This Week’s Extras

Royal Hats

Queen Elizabeth attended church this morning in a lime green straw cloche with stovepipe crown, silk covered brim and feather trim we’ve not seen for a long time. The Duchess of Cornwall wore a taupe straw beret percher that I think was new.

Earl of Wessex attended the first performance of the 2017 Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo in the grounds of Edinburgh Castle.

Princess Marie shared this photo of her daughter’s first day of school Friday in a sweet, embellished headband

Princess Camilla of Bourbon Two Sicilies donned a straw cowboy hat for lunch with Elton John in St. Tropez

A number of hats caught my attention this week:

Navy and cream striped and textured boater from Lisa Tan
Light as air pink pleated crin cocktail hat from Bundle McLaren
For autumn, William Chambers’ striking black and silver “Mirror Burst” design
Sculptural saucer in natural straw from Tracy Chaplin
Wonderful movement on this cream and navy design from Melbourne based The Essential Hat
And this straw fedora with striped hatband from Nicola de Selincourt with its subtle but oh-so fresh colour scheme

 Royal Hats

Prince Laurent landed himself in hot water again ( while Prince Henrik of Denmark added more fuel to the fire set by his recent announcement he won’t be buried with his wife (The Independent).  I’ll refrain from adding commentary except to refer to Royal Musings’ response to Henrik’s latest interview. ‘Nuff said.

James Ogilvy’s exhibition of landscape photography opened this week on Nantucket Island. You can read a review and see some pieces from the exhibition here

11 thoughts on “This Week’s Extras

  1. Fun to see the Danish royals hauling the kids around to museums, just like the rest of us!

    I never weighed in on the recent One Coat, Three Hats post because none of the choices seemed to have enough panache for the McQueen coat. I wonder about the Tracy Chaplin saucer or The Essential Hat piece, in white instead of cream, paired with this coat?

  2. Jake got there first – HM’s hat was worn just once, 11 years ago!! I think she’s been trading our posts about the one wear hats, she’s had a real dog in the vaults recently hasn’t she!

    • Good Lord, I need to proof read!! ‘Reading’ not trading, and I’ve no idea if she has a dog in the vaults, but I think she’s had a dig in them!!

    • What’s utterly fascinating is trying to even imagine the many, many vaults QE2 must have. The hat vault. The day dress vault. The evening dress vault. The vault that holds the diaries of when and where the hats ,day and evening ensembles were worn and who was present. The scarf vault. The fur vault.
      Never mind that wee thing – the jewellery vault.

  3. HM’s hat is actually an 11-year-old repeat from her 2006 tour in Australia (minus one feather):
    Embed from Getty Images

  4. HM’s new hat: It’s hard to concentrate on the hat, I am SO not a fan of this lime green plus shiny plus damask look – I haven’t disliked an ensemble of HM’s so much in a long time. The suit fabric looks like a piece of C18th upholstery, the colour is unflattering, and try as I might, I can’t get on board with satin for day wear — it’s too much like those fairy princess dresses for little girls which we see in costume shops. But trying to give the hat its due, well, the shape is OK I guess, apart from the too tall crown, and the matching fabric on the brim — but for 2017 it looks dated.
    Of the new hats, I like:
    Lisa Tan’s navy/white boater
    The wave hat from TheEssentialHat

    • Mcncln: I agree with you – dated for 2017. At least she’s reaching further back ibto the closet! Step one to recovery!
      You haven’t replied to my silly zinger to you earlier last week while I was away. It was the August 9th “Hat from the Past.”
      Maybe you just rolled your eyes and moved on – Jimbo.

      • I can see I will have to allow notifications of new comments via email…. reluctant though I am to increase my daily Inbox traffic! I do try and look at the comments to each post over 2 days, so as to pick up late comments; but clearly I missed yours. I have found it, and it was too witty to go unread and unreplied to, so thanks heaps for the reminder!

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