‘New’ Hat From the Past #14

Royal Hats to July 27, 1990 and Queen Elizabeth’s visit to the QEII, her namesake Cuinard cruise ship. Her aqua silk covered bumper hat is wrapped in a navy dotted net veil and there appears to be a carnival of green and aqua ruffles and puffs of navy veil that adorn the top. Memorable, this one is (she also wore it for Trooping the Colour a month earlier, as shown in the bottom two photographs), I still don’t remember seeing it before. Do any of you recall this hat?

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14 thoughts on “‘New’ Hat From the Past #14

  1. It’s fascinating to read what catches readers’ eyes. The trim on the dress DOES look like a cross shoulder bag and I hadn’t thought much about the reason behind blankets draped over HM’s knees. The balcony scene is a trip down memory lane.
    The hat is a lovely colour, but not one of my favorites.

  2. I do not like bumper hats generally, but I thought this one was trimmed nicer than most. I, also thought the white trim on her dress looked like a shoulder strap at first. Made me look twice! Even though I do not like the Duchess of York’s hat I thought her dress looked less frumpy than others she wore. I am trying to say I thought she looked nice. I remember Diana’s outfit, but not any others. I thought Princess Margaret’s outfit looked stylish on her, but I don’t like the flower garden on her head.

  3. Wonderful color; I like the hat (though the queen, I think, looks better in broader brims) and love the dress (not so much the coat). Does anyone know who the dark-haired lady in the (I think) straw boater behind Prince William is? (The QE II is actually named for the Queen Mother; it’s the second Cunard liner of the name, hence the “II.”) Enjoying this series very much!

  4. I don’t like the bumper style on the Queen. As I have said before, I don’t like the way it sits on her head. Looking at the balcony photo, I remember seeing those pictures before today. The funny thing is I remember Diana’s hat (loved it) and Fergie’s hat (ick) but I don’t recall seeing the Queen’s hat. Maybe the pictures I am remembering were cropped to show the younger generation.

  5. I remember this one too. I liked it at the time, one of her better ones from that era.

    I also thought she’d got her handbag over one shoulder when I looked at that pic of the dress. Relieved she hadn’t, it’s never a good look for a lady who is more erm, shall we say ample?!

  6. Hate to admit it but I do remember this hat from the actual event! (Trooping, not visit to QEII.) Thanks particularly for picture #3, HatQueen, I always enjoy the opportunity to see the dress beneath the coat. (Upon close inspection, that diagonal white line is part of the trim on the dress, but for a minute I actually thought she was wearing a shoulder bag rather than the usual purse!) I like the hat in itself, especially seeing more of the top detail in picture #4, but as some have stated in previous posts, I find the style that covers the front of her hairline to be less flattering to both her hairstyle and the shape of her face. Interesting hats on the other royal ladies on the balcony as well. And Glitter Girl, I love your comment about the blanket possibly being for modesty — I never thought of that, but in years when skirts are shorter, could very well be true!

  7. I always have to smile when I see the faithful grey blanket spread over the Queen’s knees, even on the hottest days! Perhaps it is in the interest of modesty more than warmth? As for this hat and ensemble – I like it a lot and especially like the colour on HM?

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