‘New’ Hat From the Past #16

Royal Hats Continuing our second week of 30 new-to-me older hats worn by Queen Elizabeth over the past 40 years with a jump back in time to August 8, 1978 and a bumper hat with a tall raised polka dot brim and trailing bow at the back worn on a visit to Canada.

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11 thoughts on “‘New’ Hat From the Past #16

  1. I am not sure if I’ve ever seen this hat before, but it sure looks familiar. I don’t mind this style, but it does give a very good view of the queen’s face which is the objective of most of her hats, isn’t it?

  2. Dear HatQueen, this has been just a fabulous series, so wonderful to look back– and a lovely way to help pass the waning days of summer.
    This particular hat feels like a bit of a missing link!
    Perhaps the transition point — as HM steered away from the ‘structured scarf helmets’ favored through much of the 70’s (and one of the banes of MrFitzroy’s existence) and veered back towards more standard/traditional millinery. If not actually the case, it is indeed a pleasant thought!
    MrFitzroy looks forward to seeing what else is up HatQueen’s proverbial sleeve this week!!

  3. Not personally keen on polka dots, but HM looks pretty good in her polka dot outfit to the 1978 Commonwealth Games in Edmonton. (Thanks, JACC!) I have to laugh at Picture #3. Pierre Trudeau looks as though he’s on a cell phone. We didn’t even have those brick-size battery phones in 1978, did we?

  4. George beat me to it commenting on her expression in the third photo! And I believe that’s Edward and Andrew beside her in the first — I love being reminded how cute they both were when they were young, though they were forced to wear jackets and ties unlike the rest of us kids/young teens! In the third photo, the hat almost looks more like a wide hairband around a big tall hairstyle, doesn’t it? I don’t remember what color the dots and dark solid color were — my Royal Year book collection doesn’t go back that far. But I do notice that she’s already wearing the triple strand of pearls and those earrings that HatQueen has commented that she has been wearing for “years and years” — I’ve seen them as far back as 1972.

    Marion, the Montreal Olympics opened on July 17, 1976, more than two years earlier, so that’s not what this is.

  5. I love the look on HM’s face! Mind you, with that laid-back joker beside her, I can’t blame her. She has to put up with so much and has the patience of a saint.

  6. Nope, this one is brand new to me. And it’s erm, totally typical of those bizarre turbans she loved at the time, with loads going on up too and down the back. I guess you had to be there. Liking the dots though, she doesn’t polka any more…

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