Royal Ascot 2017 Day 4: Princess Beatrice & The Duchess of York

Royal Ascot | Royal Hats Princess Beatrice looked to be enjoying the fourth day of racing today, in the company of her mother and sister. She wore a new cream saucer hat with upswept brim studded with orange and pheasant feathers.

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Designer: Vivien Sheriff. It is the “Ziggy Stardust” design from SS 2017. Coat by Claire Mischevani
Previously Worn: this hat is new

Sarah, Duchess of York borrowed a hat from her younger daughter’s millinery closet, an unstructured black straw beret wrapped in a widely woven net overlay and trimmed with wide, white stripped ribbon that ties with a loose bow at the side.

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Designer: Stephen Jones
Previously Worn (by Princess Eugenie): June 2, 2012
Photos from Getty as indicated

32 thoughts on “Royal Ascot 2017 Day 4: Princess Beatrice & The Duchess of York

  1. I like Bea’s hat, I like Sarah’s hat. Dislike both outfits and wish that we’d start to see some sophisticated, elegant dressing from a woman of 29

  2. I do love Beatrice’s hat. It is a great hat for her coloring though it seems like fall colors to me with the pheasant feathers. While the hat on Sarah is not bad I am sure it is better to borrow than to buy. I am just glad to see her out with her daughters.

  3. I think Bea looks fab. The overall colour pallette is good on her and I really like the hat, with the spray of orange feathers in particular the pleasing pop of colour. Beatrice’s best look for this week I think.

    • I agree that this is Beatrice’s best look for the week. She looks great (perhaps because her dress is simple, allowing the hat to shine). I even like her hair down, with the curls at the ends.

  4. Sarah Ferguson: a beret is a universally flattering style (at least when worn with professionally styled hair!), and this beret is still nice, but what a shame about the crumpling. Sarah seems to favour wearing black these days – it can be a harsh colour when worn next to a delicate mature complexion, and nowhere more so than with the hard contrast of this black-and-white dress, whose white doesn’t coordinate with the offwhite of the beret anyway. A beige dress with black accessories would have been a more flattering choice
    Beatrice: too much deja vu. We’ve seen so much of this style, worn this way, by Beatrice over the years; but I much prefer to see her move on to a cleaner, crisper, sharper look such as she gave us yesterday with the large black straw hat. Though today’s hat is a very flattering colour for a red-head and lovely in itself, instead of appearing to float and adding height to Beatrice (who is not that tall), it is having a shortening and compressing effect on her, due to the widening effect of her loose hair and the high raised collar of the chunky dress.. To wear this hat to her advantage, she would need to put her hair up/back, and wear an open neckline with a streamlined shoulder area.

  5. Where do I begin…..Princess Beatrice hats is gorgeous and a wonderful style and color for her. The coatdress is sad to say the least. The fabric is beautiful but the construction is very poorly done. A simple dress that was perfectly constructed and fitted out of the same fabric choice would have been the answer. Sarah, Duchess of York is a hot mess! Every comment before mine is spot on. The hat is beyond help.

      • it’s difficult not to call fergie’s attire and accessories anything less than ‘tragic’. let alone her ‘do. for a splitsecond i mistook those white trims on the bodice for straps of a white backpack and thought: what the heck?!?

        plus the black shírt worn under the dress makes me go hmmmm. why not wear a simple and straight black coat or jacket instead, if one is unhappy with the sleeves? and is this belt really tied to a knot??

        while the beret in itself is rather pretty, it just begs for a clean and chic updo, accessorized with a pair of simple earrings, maybe pearls. the different shades of white (dress vs. beret) are a mismatch, a solidcoloured shiftdress, preferably in black, a very dark navy or grey, would have done miracles. her red hair provides such a beautiful contrast to dark non-colours (says another redhead).

        as it is, unfortunately fergie looks as if she started dressing 5 minutes before the taxi arrived. she was never famous for her sartorial ueber-finesse, but i remember quite a number of attires that worked rather well and did her fuller figure favours. she might seek advice from the GD teresa who frequently looks smashing, without being stickthin. so we all KNOW fergie can do so much better. which makes me sad when seeing these photos ….

  6. Beatrice looks great – love these colours on her and that hat suits her to a tee. It’s got flair but it’s not over the top. Nicely judged. Sarah, gee, not so much. Read elsewhere that she’s doing the same thing as Beatrice did yesterday and put something with longer sleeves under her dress. Had a good squint and, yep, that’s what she’s done. If they’re worried about sun, or unflattering peeks of upper arms then maybe they should choose dresses with proper sleeves!

  7. Love Bea’s hat! The dress not so much. It’s kinda blah and the fit is off. Sarah would look smashing if her dress was one size up. The hat makes me sad, it looks like the ribbon is coming off and that it’s a bit squashed. 😦

  8. I love Princess Beatrice’s hat! The orange feathers are just the right color and make it “pop” for me. She’s wearing it at just the right angle but agree with others that it would have looked better with a chignon or even a half-up/half-down style. I like the beige coat and she matched her clutch to the feathers on the hat which pulls things together for me. I wish she had worn a bright pair of shoes instead of the neutral; perhaps orange? The Duchess’ dress was flattering but the hat was a big miss. There must have been something else in the millinery closet that would have worked better for her. A large picture hat in black and white with brightly colored roses for contrast?

    • Beatrice has worn 3 other orange hats I can think of off the top of my head (hee hee!)- brave choices for a redhead but she wears them SO well.

      I hear what you’re saying about wearing her hair up but honestly- here at Royal Hats, there’s widespread admiration for Kate’s chignon updos but in the fashion world, they are considered painfully ageing and out of style. I’m not sure that a chignon for a princess in her 20s is a good call. Braids, yes! But a Maxima style chignon, no, no, no!

  9. Kinda disappointed to see Beatrice wear basically the same hat Eugenie did last year, even if she does wear it well (personally I think Eugenie wore it better; there, I said it). I think the biggest mistake of her ensemble was the beige coat; cobalt blue, cerulean, or sky blue would’ve better colors for this coat, especially since the beige and orange make this outfit look very autumnal (besides, blue and orange is a brilliant color combo).

    I knew it was déjà vu the moment I saw Sarah’s hat! I think she looks good in it, but I don’t think it was the best choice for Ascot.

    • I agree. I liked Eugenie’s version of this hat much more with the purple feathers. Something is off about this hat with the orange. Maybe if it was a darker tan straw it would be better. It has potential but it missed the mark.

  10. Love the Duchess ‘s dress, but agree the hat looks squashed. If you are going to wear a beige dress at least add a pop of color like Bea did! The ensemble is not bad, but it’s not a wow, either.

  11. I love Beatrice’s hat, the feather trim is beautifully done. If the Duchess were going to borrow a hat, there must have been others that would have suited her better, I feel.

  12. Bea is in another version of the one her sister wore for last year’s Trooping. She could have just borrowed it! Like the hat, am meh on the dress.

    Fergs looks a bit crumpled; not really a fan.

      • They’ve got to be. We might get the odd repeat but I don’t believe for one minute they buy all these hats.

      • Oh, thanks for that link…I knew this style was familiar. I like the version with the purple feathers better.

      • maybe it IS the same hat and they’ve just had it retrimmed? It would make sense for them to share hats and things that they would only use a few times a year.

      • to my poorly trained eye, it appears to be the same hat with just another ‘set’ of feathers (in different colours) being plucked into/onto it. if this is possible from a millinery point of construction.

        i once owned very simple and elegant black patent leather high heels with 3 exchangeable sets of grosgrain bows :-). in the 90s, when those were not considered sartorial no-nos.

  13. Beatrice’s hat is very flattering, although it reads sort of autumnal to me. I’d prefer her hair up with this hat. Unlike I others I like her dress – it’s a bit more subdued than her usual choices.

    Sarah’s hat looks too small and slightly squashed (I know it’s supposed to be unstructured, but…). It might work better with her hair up.

  14. I quite like the pop of orange on Beatrice’s hat. It’s a lovely shape on her. I’m not a fan of the dress though, nor of the Duchess’ borrowed hat.

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