Danish Queen Embarks on Annual Summer Cruise

Queen Margrethe set sail yesterday for the second part of her annual summer cruise which will see her spend three days in Bornholm municipality. In a surprise move, she started this second cruise leg with the debut of a new hat!

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In white straw, the hat follows a very simple and classic design with a rounded crown and upturned kettle brim, trimmed simply with white braid around the brim and stacked as a hatband. White is one of my least favourite colour on Margrethe but a new hat is always welcome in her oft repeated wardrobe so I’ll take this one without major complaint.

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images
Designer: likely Per Falk Hansen
Previously Worn: this hat is new
Thoughts about this new Danish royal hat?
Photos from Getty as indicated

10 thoughts on “Danish Queen Embarks on Annual Summer Cruise

  1. I too love Queen M even if her hats are not usually what I’d choose for her. Her skin and hair are so white/pale that the white hat just washes her out of any color in her face. I agree with others that a beige/tan/ecru color would have been a better choice. I do agree with Jake that it appears to me to be a nice quality hat and I like the braid and braid/hatband. Perhaps she will surprise us and have it trimmed to go with other outfits since she is a very thrifty woman and very practical. It would look wonderful trimmed with red or purple feathers or poof or twists! I’m betting that she repeats this hat again this summer/fall. Love her Majesty

  2. I have a deep admiration for Queen Margaretha. I see QEII often mentioned and I do admire her work ethics and stamina but I have to applaud Queen M as well. She has severe health issues (major back problems) an obstinate husband and look at her standing there alone at the railing of the ship smiling and waving at the crowds … I know, this is about hats – and this might not be the most elegant but I love her; no matter what. Just wanted to give her some of that. Hats of to You, Queen M!

  3. I agree with Bristol’s comment that this hat looks like it was bought off the peg in a department store! I would have liked it better if at the very least the hatband had been a blue to coordinate with the blue in her dress, it would have drawn the outfit together a bit more. But she’s a very practical lady, so I do wonder if she chose this particular hat for the occasion more to shield her eyes from the sun than as a style statement!

  4. It may be new and it works well for the nautical theme of her cruise (as she often does), but my word is it boring. It is a high quality hat though since it looks to be made of sisal straw. I think a little wider brim would suit her better, but I’m not as worried about the white as others are; there is the possibility she could go a la Mary with this hat and attach different trims to liven it up and make it more versatile. My favorite part of this hat is that it’s not tied to her outfit at all as a majority of her other hats are (matching fabrics, etc.), so I hope we’ll see this with a variety of other outfits.

  5. New hats are a plus. However, this is a serviceable but very boring hat. Although there are a few examples of more interesting designs (the Teletubbies hat comes to mind…), it always surprises me that most of Margrethe’s hats look as thought they’d been bought off the peg in a very middle of the road department store. Given that she likes flamboyance in her evening wear, it’s always seemed to me a shame that she doesn’t show the same flair in her daytime garb, and hats in particular.

  6. I like the hat itself and it is nice to see something new, although I think it would have looked better on Mary or Marie. White is too harsh for HM, and her delicate skin tones. The shape,of this hat is really nice on her, and has a nice sporty vibe, but another color would have been better.

  7. I also agree about white, it has always been too harsh for her; Margrethe needs a warm, not a cool, neutral – such as ecru or straw. But the brim shape is really nice.
    The navy blazer is an oddly heavy and formal choice to top off such a thin summer dress – I would have liked to see a more lightweight jacket, in a more summery colour, such as apricot or yellow.

  8. I agree white isn’t her best colour but this is such a nice shape on her and so much better than those piddly little mushroom hats she often favours.

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