Prince of Wales & Duchess of Cornwall In Canada

The Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall were in Canada last week for a four-day visit coinciding with the nation’s 150th anniversary. For Canada’s national holiday on Saturday, Camilla repeated the cream straw hat with off centre, peaked crown, upswept brim and side feather trim that she first wore to Ascot a week earlier. It’s a great hat on her and pairs well with her ice blue coat but if I’m honest, was a bit disappointing for this particular event. A red coat would not only have wowed with this hat, but greatly endeared the duchess further to the millions of us that were decked out that day in our national colours.

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Designer: Philip Treacy
Previously Worn: June 20, 2017
Thoughts about this hat’s pairing with this blue coat?
Photos from Getty as indicated

19 thoughts on “Prince of Wales & Duchess of Cornwall In Canada

  1. I agree Camilla probably doesn’t feel doing the cutesy stuff is respectable at her age and she doesn’t want to be compared with Diana or even Kate (when she wore the maple leaf hat). That being said a subtle nod to the host country would be nice in some dignified way. As people have suggested a maple leaf brooch or all white with red accents possibly.

  2. I thought Camilla looked lovely in this and was perfectly happy with her choices. She obviously is more comfortable in muted colours and she should wear what she likes. I don’t think there’s more to it than that myself.

    Personally, I am happy she did not dress in red and white. It makes me cringe when people come here and drape themselves in our national colours. I know what the flag looks like, I don’t need that.

    • I’m cringing with you – I hate this whole dressing in host colours. I’m very glad no one feels the urge to stick Union Jack patch pockets on their outfits when they visit us. If Letizia feels a need to do this next week she should rethink and so should Felipe if he’s contemplating Union Jack socks or tie.

      Back to Camilla – I thought she looked beautiful.

  3. i dont think the Duchess wears alot of red. She’s rarely seen in red clothes, right? If she was to go the route of red accessories, I think those huge hats she favours would look too much in red? Perhaps she should have gone all white and bring out her rubies!

  4. Wish Camilla had at least tried one of her white coats with a few red accents. Whoever decides what she wears on tour should at least make an attempt to give a nod to that country and its history. I am sure even the maple leaf brooch would have helped to let Canadians know she was celebrating that occasion.

  5. Camilla looked lovely, but I wasn’t surprised to see all of this repeated, especially the hat so soon. I agree that she missed a good opportunity to follow in other royal footsteps of showing off the Canadian colors; in fact, I’m really surprised she didn’t wear anything that represented Canada.

    I hate to bring up the spectre of Diana, but sometimes I do wonder if Camilla downplays herself too much because of still popular public opinion surrounding Diana; personally I think Camilla does herself a disservice if she is indeed doing this. Perhaps I shouldn’t speculate so much on here, but it is hard not to when there seems to be popular consensus on here about Camilla trying more color, etc. to stand out, and yet she continues to wear inoffensive color schemes and repeat hats and outfits so often in a way that seems like she’s trying too hard to blend in.

    Concerning the Canadian dignitaries in attendance, I was a bit surprised to see Sophie Grégoire Trudeau sans hat, but Sharon Johnston looked positively fun in her fascinator:
    Embed from Getty Images

    • I think you’re on to something- Camilla clearly dresses to blend in and not make her clothes the top story. In many ways, it’s understandable based on her age and background. It’s even admirable because the focus does stay more on the events and causes she supports. That being said, I do wish she’d throw a few more jewel tones in the mix because she wears them so well.

  6. I saw Prince Charles and Camilla in Ottawa. Sadly I only saw her from a distance, but I was very close to P. Charles. (I was struck, not for the first time, by how much better he looks in person than in any photograph.)
    In a sea of red and white clothing and dark suits, they both stood out. Camilla’s hat was pretty large, but at a distance it looked fabulous. I’m afraid it didn’t occur to me that she might have worn red until reading your post. Now that you mention it, it would have been a nice gesture, but there was enough red and white to sink a ship as it was!

  7. Agreed about the missed opportunity! Even though she doesn’t wear red, she could have gone for white with red accents. And she’s not even wearing the maple leaf brooch!

    Happy anniversary (a little late), Canadians!

    • I, too, while surprised she was not in some combination of Canada’s colours, noticed that she was not wearing the Queen’s maple leaf brooch. It is lovely that the Queen is wearing it in her new portrait for Canada150.

  8. I don’t ever recall seeing Camilla in a bright red. She’s got a raspberry coloured coat, but I can’t remember red; she either goes for pastels or lovely jewel colours. I agree though, a missed opportunity and unusual as your post the other day showed, most royal ladies take the plunge when in 🇨🇦!

    This hat with this coat is lovely though; she’s got the same coat in cream and the blue version is really good, if classic Camilla.

  9. Red would have been nice, but she looked lovely. (Didn’t the a duchess wear a red beret in Canada two or three years ago?)

  10. I love the hat, but I do not care for the coat (on its own merits) apart from the fact that red would have been nice.

  11. Agreed about the red coat. (Descendant of Nova Scotians, me.) I like the general idea of that hat, but I think the scale is too great even for the duchess, who can certainly wear a large hat with verve. And the blue, so pretty, is missing that liveliness that I would have liked to see on this occasion. A little disappointing.

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