Top Royal Hats Ascot 2017

Not surprisingly, we have two very clear winners in our polls for top repeated and new royal hats worn to Ascot this year:

Embed from Getty Images 

Duchess of Cornwall’s pale blue upsweep with large rose by Philip Treacy worn on Day 2

Embed from Getty Images

Countess of Wessex’s plum straw oversized boater with silk roses by Jane Taylor worn on Day 2

Day two was the day to beat this year! I have to admit, I’m a little sad that Princess Eugenie’s amazing navy and red saucer by Bundle McLaren didn’t make the cut, but toppling the Countess of Wessex’s memorable boater was going to be a challenge for any hat. Jump back to the polls (new hats here and repeated hats here) to look at the results in greater detail or head over to the Fan Favourites page to see a growing tally of your favourite hats of 2017.

Photos from Mark Cuthbert and Max Mumby/Indigo via Getty; 

5 thoughts on “Top Royal Hats Ascot 2017

  1. Out of all of the choices these were my favorites. There is one picture of the Countess of Wessex that at first glance, I mistook her for Queen Maxima and her BIG hats.

  2. 2 hats, 2 ginormous statement roses (or two!) Hmmm…could it just be coincidence? what exactly are the design elements (for an Ascot hat) that appeal most to this year’s Royal Hats readers, I wonder?
    Let me see…..whether or not big flowers tipped the scales for the majority of Royal hats readers, there is no denying that both these winning hats are:
    In a pretty colour.
    is that the winning formula, in a nutshell? are there other features of these hats that were important to get them over the line? anyone else care to comment? HQ?

    • I think one would have to make a (very absorbing and delightful) historical study to answer your question properly! I will say that, although the Duchess of Cornwall’s blue hat is very pleasing, it faced a more limited and weaker (in my opinion) field than the countess’s hat (and one of hats from various years), so I am not sure what that result tells us. The countess’s hat, on the other hand, successfully faced a much larger and stronger field, so perhaps its victory really is more indicative of readers’ preferences. (A friend will ask, “Why hats?”–the countess’s hat is why!)

      • Good point Edie, about the weaker field for the repeated hats, and the stronger one for new hats.
        So, looking at Sophie’s hat as you suggest without any reference to Camilla’s, I would say that the Countess’s hat has 2 additional qualities which I suspect were also significant for Royal Hats voters:
        Novelty (in the positive sense of originality. Not typical or predictable)
        Drama (Ascot being the appropriate occasion for a hat with strong impact)

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