Princess Royal Attends RAF Centenary Parade

Princess Anne was at RAF Brize Norton this morning to attend the centenary Parade of No 101 Squadron. For this milestone anniversary, she wore a new hat in navy straw with diagonal crown and upswept brim, trimmed with navy and white feathers and a looped straw bow at the side. Anne has upped her hat game in recent months and this design is another great addition to her hat closet.

Princess Anne, July 12, 2017 | Royal Hats


Designer: unknown
Previously Worn: I believe this hat is new
 You can see great photos of this event over to this gallery. Thoughts about this new hat for Princess Anne?
Photos from RAF Brize Norton

17 thoughts on “Princess Royal Attends RAF Centenary Parade

  1. This hat shares several design elements with her mother’s typical hats. The diagonal crown, the upswept slice brim… Maybe her mum asked AK to make Anne a new hat!

  2. This is an excellent hat, which incidentally would also look lovely on Sophie of Wessex, or indeed any number of royals.The emphasis on sculptural shapes, rather than frouf, is perfect for Anne, as is the flattering navy/ white colour combination. Totally on point.

      • I get what you are saying about Sophie’s style, HQ. Sophie has well and truly moved on from this sort of thing – I am sure she (and quite a few other royals) – would find this hat too staid. What I meant to observe was that this basic hat style/colour combination is classic (though made current for 2017 with modish details and shaping), and so it stands a good chance of flattering a range of heads – unlike shortlived trendy styles, which as a rule tend to be less adaptable.

  3. HRH really has upped her game lately. The standard of hats and dresssing in general has been superb! (And lots of new stuff!).

    This hat a suit combo is a particular success.

    Keep up the good work Ma’am!

  4. I particularly like the fact that the decorations stick up so high above the crown that you can still see some of them even when she is photographed from the other side, as can be seen in the linked photo gallery.

  5. She has classic taste and I admire her reuse of clothes, but I’m also excited to see her in a stylish new hat. Well done!!

  6. This is a great hat and it looks superb on Anne! You are so right HQ Anne has certainly added some new hats to her wardrobe. I wonder if there is any other reason than her wanting some new hats? Is she taking on more engagements lately?

  7. It’s a good hat. She’s got some nice ones in the wardrobe now. I bet that suit goes back a good few years…

    • I like the suit better than the hat. Timeless. But the hat is a good one…for the Princess Royal. The blue/white? contrast trim on the loops is a nice addition and the white feathers, both lifting the darkness. I greatly admire Anne.

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