Spanish State Visit To Great Britain

The Spanish state visit officially began today with the ceremony, pomp and circumstance we’ve all come to expect from these type of events. For this morning’s official welcome, Queen Letizia followed the usual British royal dress code for a state visit and donned a hat (the fourth hat we have ever seen her wear!).

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By Spanish milliner Maria Nieto, the design in butter yellow straw features a short, sharply upswept ‘slice’ brim and wide hatband, loosely draped around the base of the crown. The hat is lavishly trimmed in yellow silk flowers entwined with crin ribbon on both sides of the raised brim. The colour surprised me (I don’t think Letizia has worn yellow often) but it is lovely on her, and the scale is absolutely perfect for this petite queen. For someone who never wears hats, this choice was a particularly good one.

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Designer:  Maria Nieto. Dress and coat by Felipe Varela
Previously Worn: This hat is new

Queen Elizabeth repeated the mulberry straw hat with stepped brim, gently upswept brim and floral trim that she debuted at Ascot a few weeks ago. Of the string of new hats we’ve seen the Queen wear in recent weeks, this is among my favourites and while she usually waits a little more time in between repeated wearings, was a great choice for today’s events.

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Designer: Rachel Trevor Morgan
Previously Worn: June 24, 2017

The Duchess of Cornwall repeated her palest grey straw hat with large ostrich feather wrap around the crown. It’s another great wide brimmed hat for Camilla although not my favourite colour on her- if she’s going to do barely there neutrals, I prefer her in warm creams instead of cool greys.

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What do you think of these three memorable hats today in London?
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25 thoughts on “Spanish State Visit To Great Britain

  1. I love QLet’s gloves and bag. I’m not overstruck on the see-through effect of the brim but think it has more to do with the colour than anything which isn’t a great colour IMHO. I like the view from the side but when seen full on it looks as if the brim is too short on the side hanging downwards. I do like that there was an acknowledgement that hats are a done thing here for State Visits.

  2. Letizia looks marvellous and a real picture when she and QEII are in the same shot. I like a good dollop of egg yolk on the head of a woman who can wear that colour! 🙂 But I agree with those commenting on the hat band, it just doesn’t look quite right.

    I’ve been interested to see just how tall ‘petite’ Letizia is. She’s very slim and I suppose that having a tall husband has made me imagine her as tiny when she’s much taller than QRII (although she does like her high heels, which also throws my mental estimate off).

  3. Apart from the band around the crown, which looks accidental rather than purposeful, I do like this hat on Letitia. It’s feminine, a balanced size for her slight frame, and the colour is luscious. She’s the sunshine for the day.
    I do not like the magenta colour the Queen is wearing. Cams in feathers is okay, but I too prefer her in warm tones. I think she has much nicer hats than this.

  4. I love Letizia’s hat, and I can only mourn the fact that we see her in them so seldom, as on the whole I’ve really liked the handful she’s worn. This is a lovely colourscheme (although actually it changes quite a bit in different light, looking more peachy in tone in some shots, buttery in others and creamy in yet others), and I like the shape and the trim – the exuberance of the trim doesn’t seem overwhelming when paired with her pretty and simple outfit.

  5. As I have said before, I hate hats that look like they are growing out of the wearer’s forehead or that look like a paper plate hanging on the ear. The first picture I saw of QL’s hat was from the flower side. I was disappointed that she had gone for the paper plate variety. Then came the pictures from the other side which showed there was actually more shape to the hat. The fact that there is more shape and interest to this hat makes it a winner for me – plus I love the color.

    • Sue, interestingly I feel the exact opposite about that style — I always like it when the flowers or other decorations on both sides are perfectly matched and it looks like the base has sliced right through them. I also didn’t notice anything off about the hatband until others began commenting here, so I took a closer look and it looks fine to me — I think that fold opposite the flowers gives it a bit more interest than if it were flat all the way around. (Either that or I have absolutely no taste in hats!)

      HatQueen, I don’t know if anything can be changed in the title since it’s part of the URL, but I just noticed that you spelled “Britain” wrong!

  6. I love that she is wearing a hat, I don’t like the hat though , there are so many good options for her, different shapes and styles. I wish she would look at the hats of the English royals. This one resembles the style she wore in 2013 to the Dutch coronation.

  7. Q Letizia in a hat! an occurrence as delightful as it is rare. As HQ says, the scale is perfect. A spot-on hat.
    HM: bring on the repeats! this hat/outfit ticks all the boxes.
    Camilla: this is a difficult hat to assess, as it keeps changing shape! I like it when the barbs are wafting in the wind, but when worn indoors where there is no wind, and the entire feather droops like seaweed over a rock ( july 28, 2009), I’m less enamored. Also, the horizontal line of the feather shaft is less than ideally located, so that adding in another horizontal (the choker necklace, which usually goes with everything) becomes problematic. This hat works better with the longer and more open neck area provided by earlier necklaces and outfits.

  8. Surprising choice for a queen who tends to more streamlined looks. I like the hatband better now that I see that twist in the bottom right. I always like hats that are interesting from all angles, and this one passes the test.

    HM looks great in the mulberry: no wonder she repeated it so soon.

    • Touché! I’ve written before that Queen Letizia’s past hats often overwhelmed her- I thought the scale of this one was much improved over what she has worn in the past.

  9. Not many people can wear yellow well. Queen Letitia looks fabulous in yellow. I have the same problem with the hatband as others, but that’s a minor detail. Queen Elizabeth is wearing one of my favorite hats of hers this year! Duchess of Cornwall looks great in her hat. Again, I wish with others that she’d enlarge her inventory.

  10. I love Queen Letizia’s yellow hat. It is dramatic, feminine, young, fresh, a good size, styled just right with hair and outfit, just beautiful.
    Queen Elizabeth’s hat is very good as well, in the Queen’s usual style, which by comparison with Queen Letitzia’s hat, seems mature and business like, but not in a bad way.

  11. Queen Letizia looked exquisite and seldom has a fashion failure. I thought it was quite ironic that the purple of HM’s outfit and the pale yellow of Letizia’s outfit complimented each other. Looking forward seeing what Letizia will be wearing during the Spanish royals’ visit to England.

  12. Love the whole look she looks fabulous . The hat is gorgeous . I am a big fan of yellow anyway but it is perfect

  13. I went back and forth on whether Letizia would wear a hat or not, but decided she would since she was meeting HM in a highly visible state visit. I think this was a great choice for her; the shape is not as severe as the last Nieto hat she wore, and the yellow is a nice nod to the Spanish flag. Her makeup and hair were also on point! (P.S. This is actually her fourth hat.)

    I think I was more surprised to see HM repeat this hat less than a month after its premiere, but I’m happy to see it again. I really enjoyed how well she and Felipe’s tie coordinated so well.

    Is there anything new we can say about Camilla’s hat? I’m afraid not. I do wish she would experiment with more colorful outfits paired with her neutral hats if she won’t wear more colorful hats.

  14. I agree with Shannon; the hatband looks like it came loose, but I guess it is made this way. I love the yellow on Letitia and like that her coat is a pale yellow, almost white, with the dress underneath the same color as the hat. The only other criticism of her hat would be that the milliner placed too many small yellow flowers where a larger one might have looked tidier. Looking forward to seeing more hats for this visit!

  15. I think both Queens love marvellous! I agree that Queen Letizia’s hat is perfectly proportioned for her, and a lovely colour on her. Queen Elizabeth looks radiant too. I have never been a fan of Camilla’s ostrich feathers, and today did not change my mind.

  16. I’m probably going to be in the minority, but I’m not loving Queen Letizia’s hat or dress. It looks a little too “Eliza Doolittle”-ish for me. It looks like a stage costume and I expect her to say, “Buy a flower from a poor girl?”. HM, however, looks smashing in mulberry!

  17. I’m going back and forth on all this yellow on Letizia. It’s a LOT of yellow. I feel her hats should be more pared down, all 4 she has worn have been quite fussy and trimmed, her style is much more streamlined and I’d love to see her in a really plain, beautiful hat. And also I want to push it back a bit too.

    I still love this colour on HM, it’s gorgeous, but I was surprised to see it again so soon.

    And i adore this hat on Camilla, it would just be good to see some other of her hats a bit more.

  18. I love the trim, brim, and scale of the hat for QLetizia, but I do NOT like the hatband. I feel like it screws the proportions up a bunch. All in all though, a great showing from all three ladies, and I adore QEII in magenta.

      • Yes, the hatband was my only complaint about her hat. The color is lovely on her and it’s a proper hat, not just a little flounce of something like so many fascinators. It’s a shame she doesn’t wear hats more often; she — or someone on her staff — looks lovely in one. She wears her hair so flatteringly, too, that the hat takes the focus, not her hair. If the Spanish royal family is still trying to maintain austerity, though, I can understand why they wouldn’t add hats to their many new outfits — hats are awfully expensive for the size and the fact that, as a royal, she’s expected not to repeat the same thing too many times.

        And the Queen’s hat is always lovely on her. It was perfect that it had the yellow flowers to accent Letitia’s yellow outfit as well!

  19. Letitia does look lovely in yellow, and the hat is perfect for her. The first photo didn’t sell me, but the rest of them did. For someone who doesn’t normally wear hats, she picked a great one. That may be one of my favorite hats of all time.

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