Royal Ascot 2017 Day 5: Wrap Up

Royal Ascot | Royal Hats Princess Alexandra’s granddaughter Zenouska Mowatt took in the final day of racing today in a Jane Taylor saddle hat in natural straw.

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Several of you have asked me what non royal hats caught my eye at Ascot this week- instead of a “Nod To Milliners” pick today, here are a few of the MANY hat at Ascot that stood out to me:

Rachel Trevor Morgan black saucer
Philip Treacy grass green picture hat
Juliette Botterill burgundy mesh brim picture hat
Martha Lynn Millinery black striped teardrop
Vivien Sheriff black and white feathered saucer
Harvey Santos colourful percher
Rachel Trevor Morgan black and white upsweep
Jane Taylor grey double brimmed hat
Edwina Ibbotson pink and orange upsweep
Rachel Trevor Morgan fuchsia flower-covered upsweep
Philip Treacy red flowered percher
Camilla Rose  navy straw percher
ITV’s Charlotte Hawkins in an orange and pink Cara Meehan percher, a pink Juliette Botterill percher, a grey Rachel Black feathered headpiece and a red Emma Ryans saucer
Buncle McLaren pink feathered cocktail hat
Jane Taylor red mesh headpiece
Edwina Ibbotson textured natural straw fedora
With Grace Millinery black lace halo with burgundy flower
John Boyd architectural pink percher
Bundle McLaren cheeky spaghetti hat (with Dolce & Gabbana’s pasta dress, of course)

This concludes our Ascot coverage for this year. Stay tuned for polls next week to choose our favourite Ascot hats. Until then, hats off to all of you!

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9 thoughts on “Royal Ascot 2017 Day 5: Wrap Up

  1. Thank you Hat Queen! I love this blog. It’s my favorite because you post so often and your commentaries and others comments are so thorough and informative. It’s a treat to look forward to spending a little time here almost every day.

  2. I particularly like RTM’s flower-covered upsweep hat in fuchsia and P Treacy’s green picture hat, so restrained for him and so pretty on her!

  3. Your list of non-royal hats is icing on the cake, HatQueen. Jake is right to call this Hat Christmas. That Vivien Sheriff black and white feathered saucer and the Bundle McLaren pink feathered cocktail hat are two of my favorites.

    Many thanks, HatQueen!

  4. I like Zenouska’s pairing of a neutral hat with a colorful outfit; this needs to happen more often as opposed to the all-cream/all-beige looks being favored in recent years.

    Many of HatQueen’s favorite hats on non-royal head were among my favorites too.

    I’m beyond words in terms of my gratitude for HatQueen and her constant presence and updates this week; you definitely deserve a break! Thanks for making Ascot/Hat Christmas another success, and I’m thankful all my fellow commenters and their insights and opinions; such a fun community to be a part of!

    • Seconded. HatQueen is excellence personified, the community here is special, fun and frighteningly well informed (!) and congrats to the Brits and all who attended for showing how it’s done. Looking forward to next year already!

      • Well said Anna! we are so fortunate to be able to participate in a blog of this calibre. HQ, these Ascot 2017 posts have made my week. Do take a break from posting if you need it!

    • If you have other favourite non-royal hats, by all means, do share!

      And you’re most welcome. Royal Hats is never going to change the world but I’m glad it has become a sunny little corner for we hat lovers to chat and chortle away. I’ve been a little cranky on some of my comments this week- chalk that up to being overtired(!) and really wanting to keep things respectful and open minded here.

      • The world would be a nicer place if everyone focused on floof and fluff, and tried to be polite and respectful! Maybe we can change it, one hat at a time.

        Thank you for your hard work!

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