Royal Ascot 2017 Day 4: Queen Elizabeth

Royal Ascot | Royal Hats Queen Elizabeth was all smiles for the fourth day of Ascot, arriving in a beautiful new hat in a colour described by the designer as “muted jade”. The hat follows a familiar shape for the Queen with a domed, straight-sided crown and short cartwheel brim, and is trimmed with silk flowers and a straw twist.

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Designer: Rachel Trevor Morgan
Previously Worn: this hat is new

Queen Elizabeth was accompanied this morning by her cousin, Captain David Bowes-Lyon, who wore a black rabbit fur felt top hat.

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32 thoughts on “Royal Ascot 2017 Day 4: Queen Elizabeth

  1. The color described as muted Jade made me wonder if that color is even one of the betting colors? HM as always looks fantastic. While I am sad not to see Prince Phillip it has been fun to see the men who have stepped in to escort HM. It also makes me wonder if we will no longer see the Duke at Ascot in the future since he has decided to step down form official functions?

  2. Saw the pictures earlier this morning then had to head out the door for kids’ sport committments all day, so am so pleased to be able to enjoy the pictures and comments. Especially because I think HM looks wonderful. This is how I like the Queen to look. Colour divine, hat nicely proportioned, pleasingly executed trim, beautiful brooch, interesting little snippets of detail in the coat- fabric, neckline (I am guessing Mr Parvin no?) classic, elegant and comfortable looking. I love it all. My favourite by far this week.
    P.S. I love the flashbacks too Jimbo- anytime anywhere. Keep them coming. As someone said- more pictures the better. Doesn’t HM look like her mother in the first flashback photo, very marked resemblance I think. Thankyou HQ.

  3. Another lovely hat and outfit! two quibbles only- the flower petals look sad, sort of crumpled and squashed. And the buttons on her coat are so very large, they are competing for attention with the hat – they would work better if a tad smaller. But the beautiful colour – that’s a delight.

  4. This color is wonderful on HM and the texture in the coat is lovely – and it’s not heavy feeling. Another great hat from RTM, but yes, it does need a bit of contrast in the trim. But the only color in her dress that is visible in lilac/lavender and that calls to mind one my least favorite hats, so don’t go there RTM. Maybe a darker jade? Are the flower centers sparkly?

  5. I too love the flashback pictures and appreciate them Jimbo! Her Majesty looks lovely in aquamarine but I agree with others that perhaps a little more contrast in the flowers or trim would give it some depth. I do like the shape of the hat with the straight sides, rounded top and cartwheel brim. You can see her pretty face real well with this style of hat. The cut of the coat lets her 3-strand pearls stand out but I wish she had worn her Aqua clips or the Queen Mother’s Art Deco Aqua brooch instead of the Jardine Star but that’s just a quibble.

  6. What a pleasure to find a new post every time I’m looking. You are amazing Hat Queen.
    Love the colour and what energy the queen has.

  7. Love this color, hat and coat on HM. The cut of her coat, along with the weave of the material, makes for an excellent fit. I do wish HM’s make-up attendant would blend HM’s base make-up. There is a clear demarcation and has been very noticeable several times. It’s undignified for such a regal Queen.

    • Janice, I too am at a loss to explain the everpresent anomaly that is HM’s foundation — given the otherwise flawless attention to detail which is the hallmark of HM’s style. Her attendants would surely be aware that the colour, which may have suited her years ago, is now too dark, and how that creates blending issues. I have read that HM applies her own makeup. I can only assume that HM sees no reason to change what has always worked for her. She is, after all, of a generation which believed that a little “colour in the face”, i.e. a slight tan, was more attractive, and a sign of good health.

  8. I agree with Bristol. These flowers aren’t up to R. T. Morgan’s usually high standard, unless the pictures just aren’t giving them their due. I think I’m missing a contrasting or coordinating color maybe.

  9. A good solid hat from Rachel Trevor Morgan, but the trim (the flowers in particular) just doesn’t appeal to me. Not sure why. Too wishy washy and floppy, perhaps.

  10. This is one of my favourite colours. In fact I just painted my cottage bedroom this shade. The Queen looks lovely in this hat. The whole look is fabulous.

  11. Muted jade is a wonderful color for HM. She looks absolutely beautiful. No one has objected (or commented, for that matter) on my anniversary flashbacks, so I’ll offer a few for JUNE 23. I try to include Philip, if possible.

    June 23, 2000
    Embed from Getty Images

    June 23, 2006
    Embed from Getty Images

    June 23, 2007 (ten years ago today)
    Embed from Getty Images

  12. Is there any color she can’t wear?! She always looks appropriate and comfortable, and she has a lovely complexion. I like this color on her, but I’m biased. She has been part of my life since I was a child, and I would love her in anything. Thank you HQ, for all the hard work and love that you put into Royal Hats. You are very much appreciated.

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