One Coat, Three Hats

Royal HatsThe Duchess of Cambridge’s cream Alexander McQueen coat is a piece of exquisite tailoring and it’s no surprise she has worn it to several high profile occasions. Interestingly, on each of the coat’s three outings, she has paired it with a hat from a different designer. Here is a closer look at each pairing (scroll through each photo to see multiple views of each hat):

Look #1: With a cream straw beret base percher hat with silk flowers and straw twists by Jane Taylor, worn for Princess Charlotte’s christening on July 5, 2015

Embed from Getty Images  Embed from Getty Images

Look #2: With a white straw oval saucer slice hat with domed crown and large pink garden roses by Philip Treacy worn June 11, 2016 for Trooping the Colour

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

Look #3: With a white straw moulded saucer with raised back and feather trim by Lock & Co. worn in Belgium on July 30, 2017 for the Passchendaele centenary commemoration

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

Even though the hats are nearly identical in colour, they make for three very distinct ensembles in combination with this coat. I recognise that it’s not exactly fair to compare hats worn to celebratory versus memorial events but will go ahead anyway and ask- which hat do you prefer with this coat?

Photos from Getty as indicated

25 thoughts on “One Coat, Three Hats

  1. I don’t dislike any of these in terms of shape, but I do think #2 is the best. My biggest complaint is that the colors between the coat and hat always seem slightly off; instead, she should either match the white/pale cream of her coat with her hats better, or go for greater color contrast.

    • I couldn’t agree more – she’s worn stronger colours in the past. Tis pale palette so often chosen is growing dull.

  2. First of all, I don’t like the coat. I don’t care for #1 but it probably goes the best with the coat. My favorite hat is #2 but I don’t think it really goes well with the coat. Hat 3 is a joke. It doesn’t go with the coat and frankly, I think Kate looks ridiculous every time she wears it.

    • While various hat shapes are styles might not appeal, can we all please remember they are items imagined and crafted by real people? You don’t have to like a hat but please, pay it more respect than dismissing it as a joke. The hats we see here are, for the most part, couture handmade items. They are many things but they are certainly NOT jokes.

  3. My thoughts, from worst to best:

    #3 — Bottom of the list — I love the coining of the term “satellite dish” for this hat — I believe I commented on the original post for the Passchendaele centenary commemoration that it looked like someone had sat on a regular hat and accidentally turned it inside out. I like this hat the least. It makes me think that some costume designer for a science fiction show was tasked with the job of predicting what ladies’ hats might look like in two or three hundred years and came up with this bizarre idea. On the other hand, someone criticized the feathers, and I have no problem with the feathers, I rather like them — it’s just the shape of the hat that I don’t like.

    #1 — The hat at the christening. I actually like the look in the one specific photo in the current post, but as I view the others from the original event, it does seem like it’s a bit too far forward, almost to the point of looking like it’s going to fall off, though I’m sure it must be very well secured. Is that actually the look that is meant to be achieved? (Hence the term “percher”?) I’m obviously not any expert in wearing ladies’ hats, but I think it would drive me crazy having something resting on one side of my brow like that!

    #2 — My favorite of the group, and the original post of the event includes some wonderful views from all angles. I agree that the Duchess’s elaborate hairstyle is a bit too much below that enormous flower, but the hat taken just by itself is fabulous!

  4. I can’t believe that anyone likes the satellite dish! I think it makes the Duchess look ridiculous. I agree with the comments on placing of percher hats, in general, but think that the Jane Taylor one goes well with the coat and looks good on the Duchess. However, while a biscuit shade might have been even better and a different hair style might have enhanced it still further, the Treacy hat, for me, is best by miles.

  5. I think I prefer 3 because it looks better on the Duchess. My thoughts; not anyone could pull a Philip Treacy’s hat very well that’s why I don’t like it on her. Jane Taylor’s hat is nice, wish the color was different.

  6. Number 1 for the overall look (although I dislike the placement of these percher hats), Number 2 for the hat although I do not think it goes so well with the outfit but it is beautiful – I wish we could see DoCam in Philip Treacy more often. I loose it on number 3 . A satellite dish with a weird trim – cannot get on board with it no matter how hard I try.

  7. In hat-only terms I very much like the Treacy hat with its soft, romantic roses. In ensemble terms though, I back the Jane Taylor hat as everything seems to sit together so well in terms of proportion. I greatly dislike the ‘shaved’ feathers on the Lock & Co hat. Why would you have things that look like they’ve been moulted from a sick bird on your hat? I really don’t understand their value to this hat at all.

  8. My favorite hat of these three is the second. But the hat I think is most successful with this coat is the first, because the smaller size of the hat lets the v neckline and wide lapels of the coat remain the focus of the outfit. The shapes and sizes of the other two hats compete more with that silhouette.

  9. I think all three looks are very successful. The third hat is a good choice for a very formal event, it’s imposing but not frivolous. Trooping the Colour is also pretty formal, but in a much more summery and fun way, and of course not a memorial event, and I think that’s captured by the lovely trim on this; also the wider brim I think is a better choice in terms of visibility for the quarter / half a million spectators in front of the palace! I’d prefer it without the large side bun, though. I also like the first percher, it isn’t my favourite style of hat, but I think this is a good example.

    The colour issue is tricky – I think the different shades of white / cream look different depending on how the light strikes in any particular situation (always a problem with a pale colour) – so, for example, in at least one of the Trooping photos, the hat and coat look perfectly matched, while in others, the hat takes on a pinkish hue from the flower. Similarly with the other two, the match is much better in some photos than in others.

  10. I prefer look #1 with the percher hat. I like the monochrome, and the percher hat just seems a better scale than the #3 hat (the ‘satellite dish’ one).

  11. 3, 2, 1 for me. I shall probably be one of the few that favours 3 but for me it looks a cohesive whole.

    Shape wise I should like 2 best but the colour just throws it out of kilter – how much better it would have looked in shades of biscuit, pale coffee and a twist of dark brown – this outfit looks as if the coat was decided on along with the hairstyle and the hat was a change of mind – I don’t understand why she’d have that huge great flower paired with the very large chignon just underneath.

    As for No 1 – I don’t care what anyone tells me that these hats are meant to touch the eyebrow they look ridiculous and that paired with the messy bun just kills this look along with the shoes which were shockers with this outfit.

    • I’m another one that prefers 3! Really the most successful overall I think. And I’m with you on 2-1 as the remaining order. I don’t dislike the first hat at all, I think the look is lovely, it’s just my least favorite, I think because it feels like it’s melting down her forehead a bit.

      • I am so glad that someone feels like that about No 1 and your description is perfect. I always think they look like giant tongues sitting on their foreheads.

  12. M preference would be #1, 3, 2. The one worn to Belgium just sits too high on her head. The coat is streamlined and so in my opinion the first small percher in all white works best with the coat.

  13. I really dislike the Trooping of the Color hat and it’s proportions feel very wrong with the coat. Wide lapels and open neckline with the hat matching the width of her shoulders makes the overall look awkward, in my opinion. I feel the visual height of the Lock & Co hat works best with the coat.

    • Totally agree, especially about the proportions on the trooping hat. I am wondering if a change of hairstyle wouldn’t improve it somewhat. Don’t think I would have put a side chignon with that huge flower, it “should” balance in theory, I suppose, but it looks off.

  14. I think the second one has the edge for me, that hat is beautiful. I still have quibbles about colour though, look 2 is pale pink, and look 3 is white – paired with a cream coat. I think if you’re going to contrast, really go for it.

    Still they’re polished looks and I like her approach of really mixing it up.

  15. This is so interesting. I think most of us tend to pair a particular hat with several outfits – at least I do rather than pairing a particular coat with three different hats. But then, my coats don’t come from McQueen! Am I the norm here? Or is the Duchess? I never thought of it before.

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