Crown Princess Mary Opens Garden Exhibition

On Tuesday, Crown Princess Mary opened a gardening exhibition in Copenhagen. For this event, which included her naming a new rose, she repeated her oatmeal straw picture hat with waved brim. A cream feather spray adorned the side of the hat- the same one we saw on its first outing (but not its second). I adore the use of detachable trim to give different endless possibilities to neutral hats such as this.

14 thoughts on “Crown Princess Mary Opens Garden Exhibition

  1. This hat looks good on Mary, but it doesn’t work with her outfit. The top is too casual in my opinion, and the long skirt creates an odd silhouette; a proper button-up blouse and a knee-length skirt would’ve been much better.

    • Jake: I love the hat, but I wish she had worn something more flowing instead of the structured top. Her hat has a movement to it, and I think a softer blouse would have looked better than a proper button-up blouse and a knee-length skirt.

  2. I just love this hat – and the others she has like it, in other colors. The proportions and upsweep are perfect, and the ruffle to the brim adds interest to a basic picture hat.

    I too, would be interested in a tutorial on how to keep a hat in perfect condition. Keeping fading light and dust from damaging a hat in storage, I can understand, but how to battle gravity from pulling or flattening a hat, is a mystery. A good example would be your feature on Queen Maxima above – how she could pull out some milinary flowers more than 10 years later, and have them be in perfect enough condition to wear in her hair, is amazing.

    Also, for those royals who accumulate hundreds- or thousands, in the case of QEII – of hats over years, the SPACE needed to store and care for them must be extraordinary, even for those with castles at their disposal.

    • I had around 60 at one point, at least 75% had a big brim. I live in a 3 bed semi and lost the spare large bedroom to hat boxes! It is very difficult if you don’t have space. 😦

  3. This is a lovely hat and I’m glad Mary has kept it.
    But it just doesn’t have the impact one would expect, when it’s worn with a workaday schoolgirl-style blouse and a floral print skirt. I hope we see it worn next with a frock, which will show the hat to better advantage.

  4. This hat is from 2010.
    I rememberd you wanted to tell how hats are stored to look good for a long time. Did I miss this Information? Could you please give it again. Thank you for all you show us.

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