‘New’ Hat From the Past #24

Royal Hats to July 29, 1984 and a visit to the Sandringham flower show in a prim red straw hat with short upfolded brim and straw hibiscus trim by Frederick Fox. The shape feels very much of the time, doesn’t it?!

Embed from Getty Images
Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

Photos from Getty as indicated

8 thoughts on “‘New’ Hat From the Past #24

  1. Is it my imagination, or is HM’s hair a bit shorter on the sides than we are used to (the curly part around the ears)? I do agree that the overall look is extremely matronly, but I can’t decide if it’s just the hat, or the entire dress/hat outfit plus seemingly shorter hair.

  2. I’m with the others–not a favorite. The size of the hat looks too small to me, and it is too round, and rather lifeless.

  3. Oh, dear, not a fave. Maybe it’s just the time, but it feels sat on. I much prefer the more dated and sometimes weird-to-the-modern-eye looks of the 60s and 70s.

  4. James is totally right. She looks very mumsy and matronly in that picture, and she does dress much better now. The colors are so dark, and she looks wonderful in bright, clear colors. I especially love to see her in yellow; I can’t wear yellow, so it’s nkce to see someone who looks good in it! I do think she looks better and dresses with more freedom these days. It is always fun to guess what she will wear, and to enjoy the colors.

  5. Oh I remember this one very well. It’s so of its time; well not fashion wise, but for what the Queen was wearing at the time. She was 58 here but she dresses younger and better now! I like the brightly polished straw, but that’s about it I’m afraid. Just too old for her, and I remember my 9 year old thinking that at the time (I should have been occupied by more typical things at such an age I think…!!)

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