Queen Arrives In Scotland For Holyrood Week

Queen Elizabeth took up her annual week-long residency at Holyrood Palace this morning, after taking part the ancient Ceremony of the Keys, which saw Her Majesty offered the keys to Edinburgh under a military guard of honour.

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For this official welcome, she repeated her square crowned hat covered in the same yellow, grey and white bouclé fabric as her coat. The hat has a short brim and is trimmed with a diagonal sweep of yellow organza overlapping leaves. While the shape isn’t my favourite, it’s the trim that really lets this design down- the sheer organza does not lend enough substance or dimension to the leaves, leaving the hat to look messy and overtrimmed.

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images
Embed from Getty Images

Designer: Angela Kelly
Previously Worn: May 12, 2015June 24, 2014
Photos from Getty as indicated

19 thoughts on “Queen Arrives In Scotland For Holyrood Week

  1. There was another appearance of the hat during a Garden Party. I just came across some pictures. May 12th 2015.

  2. The shade of yellow suits HM, but I don’t care for the hat. The leaves (?) look strange like crumpled up fabric. But, then, I’m not really getting a close inspection; just a first impression.

  3. I like this hat. I like the leaves. I wish they were restricted to one side and part of the front and not swooping around to the other side. When viewed from the Queen’s right side (in the twitter picture), it looks like the trim has sagged down off the crown and is about to collapse entirely. If the leaves were just in a pointed oval (like a leaf shape!) that ended just past the front of the hat, it would improve the overall look… at least in my eye!

    • Thanks for the pic Jimbo. Though I do think it’s unfair when the paps single out those inevitable moments (very few in HM’s case) when royals are having a down-time moment — no-one can be “on” all the time.
      That dress: it’s nice, but…..it’s way too dramatic a pattern to pair with the delicacy of the hat; the yellow doesn’t match;- and I also feel HM is too petite these days to carry off such a large scale design.

    • The boucle on the hat doesn’t quite work with the dress, does it? And I agree with mcncln that the yellows look mismatched.

      But she’s the queen, Jimbo, she gets dessert if she wants it!

      • Not at my house! Mom used to say “eat every carrot and pea on the plate!” It’s funnier when that command is read aloud!

  4. I think the hat is kind of fun though I’m not sure it goes with HM’s traditional coats. The sheer layered leaves don’t really read leaves to me, they feel more abstract and sculptural and I love that they give almost a feeling of depth or movement to the hat. I don’t think I’ve noticed this one before- I really like it (which is saying a lot because while I think they a Queen always looks fabulous her hats rarely stand out to me as favorites from a hat perspective).

  5. I hated this hat on it’s first outing. Today it’s not bothering me as much. I can’t quite place why. Maybe the kilted Regiment is distracting me….

  6. I think if the whole crown of this hat was covered in the yellow organza leaves it would be more successful, and offer an nice brighter contrast to the subdued colors of the coat. I like this hat when viewed from the left side, but not from the right, so this is why I call for more leaves haha. And it’s surprising I like this one more because I’m never a fan of hats with these tiny asymmetrical brims. The yellow color is good for HM, and the coat is great. Looking forward to what else comes out at Holyrood/Royal Week!

  7. I love the coat, the colours of the hat but the crown is huge as if her head has suddenly swollen overnight. I’d like to see her lose the hat but keep the trim for something else.

    • I love the coat, the colours of the hat but the crown is huge as if her head has suddenly swollen overnight. I’d like to see her lose the hat but keep the trim for something else.

  8. I must admit I really like that hat. I can’t explain why and I can easily understand that one can dislike it a lot. But there’s something of a mad-hatter-feeling about it and the yellow leaves give the hat an unusual dynamic. A brave and utterly lovely choice!

  9. I always like Holyrood week as it means a flurry of repeats from HM, and good to see some favourites return. And I still like this one, on its third outing (I think it did garden party duty too).

    My comments of 3 years ago stand, the crown is a tad too buckety, but I find the organza leaves a fun and unusual trim, and I bet up close they look fantastic. I like this shade of yellow on HM too. Different strokes eh! (As I said before…)

    • I’m with you JamesB, the diagonal cascade of lemon organza leaves is gorgeous in my opinion.
      The hat shape indeed doesn’t look great from many angles – and I feel the leaves need a focal point, corsage-like, on the hat’s left side – but overall, I enjoy the texture of the leaves paired with the fabric of the coat so much that I can overlook any shortcomings.

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