Overview of Royal Ascot 2017

 Here is an index of all the 41 royal women’s hats we saw at Royal Ascot 2017

Day 1, Tuesday June 20


Queen Elizabeth, Duchess of Cornwall, Duchess of Cambridge, Princess Beatrice, Princess Eugenie, Countess of Wessex, Princess Anne, Autumn Phillips, Zara Tindall, Countess Snowdon, Princess Michael of Kent, Lady Frederick Windsor, Lady Gabriella WindsorPrincess Haya Bint Al Hussein, Sheikha Jalila

Day 2, Wednesday June 21


Queen Elizabeth, Duchess of Cornwall,Countess of Wessex, Princess Anne, Duchess of Gloucester,
Princess Alexandra, Princess Michael of Kent,
Princess Haya Bint Al Hussein,
Sheikha Jalila

Day 3, Thursday June 22 (Ladies’ Day)


Queen Elizabeth, Princess Beatrice, Princess Eugenie, Countess of Wessex, Princess Anne, Zara Tindall,
Countess of Snowdon, Princess Haya Bint Al Hussein, Sheikha Jalila

Day 4, Friday June 23


Queen Elizabeth, Princess Beatrice, Princess Eugenie, Duchess of York, Princess Marie-Chantal

Day 5, Saturday June 24

Queen Elizabeth, Princess Beatrice, Zenouska Mowatt

18 thoughts on “Overview of Royal Ascot 2017

  1. My absolute favorite is Sheikha Jalila’s on day 3. Amazing hat style for a young lady.

    Other favorites include Countess of Wessex day 2 and Princess Beatrice day 4.

  2. Thanks for all the hard work, and thanks especially for the sum-up Ascot post all in one. So wonderful!! Overall a lovely bunch of hats and not a single one that makes me go Ewww.

    My favorites:
    Day 1: Princess Eugenie and the Countess of Wessex
    Day 2: The Countess of Wessex (especially fun for being a slightly different shape and color than many others, though I don’t particularly care for the dress) and Princess Michael (love the glow, and she’s often a favorite of mine).
    Day 3: Princess Eugenie (love her dress too), Zara Tindall, and Countess of Snowdon.
    Day 4: Princess Beatrice.

    Overall Favorites: Countess of Wessex Days 1 and 2. Love.

  3. QEII is always lovely and an excellent debut for Sheikha Jalila. My favorites…
    Day 1: Princess Anne, Princess Beatrice, Princess Michael, Lady Gabriella
    Day 2: Duchess of Cornwall, Princess Michael
    Day 3: Princess Beatrice, Princess Eugenie, Countess of Wessex
    Day 4: Princess Beatrice, Princess Eugenie
    Day 5: Princess Beatrice

  4. For Day 1 I loved the Duchess of Cambridge, Princess Haya, the Countess of Wessex, and the little Sheikha. For Day 2 I am still in love with the Countess of Wessexes hat, but Princess Haya had more Wow! Factor. I also will give Honorable Mention to the Duchess of Cornwall and Princess Michael of Kent. Day 3 Definitely Princess Eugenie!! I also liked Zara’s and Sheikha Jakila’s. Day 4 Eugenie again! Day 5 The Queen!

  5. For Day One, I am a fan of the Duchess of Cambridge’s Edwardian look and I would love to see Autumn’s hat again when you could make out more detail.
    My favorite for Day Two is Princess Haya.
    Day Three is Princess Eugenie (her entire look actually) and I thought the Countess of Wessex looked great. I also thought the Princess Royal pulled off her green outfit and only in a way she could. The butterflies on Sheikha Jalila were whimsy and perfect for her.
    Day Four I liked Princess Eugenie’s hat, but I think it was because after I saw it, I wanted her to wear it when the Queen wore her hat from the opening of Parliament like some sort of generational bond of blue and yellow flowered hats.
    Day Five was the Queen by wide margins. The look was her best of the week and one of my favorites. I also loved how pulled together Princess Beatrice looked after so many unbalanced, heavy, or layered looks she had for the week.

  6. Thanks again HatQueen for your excellent coverage! So much fun to hang out here and talk hats during the hattiest week of the year!

    Lovely to see all the hats gathered together in one collage. For me the Day 1 winners are Sophie & Haya, Day 2 are Camilla & Sophie, Day 3 are Eugenie & Jalila, Day 4 are HM & Bea and Day 5 is HM!

  7. Such detailed and comprehensive coverage is really impressive! Thank you so much, HatQueen. Busiest week over for another year, so you can relax!

  8. I’m surprised at the amount of love Sophie Wessex’s Day 2 hat is getting. Her Day 1 hat was wonderful, but I felt this was an overall off year for the Countess, who is the royal who seems to put the most effort and planning into her Ascot hats, and usually dazzles with her choices. In fact, apart from a standout or two, I felt overall Ascot this year was a let down. I guess these flat, low crown hats just don’t do anything for me.

    Hat Queen made a comment downthread (can’t remember where it was) about re-trimming a hat. Didn’t the Countess of Wessex re-trim a lovely pale blue or white picture hat, and wear it to Ascot two years in a row? As for the discussion earlier of re-wearing Ascot hats, I think we see many of Sophie’s hats pop up again later at other events, but there are two memorable ones I don’t think I’ve seen (?) – the beige cocktail hat with the shrimp-colored wings, and a huge white vertical picture hat.

    One thing that was not a let-down though, was the incredible, extensive, wall-to-wall coverage provided by Hat Queen!!! Kudos! Go put your feet up! You’ve earned it!

  9. We saw, thanks to HatQueen, a wonderful variety of hats, but the standout to me was the Countess of Wessex’s hat from day 2, which is just plain glorious! The lady has superior taste in millinery, but this one is special indeed.

  10. Thank you so much, Hat Queen, for your excellent coverage, as usual! I cannot pick just one hat as my favourite, though! There were certainly more hits than misses. I wonder if any of the Royals read this wonderful page?? The comments have been very constructive.

  11. It is an impressive gallery! According to the comments the hat with the big brim from Sophie Wessex will be the winner. Am I the only one looking and looking again and seeing something not completely right?

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