Greek Royals Celebrate Double Milestone Birthdays

Crown Prince Pavlos and Crown Princess Marie-Chantal of Greece threw a lavish party at their Gloucestershire home over the weekend to celebrate Pavlos’ 50th birthday and Princess Olympia’s 21st birthday. Guests have shared that the party theme was “Prince And The Revolution” with a dress code that called for revolutionised black tie. The costumes that resulted are quite spectacular. While this was officially, a private event, so many photos were shared by both hosts and guests on social media that it does not seem intrusive to share.

Host of the party, Crown Princess Marie-Chantal, wore a Philip Treacy headpiece of silver stars unlike anything else we’ve seen on a royal head.

While not in a hat, Crown Prince Pavlos made an equally loud style statement in floral silk brocade trousers and vest with purple velvet jacket. Princess Olympia topped her Steven Khalil designed dress with an avant garde circular headpiece with pink roses and upright feathers. I suspect it was also made by Philip Treacy.

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Revo⚡️utionise your black tie

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Princess Theodora of Greece’s black and silver headpiece was trimmed in black lace butterflies.

Queen Máxima wore a lavish floral crown of silk orchids, peonies and garden roses. 

King Felipe is visible in the far left of this picture. Spanish media have reported that Queen Letizia, Infanta Elena, Infanta Cristina and Inaki Urdangarin also attended but no photos have surfaced so far (same for members of the Danish royal family along with Prince Pavlos’ parents and other siblings). The woman in the centre with butterflies and a feather headpiece is Pia Getty, Princess Marie-Chantal’s older sister.

Crown Princess Mette-Marit wore what looks to be an embellished metallic headband (again!).

Francesca von Habsburg-Lothringen wore a purple feathered headpiece and was accompanied by her daughters, Archduchess Eleanore and Archduchess Gloria.

Other royal guests not in hats or headpieces included Prince and Princess Michael of Kent, Prince Gustaf and Carina Axelssen, and Rosario Nadal, former wife of Prince Kyril of Bulgaria. India Hicks, who attended with her partner and three of her four sons, took a more risque approach to the dress code in a tuxedo with shirt and tie of bodypaint.

By all accounts, the party was a particularly memorable one. Here are a few more of the fantastical headpieces worn by guests.

Photos from social media as indicated

24 thoughts on “Greek Royals Celebrate Double Milestone Birthdays

  1. Glad to read the thoughtful commentary here. This doesn’t appeal to me either, despite the opportunity for hats and headpieces.

    Funny to see Max actually look restrained in this setting!

  2. Like many others, I am of two minds about this extravaganza.

    While I appreciate the opportunity to enjoy the flamboyant headpieces and fashions, there is a slightly sleazy, voyeuristic feel to it all. I suppose, though, that is the purpose of social media, especially the public accounts that most of these party-goers have. It is possible to restrict photos, as the Middletons did successfully. If you have a public account and post photos like these to it, you are inviting people to look and criticize.

    This party was less over-the-top than the 1897 Devonshire Ball (and many other more contemporary parties!) but the photos from Devonshire are studied as history and are definitely more dignified. If portraits like those had been taken, maybe there would be less of a negative reaction. There are a number of costumes I’d love to see in more detail.

    People don’t object (much) to the semi-state celebration of other Royal birthdays and anniversaries, which are paid for, in part, by the respective governments. This was a private party, paid for by private citizens who have the right to spend their money in any tasteless way they choose. This is how they chose to celebrate.

    Now, after all these heavy thoughts, you’ll have to excuse me…I need to find my glitter and glue gun. It’s a holiday, and I feel this sudden urge to create a headpiece!

  3. While this may seem over the top by most of our general standards, I can guarantee these sort of parties happen so much more than we realize. Plus, you don’t have to search too hard to find celebrities, models, and other known names partying and enjoying lavish lives in the French Riviera, in Greece, in the Caribbean, in the Seychelles, on yachts, at the Met Gala, during fashion weeks, etc. Even more ordinary people will spend thousands of dollars/pounds/euros/whatever currency on weddings, bar/bat mitzvahs, and other similar events; this party was celebrating two milestone birthdays, so to me it doesn’t seem extremely out of the question. Also, we all were just drooling over Ascot on here, which in many ways is just as lavish of an affair, but just not as exclusive.

    Does this excuse such ostentation? Not necessarily, but I am trying to put it in perspective in terms of what we criticize. As HatQueen said, this was an opportunity to explore some unique and fantastic headwear, which is the focus of this blog. I think we should recognize this event as such, especially since so many of the other hats we applaud and critique on here are out of the price range for the vast majority of people anyhow.

    Ok, now that’s over, it definitely seems like Philip Treacy got no break after Ascot; so many of these headpieces has his distinct details, and I applaud the craftsmanship here; I think Stephen Jones would’ve also been a great contributor to this party (if he wasn’t already) as he often highlights some crazy designs on his Instagram.

  4. Silly, extravagant hats are fun, no doubt about that, but the whole OTT vibe of the party is more than tone deaf to the mood of the country. I sure hope the Greek family is contributing to relief efforts in the Grenfell fire or something charitable. Otherwise, this is bordering on offensive.

    • You said this perfectly. There’s a lack of plain common sense about this event. How much more sensible the Middletons were to ‘confiscate’ mobiles etc at Pippa’s wedding.

  5. Philip Treacy must have had a field day creating these unusual headpieces! Here’s a bejewelled turban on what also looks like another Treacy creation:

  6. So fun to see all this fabulous crazy millinery. Love having a costume party so people can go a bit out there. I almost thought Tory Burch was cp Mary, am I the only one? Also I love that CP MM’s dress has monkeys on it.

  7. Like others I’m a bit in two minds here. On the one hand I don’t begrudge incredibly wealthy people their money, and it is quite fabulous. I particularly love M-C’s amazing headpiece and Máxima looks lovely.

    However even I can’t shake off the ‘last days of Rome’ feeling. It’s been a horrific time in the UK: terror attacks, the awful tower block fire and we’re in the middle of huge debates about austerity. So it feels dissonant to the times. I can’t help feeling that’s why the majority of Royal guests (who have to be sensitive to their national moods), haven’t been photographed (or allowed them to get out), or in the case of the British royals, didn’t attend at all. And I’m very interested to read that Cristina and Iñaki were there too, I bet they kept a low profile phot wise too.

  8. fifth picture from the top. Please tell me that the young woman on the left is just wearing a feather headpiece and that the massive floral display is behind her head and not on it!

    • HA! Talita Von Furstenberg (daughter of Alexandra von Furstenberg, Marie-Chantal’s younger sister) is indeed wearing a gold feathered headpiece that is entirely seperate from the floral arrangement behind her. At this party, it’s a legitimate question!

  9. These costumes remind me of the pictures of parties thrown by the Vanderbilts and other wealthy ones during the Golden Age in New York, etc. Too many people with too much money and nothing else to do.

    • When I saw these yesterday, I wondered if they would receive a backlash. The risk of that, however, did not feel like a good enough reason to ignore them, particularly when the hosts of the party shared so many on social media themselves.

      It’s probably worth reminding that Pavlos and Marie-Chantal are moving to New York soon and this party might have seemed like a great opportunity for a massive, blow-out bash before leaving. That all said, it’s a level of lavish extravagance that, on one hand, feels slightly uncomfortable but on the other, provides opportunity for some seriously fantastical hats!

      • Meh, I could pull off this dresscode and this level of commitment and fun party with some glue and feathers. Just because their stuff costs money (and they have it!)

        And is the party that extravagant? I mean, yes ofc it is. But having a combined 2 birthdays, 1 anniversiry AND a move party into one seems almost… sparingly. If they really wanted, they could have milked 4 parties out of that!

      • No reason to ignore them at all. They’re all over the media with their many posts and featuring in the papers and this is after all, THE hat site.
        That said, there’s just so much to dislike about so many of these photos and the people in the them.
        Very disappointed to see Queen Maxima in the group.

    • Unsettling is just the right word, GG. These people demand loyalty and respect in their public lives, but when their private lives slosh over into the public arena, they will lose all loyalty and respect. There is a fin de sie`ale air to it all.

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