Reader Guest Post: Musings On Repeat Royal Hats

Readers here will be well acquainted with the witty remarks and wonderful memory for ‘Hats From The Past’ shared here by reader Jimbo. I’m so pleased to pass him the reigns of Royal Hats today for his thoughts on what hats Queen Elizabeth should repeat. Welcome, Jimbo!

I did not grow up in a hat wearing family, except Dad. Mom NEVER wore a hat, because of the catastrophic effects it imposed on her hair!  None of my four(!) sisters wore them, except ball caps occasionally.  Then came Mrs. Jimbo!  This picture is a rainbow of her French berets alone!  

I called Buck House yesterday, and Princess Anne answered the phone.  She is known for digging out treasures from the past.  For example, here she is in 2013, wearing a painted chapeau first worn in 1982:

Embed from Getty Images

Annie (we’re on first names now) suggested for this project that I delve further back in mummy’s closet, as there are many beautiful hats which could still be worn today.  (Spoken from the expert recycler herself!)  After all, HM just within two weeks recently wore the same 12 year old light blue hat, which looked fantastic!

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images
June 1, 2017 Buckingham Palace Garden Party; June 17, 2017 Trooping The Colour. Hat by Philip Somerville.

I tried to choose some that, even today, would be nice ensembles.  Needless to say, the possibilities are literally endless!

Please enjoy a REIGN-BOW of beauties, some from the distant past, that I would like to see again!

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images
February 15, 2012 Hat by Angela Kelly.

Embed from Getty Images
June 15, 2016 Hat by Angela Kelly

Embed from Getty Images
October 10, 2002  

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images
July 10, 2005 

Embed from Getty Images
November 13, 2008 

Embed from Getty Images
June 27, 2012

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images
November 6, 2004  Hat by Philip Somerville.

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images
October 23, 2008 Hat by Philip Somerville.

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images
May 16, 2000

Embed from Getty Images
Embed from Getty Images
November 16, 2011. Hat by Rachel Trevor Morgan

November 26, 2009 in Bermuda

 JamesB proudly told us of his Royal “elbow rubbing” with Princess Michael, but I have him beat! I’ve been with TWO British queens:  I shook hands with John Inman at a book signing in 1994, and I attended an Elton John concert in 1987, when he was in town!

Jimbo- you’re a tough act to follow so I simply won’t try! The last hat is one I had forgotten about (as has most of the world, apparently, by the difficulty I had tracking down a photo of if) and while the flared crown and stacked bows are a bit much, it’s a wonderfully exuberant piece! The mushroom grey one with the wide silk hatband is another interesting design I don’t remember seeing before.
Photos from Getty as indicated and Reuters

20 thoughts on “Reader Guest Post: Musings On Repeat Royal Hats

  1. Thanks Jimbo for this fun rainbow of hats! I have never seen the last one, but it looks similar to this one from HM’s 2002 trip to Jamaica:
    Embed from Getty Images

  2. Thanks from me, too, Jimbo! Mrs. Jimbo’s beret collection makes me think of Caps for Sale, a wonderful children’s book. The 2011 white with black (or is it dark brown?) RTM is a standout here. As for the last one, well, as HatQueen says, it is exuberant.

  3. Lovely selection – thank you for recalling them. I’d be happy to see any of them again. The dark red one and the black and white one are particular favourites with me. Although the Queen often wears strong colours, her outfits tend to be rather monochromatic, there’s very rarely such a stark contrast as this black and white carried through the whole ensemble, so it’s interesting to see.

  4. Everyone, Thank you very much for your kind words- I hope you all enjoyed this post half as much as I did putting it together. HQ did a fantastic job weaving all the material together- muchas gracias! I’m actually a bit surprised at how well received the red hat and the mushroom grey hat turned out. No one commented on the royal blue one, however. I put that hat in for a very silly reason: there is a wonderfully sad picture of HM on March 29, 2007, standing all alone in the rain, wearing this blue outfit. Every time I see that picture, I think how lonely it must be at the top. How stupid of me- she was just trying to take shelter from the rain, and that’s it! The yellow ensemble reminds me of a friend of ours (many berets also) who wouldn’t DREAM of attending church hatless! Some of her choices were cause for finger pointing some Sunday’s, but hey, she had a hat on, right? You hat wearers out there, don’t more doors get opened for you, and more dinner checks picked up by hat admirers? OK, maybe that’s a stretch.

  5. Fun post Jimbo! I’m enjoying being reminded of hats I’ve forgotten,(or never saw in the first place). That hat of P Anne’s is one I’d like to see again. I also like:
    ~ the mushroom grey – the outfit is gorgeous too.
    ~ the cream and dark brown – it’s big, in a good way.
    ~ the dark red
    ~ the burnt orange. Not an easy colour on HM, but what an interesting shape.
    And as a beret lover, I think Mrs Jimbo’s beret collection is all kinds of wonderful.

  6. Brilliant hats, love them all. I am a hat wearer any occasion I can and in the winter. Its so nice to feel properly attired.

  7. Some nice hats here I may never have seen or forgotten all about – well done, Jimbo. I particularly like the red feathers, b/w swirls (that whole outfit, in fact) and the pastel bow, which is gorgeous on HM. (And I’ve secretly fallen for the pink and white berries, which are rather lovely on HM.)

  8. Thank you, Jimbo, for a very entertaining post. My favorites of these are the deep red with feather (mostly for the glorious color) and the cream with brown flower, with its wider brim and nice contrast. Isn’t it amazing what a rainbow of colors the Queen wears and what incredible variety of stylistic details have been created in her outfits and hats! I doubt there will ever be another Queen to equal her in “hat wearing”.

  9. Thanks for sharing, Jimbo. (My grandfather called one of my cousins by that nickname and I miss hearing it!) The blue hat is one of loveliest ever worn by HM, and I was thrilled that it reappeared after all these years. The deep red hat is gorgeous, one of the best ever made by Angela Kelly. How I wish the beautiful gray hat worn to Lord Charteris’s memorial service will be worn again.

  10. My, Jimbo, you did provide us with a reign-bow! My favorite is the mushroom grey, but there are several others that would be great to see again.
    Love Mrs. Jimbo’s beret collection!

  11. I love that mushroom grey in its entirety. I don’t know why she doesn’t wear more dress and hat combos – it really suits her. I was thinking that yesterday looking at that beautiful swirly pink with the pink dress she wore in Oman (one of my favourites of all time). I’m surprised at how much that top rust colour flatters her, although I do think she looks good in all shades of orange from dark to light. I’m also very partial to the black and white.

  12. I honestly wonder if there were times when Her Majesty walked out from getting ready and greeted the Duke of Edinburgh and he just shook his head. And the Queen just responded, “I know.” Then they trotted along to wherever together, laughing all the way.

    • Chuck, that’s hilarious! There are sooooo many hats that have made me shake my head over the years, and I imagine that a few of them have elicited an expletive or two from Prince Philip.

  13. There really is a surfeit of James/Jamie/Jimbobs on here! Someone will announce a cull if we’re not careful!

    Great choices. Including some I didn’t know. That grey one is a stunner, she looks so chic. And that broad brimmed cream hat is so, so elegant, that should have had many more wears. I do love a broader brim.

    I do remember the multi bowed hat though, worn in the Caribbean I think. Well, it’s a 👀 I suppose!! Hey, as I’ve said many times, she’s still mixing it up at an age where her peers are in cardies; or worse, pushing up the daisies.

    Aren’t the queen’s hats fun!

  14. This is great! Several I’d like to see again. Particular favorites of mine are the cream and brown from November 2011 (I love the slightly larger brim), the mushroom and grey from 2000 (very flattering but slightly different from many of her hats now, which I find to be often too much the same shape), and the red from February 2012 (it’s not my favorite hat shape, but man does her majesty look glorious in the whole outfit, and that trim and color are fabulous). Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts!

    • I agree with both of these. The red 2012 hat isn’t my favourite shape but I like the colour, the outfit with the fitted jacket (unusual in the winter) and the airing with the flower basket brooch.

      The 2011 Rachel Trevor Morgan white hat is so elegant and I like the larger brim too. I could imagine this worn by her aunt, Princess Marina, in the 1930s/40s.

  15. Thank you Jimbo! The red, the pink, the burnt orange, the mushroom grey! Bring them back, please! (I love the shape of Princess Anne’s hat–so flattering!). (And I loved your personal photos, and your good lady’s beret collection.)

  16. I love the first hat and outfit unreservedly – they can bring back that design as often as they like, along with the mushroom grey hat and the white one with the mulberry trim. Not quite so enamoured with the lemon and white and the last hat.

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