‘New’ Hat From the Past #1

Note- while looking for royal hats worn during the Julys and Augusts of yesteryear, I came across a number of recent-ish (1977-2000) hats worn by Queen Elizabeth that were completely new to me. Before I knew it, I had collected 30 hats worn over the past 40 years that I honestly did not remember seeing before. If they are new to me, they might be new to some of you and so, dearest readers, I’m going to share them this week and next. We’ll look at three of these ‘new’ hats from the past daily Monday-Friday, follow up these posts with current hat wearings, if there are any, and end the week with our regular Saturday roundup post.  Enjoy this mini series and please do share any memories you might have of each of the hats!

Royal Hats to August 1978, a visit to Canada, and an interesting dark green turban/helmet hat trimmed with black braid and silk flowers. With a decidedly early 70s vibe, the shape looks a bit like a deflated green basketball, doesn’t it?!

Embed from Getty Images
Embed from Getty Images
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16 thoughts on “‘New’ Hat From the Past #1

  1. As much as I love Elizabeth, she has worn some *terrible* hats in her time. I blame fashion (partly) and the need for a constant stream of new hats – designers must get hard-pressed at times to come up with something appropriate, fashionable and fresh. I wonder if she ever shakes her head and sighs … and then dutifully puts the latest creation on and sets off?

    • Absolutely true, Sandra, regarding the need for a constant stream of new hats. If she only had 30 fabulous hats and wore each one once a month, we would probably be here criticizing her for too much repetition!

    • I’m so glad! I must admit- when I started digging through 1980s and 1990s hats, I was surprised how many were completely new to me. These decades get a bad wrap (often, for good reason!) but there are some great pieces that I think deserve to be remembered. And, there are some pieces that are simply entertaining!

  2. Definitely a ’70s look. I like it! (Third picture, at first I thought the hat had a tiny pink pompom on top until I realized it was Prince Philip’s ear!)

  3. This is such a typical 1970s shape. I associate it with my grandmother, who wore hats regularly, but to me it looked natural on her as she was then a elderly lady in her 70s, so I expected an old-fashioned look. But looking at this and other similar photos of the Queen, it’s occurred to me that maybe it was actually up to date and fashionable at the time!

  4. Not one of her better efforts, although the colour is nice. I remember my grandmother wearing something like this at around that time.

  5. And now I can’t I in imagine someone sticking a pin in this hat. Yep, it’s decidedly punctured. Not one of her better ones alas.

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