solid color on Princess Anne and the hat is exactly her. A percher which is in fashion but for Anne without the extra frills. I actually quite like the bow at the back.

    Since someone mentioned Mr. Parker-Bowles in one of the shots….I wonder if he is remarried? and if there is any awkwardness in the enclosure?

  2. Sorry folks…that is one weird looking hat!! Just the way it covers the front of the head with the hair, heavily structured either side. Sorry, cant be more positive.

  3. IS it my imagination or does Sir Tim’s hat look very threadbare round the edges – perhaps he is like the Princess Royal and seeing how long he can keep a hat going! Just love it.

    • On day one this year, there was a hi-def photo of Prince Charles, and you could see his antique hat was battered and worn, especially around the top of the crown. When you consider these hats have probably been passed down within the royal family, it’s interesting to speculate on who may have worn them before, and just how old they are!

  4. Emerald green is a great color for Anne, and this new hat is so much fun! My only reservation is I’m not certain Anne’s hairstyle is the best to show this hat off; but I know we’re never gonna see a change in that, so I’m going to sit back and immensely enjoy this hat!

  5. WOW! I am so excited. The hat goddess has answered my prayers. I have been wanting to see Anne in a structured percher without any frou frou for so long –and here it is! plus,a figure-flattering sheath dress! in a rich, dramatic and eye-catching emerald green!
    Now that I have calmed down, I do see what others have mentioned – the front of the percher looks damaged. And the fabric of the sheath dress looks to be all cotton with no stretch, which is unsuitable for a sheath dress and is the reason why it is wrinkling and crushing everywhere.
    Nevertheless this hat looks fabulous on Anne from every angle. I do hope she gets enough compliments today to consider wearing this hat style more often.

  6. The saddle shape is certainly appropriate for an equestrian princess at a major horse race! Mixed review here, but I like the bow. It makes me think of Empress Michiko, but in a color and much larger.

  7. GO ANNE!! Woo-hoo, something new, something in a bold colour and something that suits her. I enjoyed yesterday’s blue-and-white outfit so that’s two smart looks in a row. Yes, the base of the hat looks a bit lumpy – but that’s only in close up and in reality how many are going to get that close to her? Andrew Parker-Bowles (blue tie) in the shot of Anne surrounded by gents, and looking as if she’s enjoying it.

    • I agree with Sandra’s sentiments completely. The base of the hat does look a little lumpy, I probably prefer the hat from the back the folded bow is wonderful. Overall a lovely cohesive outfit from The Princess Royal.

  8. Anne looks good in this color. The hat is different from her norm – it’s new for one thing 😀 – and I like it. The fit of the dress doesn’t look great, but it’s hard to tell from pictures when people are in motion, so I’ll give her the benefit of the doubt. As Deb W says, great tie on Sir Tim!

  9. Instead of this overly tailored dress with its strange puckers everywhere, I think Princess Anne would look amazing in a simple sheath dress, she has such a nice slim figure. Unfortunately, I am underwhelmed by the hat too. It looks like someone stepped on it. The green colors of the hat and dress do match, but the rich green is not very summer like, and it might have been helped by a simple natural straw hat.

  10. This color does indeed look good on Anne, but there is something lumpy about the base of the hat – as though it has been rained on, and the sizing or whatever makes straw hold its shape is disintegrating.

    • I thought the same. There is something not smooth, where it seems it should be smooth. Like a craft project gone wrong. Love the look the Queen gives her. She likes it. Cute.

  11. She looks very nice today — I don’t think I typically would wear this shade of green in the summertime however – I tend to wear it in the later fall and around holiday-Jan. periods were I live – but I am a beach gal.

  12. What a put together and elegant look from Anne. Like this a lot – dressing up done well for someone who doesn’t like too much frou frou.

  13. I really like this hat on the Princess Royal. The shape and scale are beautifully done. The folded bow treatment is marvelous and gives it sophistication. Love the picture of her with her Mum. HM looks most festive today in that pink.

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