Queen And Duke Enjoy Polo

Queen Elizabeth and the Duke of Edinburgh watched the Bentley Motors Royal Windsor Cup Final at Guards Polo Club, Windsor Great Park yesterday afternoon. All eyes were on the Duke, who made his first official outing following his hospitalisation this week.  The Queen repeated her mint green hat in lattice woven straw with tall, flat crown and short cartwheel brim trimmed in a braid of pink, cream and mint green straw with frayed ends.I’m still not a fan of the frayed braid ends, which give the hat a less polished feel, but the informal feeling hat was a great fit for this event.

Embed from Getty Images
Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images
Embed from Getty Images

Designer: Angela Kelly 
Previously Worn: June 6, 2013; July 2, 2012June 14, 2011October 24, 2011  
I thought this hat might have been retired but yesterday’s outing proved otherwise! What are your thoughts on this design?
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21 thoughts on “Queen And Duke Enjoy Polo

  1. For some reason I have always liked this hat, which is rare for an AK design. I do realize that I am in the minority but I’m kind of amused by the frayed edges. It somewhat reminds me of the ends of the silk ribbon worn with the family orders.
    Embed from Getty Images

  2. it looks as though my kitten has been allowed to get at those braids. I don’t understand what the fraying is supposed to add. Lovely to see the two of them out and about together again, tho

  3. How does she do it? I cannot believe the pace of the Queen’s schedule this past week. So good to see Prince Philip back at her side.
    As to hat and coat. Like the colour. Braid on hat needs finishing. The coat is not the best design where the pockets and “belt” are placed.

  4. Neither hat nor coat are flattering. But how wonderful to see the Queen so happy and smiling to have Philip back at her side. Heartwarming.

  5. After five straight days at Royal Ascot, and still running about! Philip looks great
    Here’s a pic from this hat’s maiden voyage in Australia, October 24, 2011. A rare sight, indeed.
    Embed from Getty Images

  6. Was this hat really last seen in 2013? I feel like it hasn’t been that long, but I also wish it was still that long ago. I’ve never been a fan of this hat; granted, it’s not the worst she’s ever worn recently, but something about the asymmetrical brim, the weird trim, and the color combo makes it all too much for me. At any rate, I’m certain she happy to have Philip back in action, who I’m a little surprised didn’t wear his trusty panama fedora; oh well, he still looks great and I like the pairing of the navy double breasted jacket with the grey trousers.

    • Jake, I mistakenly deleted my archive/photo index of the Queen’s hats from 2010 to present and have been trying to rebuild it over the past few weeks. I’m up to 2013… there’s a good chance she has worn it since then and I’ll update the list once I restore my archive. As you can imagine, losing this resource has had me in a bit of a tizzy.

  7. It’s not a favourite this hat, but I agree it works for this engagement and I like the colour a lot. I’m really not a fan of the coat though, those bizarre pockets and horizontal band are not terribly flattering.

  8. I love how wearing priceless pearls and diamonds is considered “less formal”! But how wonderful to see this much loved couple enjoying some time together. Let’s hope they have a good summer.

  9. Great to see the Duke back!
    Still a lovely hat and outfit. I agree that the frayed-plastic-rope “beachcomber” effect is not the best choice, thought I like the braid itself. I’d like to see this hat retrimmed, with a touch of the hot pink we see in the dress replacing the indian red colour used in the braid.

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