‘New’ Hat From the Past #3

Royal Hats to August 1985, a visit to Knightsbridge and a purple and pink printed silk bumper hat with large side bow. An all-over print on one of the queen’s hats is not a usual thing and makes this one stand out. Do any of you remember seeing it before?

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11 thoughts on “‘New’ Hat From the Past #3

  1. Interesting what a completely different feel this coat has with a dark hat and black gloves vs a white hat and gloves — the purple hat/black gloves gives a more wintery impression for an appearance in August. The purple hat is definitely very ’80s — I think I would like it much more without the big floppy bow.

  2. Interesting color combination. My problem with these bumper styles comes from the way they sit on her forehead. I think it would look so much better if there was a little bit of hair showing between the front edge of the hat and her forehead. Otherwise her forehead just looks huge, kind of like a big screen tv in a small room.

  3. Came back for a second look to see if my impression had changed. While I love the purple and pink combo, I do not care for the large floppy bow on the right side of the hat. Perhaps something “quieter” (not sure this is the right word!) would improve it, for me.

  4. I have never seen this before and IT IS AWESOME! I love the colors and the print. The bow and colors date it a bit, but oh I love it. I think the queen looks beautiful in bumper hats with shapes like this and would love to see her in them today.

  5. Ahhh the 80s. The wilderness years. I like the idea of this printed hat, but combined with this hat I just find it all a bit frumpy.

    She wore this coat more frequently with another, brighter hat, in fact there are two i can find – both pink and white, one a small tricot style, another more beret/turban like. Problem is I can’t add the image (grrrr) http://royaljewelslists.boardhost.com/viewtopic_mobile.php?id=99 scroll down a bit – sorry!)

    Not sure I prefer either!

        • James- I couldn’t find the direct link for the second hat. Can you repost and I’ll work my magic to make it visible? Three hats for a single coat does feel like a record of sorts!

      • Took some searching but here you go. I wonder if the flower was repurposed from the other hat… in memory I had it as a tricorn hat, but not sure what it actually is.

        Embed from Getty Images

        • Here are two more views, JamesB
          Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

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