‘New’ Hat From the Past #20

Royal Hats to September 1998 and the opening of the Commonwealth Games in Kuala Lampur when Queen Elizabeth wore one of the most oddly shaped hats (a folded pyramid atop a ruched turban trimmed with flowers and bows) I’ve ever seen. The shape and construction of this piece is so unique you’d think it would stick out in memory but I sincerely don’t think I’ve seen it before. Do any of you remember this peculiar piece?

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25 thoughts on “‘New’ Hat From the Past #20

  1. Oh my goodness – as in, goodness knows what the milliner was thinking. Still, HM must have seen it before she wore it … The back view seems nice, but could have done without that tassel thing that is either fixed to the side or has flicked there. The front, not so much.

    • It’s impossible to tell without a better view of the dress and coat. The Queen had multiple bright pink ensembles during these years (as she does today) and I’m just not sure! The hat shape is certainly more conventional (and attractive!).

      • What caught my eye, obviously, is the lighter colored design in the 2nd hat which looks just like the dress material from your post. We may never know!

      • I know we’re all LOOOONG beyond this post, but I found (stumbled upon) the connections of the two hats to one ensemble.
        Many excellent photos from this visit can be seen.
        May 26, 1999, Cardiff, Wales
        Embed from Getty Images

    • If you look at the top two of the original photos in this post, you can see a leaf-like textured pattern in the top of her dress — I originally thought it was just the lighting, but I do now think it’s the same as the pattern in the alternate hat that Jimbo posted. No identification on that photo except for Alamy’s very general “Queen in Glasgow”, but for what it’s worth, it was also used as the cover photo for a 2002 German book about HM by Ludwig Schubert:

      • Matthew:
        Thank you very much for the interesting connection- very astute of you! You can be Hercule Poirot, I’ll be Arthur Hastings, and together we’ll solve this earth shaking puzzle. This sure beats discussing politics, my friend!

        • Actually, Jimbo, in general I’m not a very observant person, but back in the 80s, I was part of a group of people who did for Diana’s fashions essentially what HM is doing here for hats (documenting date worn, event, designer, alterations & variations, etc, and then giving our opinion), except that the internet hadn’t been invented yet, and most of us didn’t even have computers, so it consisted of actual envelopes of photos/clippings/xerox copies with handwritten comments passed and mailed between the various participants. I got very good at noticing those little details that matched one thing with another (or told them apart), and apparently, like riding a bike, I haven’t forgotten.

  2. There is a lot going on with this hat. The coral (says my monitor) is lovely. I believe I like it from the back better than the front. But no, I don’t remember it either. Is there anyone who can wear the hats that HM does, and never look ridiculous. The hat may be questionable but she never is to my amazement and admiration. Wow, you have dug up some amazing looks HQ during this series.

  3. I haven’t lost my French – Maz wrote very eloquently. Very unique design, and for that reason alone, I love it!
    Go to 17:40 for some GREAT shots of this unusual hat.

  4. Might the shape and style of the hat be an attempt to respect local, traditional headwear in Kuala Lampur? Similar to African-American women who wear “crowns” whose styling is respectful of traditional African headwear. I rather like the shape and styling of HM’s hat, and love the color.

    • I searched on “Kuala Lumpur traditional clothing” and came up with the following Wikipedia entry: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Traditional_minang_costumes.jpg

      If you look particularly at the woman third from the left in the photo on that page, you can see that Chicago Chuck may be onto something in the suggestion that this hat is fashioned after local tradition.

      In any case, it’s an interesting item, and HM is certainly a good sport to wear what will please the locals when she travels, regardless of what she herself might thing of any particular item.

      Thank you, HatQueen, for this excellent and most enjoyable series! I wish I had more time to read all the comments and research old photos/videos when something familiar comes to view!

  5. Bonjour, après le n°12 que j’aime beaucoup, c’est le n°20 que je ne connaissais pas, par contre bien que d’une forme originale, il ne me plaît pas. Chaque jour, je suis impatiente de découvrir ces chapeaux. C’est une très bonne idée!!

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