Royal Ascot 2017 Day 3: Wrap Up

Royal Ascot | Royal Hats There are a number of additional hats to share with you all from the races today. Lady Carolyn Warren (wife of John Warren, one of Queen Elizabeth’s racing bloodstock consultants, and daughter of the Queen’s longtime racing manager the 7th Earl of Carnarvon) repeated the large red straw Philip Treacy picture hat with straw twist trim we saw her in last year. 

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Brigadier Andrew Parker-Bowles, longtime friend of Princess Anne (to her left, below) was photographed in a black top hat (silk, I think?)

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Lady Kitty Spencer topped her floral dress with in a pale, steely- blue straw percher with crin and silk rose trim from Philip Treacy (it’s OC 273 from SS 2017). The combination of dress and hat is unexpected but works so well.

Lady Laura Cathcart wore in a nude pink picture hat of her own design with a wide, mushroom brim topped with a large bow.

Milliners Harvey Santos, Lisa Tan, Vivien Sherif, Stephen Jones and Jess Collett all in wonderful hats. The women are all in pieces of their own design, as is Stephen Jones, I believe.

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Milliner Sophie Beale, shown here with Harvey Santos and Stephen Jones, in a beautiful black and white wide brimmed design.

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Also at the races today were one of your favourite pairings- milliner Rachel Trevor Morgan and designer Stewart Parvin. Rachel’s black feathered headpiece is her own design.

With so many hat makers at the races today, my daily “Nod To Milliners” award is a tough call… it goes again to Lisa Tan and her marine blue straw boater hat with checkered feather trim, placed at a wonderfully jaunty angle and paired amazingly with a vintage Chanel striped suit.

See you all back here tomorrow!
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15 thoughts on “Royal Ascot 2017 Day 3: Wrap Up

  1. Love the Jess Collet hat and could totally see Zara wearing it beautifully. It’s very feminine, very summery and very interesting. I didn’t particularly care for the Lisa Tan hat in the group photo, but gasped with admiration when I saw it in the single shot. Angles, eh? Sophie Beale’s hat is also outstanding.

  2. Lady Carolyn Warren’s hat is a great color and shape for her, but it looks like her whole ensemble (not just the hat) is a repeat from last year, which I find slightly disappointing. I think just a plain red dress with the white jacket would’ve made a bolder (and more fun) statement.

    HM’s lady-in-waiting (can’t remember her name) is wearing a fun black and pink ensemble, although from what little I see I think the crown might be a bit tall.

    The photo of all the milliners is fun, and I agree Lisa Tan’s stylized boater is a great look for her! Sophie Beale’s hat looks amazing, but I’m not on board with her dress; seems too casual for Ascot, and all the black creates a more funereal look.

    Also, on Ascot’s Instagram stories, there was an amazing cobalt blue hat with what looks like umbrella spines spreading out all over the front (my description doesn’t do it justice) they featured with the camera looking down on it; I can’t seem to find another photo of it right now (hard to imagine since it’s a showstopper!), but if I do I will post it!

  3. Thank you Hat Queen for such a splendid assemblage of photos. I love the Cathcart hat with that dress: smooth, cool, flowing, pure elegance. The Beale hat intrigues with its modern shape and see through? brim. And Lisa Tan’s hat well deserves its prize winning status: bold colors and patterns, worn just right. Blue and white is perfect for summer. It also confirms that Princess Beatrice is on trend with her boaters and hanging ribbons. Ms Tan certainly doesn’t look like a school girl. But then adding “vintage Chanel” to any description does usually enhance my appreciation.

    • I’m with you, Ruthtoo! I’m very curious about that almost-transparent brim on the Beale. It’s a close second to the Lisa Tan for the Nod to Milliners.

  4. Lisa Tan’s hat would look great on Princess Beatrice, and we all know she has a penchant for boaters! I think the scale/size might really suit her.

  5. Lady Carolyn Warren’s entire ensemble wins in the non-professional-milliner stakes, although I wish she’d worn shoes and a purse in the same color scheme as the clothes. But can someone please get Zara some clothes that fit properly?

    • Virginia, I totally agree with both of your observations. I thought Lady Carolyn was one of the best dressed women at Ascot. As for Zara, I would like to see her in something that fit properly. This one doesn’t do it.

  6. Thanks HQ, what a lot of fine hats you’ve assembled here!
    Lady Carolyn Warren: that entire outfit is a wonderful complement to the ever-fabulous Treacy hat. Special mention to the beige accessories, especially the bag and the gloves.
    Lady Kitty Spencer: I agree HQ, that gorgeous hat is great with that dress.
    Lady Laura Cathcart: this hat is gorgeous with that huge bow, and perfect with the dress. The look reminds me very much of certain royals, but something is missing…. jewellery! Taking a cue from Mathilde and Maxima, I’d love to see this outfit worn with statement earrings, a bold bracelet, or a necklace.
    Lisa Tan: what a crisp modern look! I love the checkerboard detail on the feathers. The pairing with the Chanel suit is inspired, and the bag is so chic.Here’s a view which shows a little more of the side:

  7. Stewart Parvin just looks like a very nice man and you can see the close connection that he and Rachel Trevor Morgan have. They are a great team. Also, just have to say that I love what Jess Collett is wearing…whomever she may be.That dress is just beautiful and that wild spray of pink for the headpiece. Would love to have a close up look at it. Just so unusual and yet totally captivating to me for some reason. Maybe she is on Instagram. Thanks HQ. Roll on Days 4 and 5.

  8. Where to start? So many fantastic hats! First, I am glad you told us who Lady Carolyn Warren is. Somehow I missed her last year and when I saw her earlier in a pic I thought I saw a P. Diana resemblance. Oh, the picture hats! Laura Cathcart’s is just my cup of tea! Love it! Feminine, pink, and Wow factor! Yes! Then I saw Sophie Beale’s wonderful hat! Now that’s A+ on the Wow factor front! But considering the entire ensemble I agree with you HQ, Lisa Tan takes the prize!

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