‘New’ Hat From the Past #13

Royal Hats to August 1994 and a bright yellow straw hat with split, raised side brim and a spray of flowers and leaves worn in British Columbia, Canada (and repeated in August 1997, as shown in the bottom picture taken in Aberdeen, Scotland). It paired far better with the dress than with the dark coat, don’t you think?

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14 thoughts on “‘New’ Hat From the Past #13

  1. Jimbo, you didn’t ask me, but I like the China outfit much better than the Ogilvie wedding outfit, which looks a little like that thing we did when we were kids, which is dip a paintbrush and then spray it at someone! (Okay, so I was a naughty kid!) Though it does look like black on my screen, not navy blue.

    Sue’s comment about the loose coat seeming like a maternity style got me wondering briefly if she had perhaps pulled a perfectly good 30 year old coat out of storage, but the royals in her generation really didn’t go out in public much during their pregnancies, did they? I can’t recall ever seeing a photo of an expectant Queen or Princess Margaret or any of the royal cousins.

  2. I love the navy and bright yellow combination. It would be nice if sometimes HM would leave her coat unbuttoned, so we could see all the colors together. I love the lapel on the coat. I was trying to remember if coats in the 90’s were more roomy. In 1996 I moved from Florida to Colorado and my father bought me a beautiful red coat from Macy’s. I bought it in size small, thought I usually took a medium at that time in my life. So, maybe fashion was having a roomy coat moment! I really like the shape of this hat! Two thumbs up!

    • Dear intrigued, do you like this ensemble? I think it’s navy, but maybe it’s black.
      July 30, 1988
      Embed from Getty Images

  3. HM The Queen wore it with the coat for Trooping the Colour 1994. Indeed not the best outfit, I like the combination hat/dress but not with the coat.

  4. I love this hat but I was surprised with all of the comments about the yellow hat and the navy coat because on my computer, the coat looks purple. I thought the yellow and purple was a bit much. My problem with the whole look is that if you don’t know the pattern of the dress underneath, there is no connection between the coat and the hat. As a result, the hat does look better with just the dress. However, I don’t really care for the dress. The collar on the coat is interesting but the coat looks big enough to be a maternity coat.

  5. I think the color pairing of the bright lemon yellow and navy is great, but my word is that coat massive on HM! A more tailored look would’ve been much more successful. In fact, I could see this combo being worn today and it wouldn’t look out of place (imagine HM pulling an Anne!). The dress I’m not such a fan of, primarily because of the very 90s pattern.

    • Jake: I agree with you – yellow and navy look fantastic together, besides, they’re my school colors. Do you like this ensemble?
      October 15, 1986, China
      Embed from Getty Images

      • I actually like the pattern on this dress and the yellow seems to be an excellent shade of lemon, but I am not a fan of this hat. For some reason, I think HM could wear brimless hats when she was younger, but as she got older I think brimmed hats looked much more flattering on her.

  6. Ooh! I really like that yellow hat! Fun and interesting grim shape, not overwhelmed by trim, lovely color. I think it pairs great with the yellow dress. Unfortunately when paired with the navy coat the first thing that pops into mind is the lovable Paddington Bear (yes I know his hat’s red) so I think it’s not a successful pairing.

  7. I especially like the cut of the coat collar, very stylish – the split brim kind of echoes that waviness. The brooches in the top photo look lovely too. I think i like the hat but that is a very vivid yellow.

  8. This outfit got a few more wears too, including the Trooping in 94 I think. I actually like the contast of the yellow and blue. This is a forerunner of the larger brims she wore for a while, of which I approve.

    • You’re absolutely right- somehow, I thought it was a different yellow hat for Trooping the Colour 1994
      Embed from Getty Images

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