Queen Repeats Paris Hat for Balmoral Arrival

Queen Elizabeth took up summer residency at Balmoral Castle yesterday, where she was officially welcomed by The Royal Regiment of Scotland Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders and their mascot Cruachan (the same pony who attempted to snack on Her Majesty’s bouquet several weeks back). It appears that our reader’s guest posts over recent weeks inspired a reach into the depths of the Queen’s closet as she wore an ensemble yesterday we’ve only seen once, three years ago for her arrival in Paris. The hat, another one of Angela Kelly’s “Square Crown and Rolled Brim” designs, is covered in the same embroidered pink fabric as the suit and while it makes for a very coordinated ensemble, it’s a bit too much of the same colour and texture for my liking. These qualms aside, it’s nice to see the hat make a second appearance.

Designer: Angela Kelly
Previously Worn: June 5, 2014
Thoughts on this hat’s second appearance?
Photos from social media as indicated

13 thoughts on “Queen Repeats Paris Hat for Balmoral Arrival

  1. I like the shape of the hat, and disagree with those who find it too big, but (particularly looking back at the Paris photos) I do agree that the fabric on the hat does give the impression of pulled or loose threads — a pink hat of another material with perhaps just the hatband of the suit fabric might have been better. The post from the Paris visit contains one particular photo that shows the shape of the crown vs the brim from the back, and I do find it to be an interesting style, shape-wise. Glad to see the whole outfit come out of storage for this appearance!

  2. It is nice to see the Queen in a suit for a change. The hat is ok – its not my favorite but I don’t hate it. The pink is lovely on HM. However what I don’t like is the fabric. It looks ok at a distance but looking back at the pictures from Paris, it just looks like fabric with a whole lot of pulled threads.

  3. I also like the suit especially with the shorter jacket, so glad she got out of those long coats. The hat is not my favorite, looks too big on her as others have noted.

  4. I’ve never been a fan of this particular hat shape on HM, and this one is amongst the worst, as not only is the crown really high, but so is the brim in comparison to its “cousins”. A simple light pink sinamay hat with a downturned brim, a hatband in the fabric of her outfit, and a simple white rose for trim would’ve been more successful in my opinion. The outfit and fabric are good, but it’s the hat that I really dislike.

  5. I love this suit, the fabric is lovely and very complimentary to Her Majesty. The hat is quite flattering and I’m happy to see it again, but I recognize that I may like it more than others.

  6. The fabric is clearly the star of this outfit, so it’s good the hat does not have any other trim. It’s simple lines are enough when it’s covered in this nubbly weave. I do agree that the hat seems a bit large for the Queen. I wonder if it would look better pushed down a bit lower on her head. She would end up with terrible hat hair, but I think once she wears a hat it stays on until she’s done for the day. I’ll credit this blog with helping me develop a more open mind to different styles of hat–so that I am trying to like this one, and mostly succeeding. The hat at least does add a bit of height and a good bit of “presence”.

  7. I am at a total disadvantage this week, being in sunny Florida with just my IPad and iPhone, which aren’t playing well together for me! (HQ, thanks for fixing the picture of Princess Margaret this morning for me.)
    Liz, amen! Funny, how more times than not, it appears that HM wears a suit for this arrival.
    JamesB, I concur with all your thoughts, except I don’t HATE it. It’s neat how we all see things the same at times, and more interestingly, we see things differently at times.
    LesleyC, I always thought this hat was too top heavy, also.

  8. If HM has been looking at readers’ comments, she (and her dressers) must have noted that we like to see her wear jackets as well!

  9. This wasn’t necessarily the Paris hat I wanted to see repeated. I don’t… hate it. I like the colour and texture. I just think that the hat would have been better in a different fabric to the suit; either plain pink fabric with a textured band or straw, which would have been better. But, like you, I like to see some oldies come up from the depths, and this is no exception.

  10. I don’t mind the same colour and texture it’s the size of the hat where I have a problem – it looks like a Queen Beatrix castoff. I do like the black gloves though.

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